Tuesday, May 25, 2010

About a month ago......

We had the cutest little addition to our extended family. Little Jacob Ross Hardy was born on April 23,10 and he is cute as ever! Seeing him so dang itty bitty made Brooke feel like a giant baby. I can't believe she was ever newborn size, it is just crazy to hold a newborn again! We are so excited to be an Auntie and Uncle again! Meet Jacob Ross Hardy:

Uncle and Jacob

Auntie and Jacob

The cute little family of 4!

I got to take a few newborn shots of little Jake, here are a few of my favorites. He is such a cute little guy and his hairline reminds me so much of Brooke. He has his daddy's features but I see lots of Robinson in him!

See I told you he is cute :)

Also about a month ago my sister and I decided to meet in Temecula at this really cool park. It is kinda close to meeting in the middle, I think I get the better end of the deal but not by a ton of time. I was able to pick up my niece Hailee to help Laurie and Gregg out by giving them some special one on one time with little Jacob. It was so fun to have a play date with little Hailee! Brooke, Hailee, and I all meet Amanda and her kids at In n Out and had lunch with a ton of people looking at us like we were crazy :) Then we headed to the park. Makenna and Hailee get along and play so well. We just told them that they are cousins since they practically are and really look quite related. They played well, Brooke had fun (I think?) and little Kellen enjoyed chasing the big girls around. Here are some fun pictures from the day at the park.
It was so fun to have 2 kiddo's in the back of my car. I think Brooke enjoyed the company!

Kenna and Hailee going down the slides together.

So glad they play so well together.


Kellen, Me and Brookie. Don't you think Brooke looks like me here?? I DO! :)


Hailee and Brooke spent a bunch of time together swinging.

We killed 2 birds with 1 stone since we were short on baby swings and stuck Kellen and Brooke in the same swing. It went well for longer then I expected. Until Brooke got sick of HUGE Kellen and kicked him out :)

Yep, Im a bad mom, my kid is licking the wet rock, that's right.

Hanging out by the wet rocks!

So pretty much about a month ago some fun stuff happened!

I will keep catching you up, soon to come Brookes 10 month post! I know 10 months!!!


I am SO behind on my blogging!!! Many posts to come very soon!!! Keep an eye out :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Why did I not get a picture of me with my little girl on Mothers Day??? I am mad at myself right now :( Would it count if I did it a few days late???

Either way I had a WONDERFUL 1st Mothers Day! My husband is the sweetest man I have ever meet, our baby girl brings nothing but a smile to my face, got to spend some quality time with Kip's (well my family now) family, got to talk to my mommy on the phone, got text messages from great friends, I really felt the love! Thanks to everybody that made my 1st Mothers Day a special one :)

Still wish I got a picture with Brooke and I :(

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our World

Here are some fun little moments around our home recently with Brooke. She brings so much joy to our home and to our life, I can not imagine one moment without her in it!
Ok I do not know what it is about Brooke and being UNDER things??? Maybe it is genetic since her daddy and mommy love to explore caves and mines UNDER hundreds of feet of earth??? Many times we have found her in places like this...

... and this...

... and this...

... and this...

What a goof ball!!!

Kip is such a wonderful daddy! He spends so much time doing silly little things with Brooke, doing special things that only the two of them do. They have a special little relationship and she smiles SO BIG every single time she see's her daddy or even hears the word daddy. It melts my heart to see and to capture moments like these. I am so grateful to be married to such an amazing man! Brooke is a lucky girl to have such a loving daddy that takes the time to do little things like this. The little moments are the moments that matter!

Today Brooke tasted Katsup for the first time! I would have to say I think she liked it! She got the katsup on her nose and forehead from licking her tray :)

You know we have struggles, we have things we are trying to make better, we have trials, we have weak days, we have moments of little faith, we have lots on our plates that we stress out about every single day, but you know what?