Friday, March 26, 2010


I am SICK of THIS:



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Play Dates

Anyway we have had a TON of fun lately with friends! Brooke really is at an age where she can't do much at a play date but she has LOTS of older friends that she can't wait to play with when she gets bigger.
Here are some fun shots we have gotten lately with our little buddies!
This play date we had with LOTS of people. It was a ton of fun for the kids and mommy's. It was me & my Brooke, my sis's kids Makenna & Kellen, my sis in law's little kids Hailee & Jake who will be out of the belly in 4 weeks, buddy Jessica's kids Riley & Brayden, and buddy Amanda's little Griffin. Thanks so much Laurie for hosting this and for having SO MANY fun toys for the kids!

This is Brooke with 2 of her cousins Hailee and Makenna! You can for sure see the Robinson and Carlson sides of Brooke when you see her next to her cousins. She looks so much like both of them to me!
We did not get a picture all the boys there together but here are all the little girl's together. Riley 2.5 years, Hailee 2.5 years, Brooke 8 mos, & Makenna is 3.5 years.
Brayden 6 mons, & Brooke 8 mos they are the same size!!!
Brayden is trying to get fresh with Brooke and she is NOT having it!!!
Riley is trying to get Makenna to dance with her, Makenna was being shy.
Kellen being a BOY!!
Riley & Hailee, just thought this was cute!
Hailee and Kenna got along SO WELL, it was super cute!!

Next I went down to Oceanside to play with my childhood buddy Amber and her cute little family. I was actually going down there to take her kid's pictures, which turned out super cute, and we got to play and visit too which was a total plus! I love still being able to see my buddies that I grew up with and having our little ones hang out and play together.
Here are some fun pics from that day, and YES Brooke is in the same outfit, NOT ON PURPOSE :)
Amber's super cute kid's Maddy, Brandon, & Jacob
Brooke playing with their turtle Crikey, she loved it!
And also LOVED the bunny Jack! Although she freaked him out when she grabbed his leg :)
Tom does this with EVERY baby, it is almost a right of passage with Tom & babies, Brooke passed and even clapped at herself! SO CUTE!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Family Walk

On Sunday's after our Sunday nap's we try to take a family walk. Yesterday Kip took us out to the Santa Rosa Plateau! How have I never gone here before??? SERIOUSLY it is BEAUTIFUL an SO close to home!!! Kip and I decided that we will be taking many, many more trips out here as a family. The weather was perfect, there was hardly anybody out there, we jogged, we laughed, we even got muddy. It was so much fun! Here are some pictures from our Family Walk!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So the other day I was SO excited to do Brookes 8 month photo shoot. I had my day planned around it, made a special bow for her to match her brand new dress that I pressed and had ready, I had the perfect place planned and in my head, the pictures were going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!! So excited!

Last minute Kip decided to come along for the shoot since Brooke and I would be driving back behind my house into this field. He just had a feeling he needed to come protect his girls. WELL thank goodness he did....

We get to the field, to the PERFECT SPOT, I set Brooke down and get off these 5 shots in this order.... still working on my lighting by the way....
In the meantime Kip decided to do a snake check and less then 10 feet away there was a 2 foot rattle snake slithering right toward Brooke and I! What would have happened if he had not come??? I am so grateful for my husband and for his listening to inspiration. I grabbed Brooke and then froze in the spot I was in because at that point Kip says, now look out for baby rattlers it is season for babies and where there is a big one there are babies. Babies are more dangerous then the mommy and daddy ones. I had flip flops on and we were in high grass. Every stick, every blade of grass that hit my foot on the way back to the car made me cringe!

SO I have not done anymore shots yet for her, going to get that done this week. Then will come her 8 month post!

I am SO grateful for Kip's inspiration and for him being there. I should have taken a picture of the snake but I was too freaked out and grabbing Brooke to worry about taking a shot of the snake. I HATE SNAKES!!!! Thanks mean snake for ruining my beautiful photo shoot I had in my head! I did not even get to get started :(

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sport Princess!

The Sport Princess
This is what I have always said I want my daughter's to be like. I am so happy to see that other women have dreams like mine for our little girls. I saw THIS link on my friend Vanessa's blog and decided to add it to my blog links. There will be books made and for sale soon that I plan to purchase and read to my little Brooke. Check it out if you want your little girl to be inspired by the Sport Princesses!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Miss You!!!!

Today is a SAD day for me! My buddy Jenna is moving across the country to Florida! Jenna and I have been friends for going on 4 years now. We call ourselves "running buddies" but it is so much more then just a "running buddy" relationship. Jenna is a lifetime friend! I do not know if I have ever connected on so many levels with someone not of my faith. We share so many of the same morals, values, beliefs, thoughts on family and relationships. It has been such an amazing experience to get to know one another and to see how people of 2 different belief systems can be so much the same!
Jenna and I are also a PERFECT match when it comes to running. She is strong at the beginning of a run and is dragging me along when my muscles are still warming up, then we switch off, I get strong at about the halfway point and she needs me to help her out. It just seems that we always compliment one another on our runs! Our pace is perfectly matched and our drive is as well. I am truly going to miss her in SO many ways. She is Good People!!!! Such good people!!!
As long as we have been running together we have NEVER run a race together, we have trained for races together but never have done one. We have plans to run a Half Marathon in San Diego in August! Jenna says she is signing us up for it today to ensure we finally get to run a race together! Thanks Jenna!!!! I am so excited for you to come back out here to visit and run with me!
As for now we are going to check in with one another daily to make sure we stick to our schedules.
In August we will take a picture together AT our race and you will see how much hotter we look! We both plan to be thin and in great shape by August!
As long as I run I will always miss you!
(right after our last run together this morning, that is why we look so sweaty)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Off to the Zoo!!!

Well Brooke hit a new milestone today, she had her first trip to the Zoo! There is even a place in her baby book where it asks when your first trip to the Zoo is so I now get to fill that in!
My sister's in-laws are in town for the week and they had a trip to the Zoo planned. My mom has the special Keeper's Zoo pass and with it she gets a bunch of free tickets to get her friends and family in. My mom happened to have enough tickets to get us ALL in for FREE, super awesome! Originally I was not invited to this little family free day at the Zoo, but I decided it would be appropriate to invite Brooke and I, it worked out well :) Thanks guys for letting me invite us!
It was a bit windy and chilly today and there were even little moments of rain but the day was still beautiful and fun! Here are some shots we got today.
Brooke has learned how to clap this week, here is a picture of her clapping with Grammy right before we left.

My sis and her family along with the in-laws. Look at her preg belly, SO CUTE!!

Brooke and Grammy looking at the Monkeys!

Checking out the turtles with freakishly LONG necks!

I still see a little bit of turtle in Brooke!

Do you see the CRAZY turtles??? Makenna is helping you out here!

Bud Bud watching the long neck turtles!

Mommy thinks she is a Lion!

And Brooke thinks she is Mommy's little Lion Cub!

This picture just makes me smile, I can't even imagine Brooke being as big as Makenna someday. So sweet seeing a mommy with her little girl!

I just can't get enough of this cute kid!

Stinkin cute!

Makenna Mae flexing for the camera!

And we are pooped, let's go home and get down for our naps!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

This week...

I take off Brookie's pants and put her on the linoleum to see if she can STICK better to the linoleum with her skin and make some progress in the crawling department. Nobody can say I am not working with her :)

Daddy shows that you are NEVER too old to take a nappy with a blankey! I hope Brooke does not see this she is going to be jealous daddy stole her blankey!

Well ALL WEEK Brooke has suddenly shown a HUGE love for her doggy. She constantly is laughing at him, looking for him and reaching out to pet him. I think Brooke and Echo are going to have a WONDERFUL relationship. It is so cute to watch her grow to love her doggy!

Brooke and I took a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth to meet up with a good friend of mine Diana and her cute little family. It was a last minute thing I found out about and it ended up being GREAT to be able to spend some quality time with Diana, as well as meet some of her California family and make some new friends. Of course Diana and I forgot to get a picture together, and I really did not take many shots but here are a few. It was a totally FUN DAY!!!

Sienna (9 mos) and Brooke (7 mos) are enjoying each other's company. This picture totally shows their personalities well! Diana your little girl is SO CUTE!

Brooke LOVES It's A Small World!!!

(p.s. yes I was holding onto her, don't freak out)
Brooke getting ready to watch the Parade, which she LOVED!!!

Brooke and I went down to San Diego to see my dad Danny while he was in town for his brother Donald's funeral. We had lunch together and let Papa play with the kiddo's on the McKamey's "park swing". I did not get pictures myself but my sister got some cute ones of the kids together and one cute one of Brooke and I.

We chilled in the morning while Daddy was at a Primary Activity, then we went to the outlets to exchange Daddy's V-Day gift for the right size, lunch where we ran into Meagan and Rob :), Daddy off to work, and Grammy Carlson decided to swing by because she was KINDA in town (Lake Forest is not really in town but close enough to make the trip over to see Brooke and I for the evening), Chili's for dinner with Grammy, baby to bed then catching up on the blog!
Here is a lovely picture of my mom I got this evening. Can you see where Brooke and I get it??? hahahahah....yep I got CRAZY genes!

What a wonderful week and a wonderful life I have! I am so grateful for all my family and friends and for my amazing husband that provides this life for us all! Weeks like this just feel NICE!!!