Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's DONE and I'm READY!!!

All along this pregnancy I have been telling myself that I have got to make it through this specific weekend before any crazy stuff started happening with the birthing process of this baby. I know the likelihood of me delivering early is not super duper high but when you have a wedding booked to be their photographer exactly 2 weeks before your due date you worry!
Well yesterday was the wedding and I made it through it, thanks in a huge part to the understanding bride and groom and my wonderful mothers help! My mom was so sweet and spent the entire day with me as my assistant and BOY was I glad she was there. First of all I loved the mother and daughter bonding time we got in, and Secondly she was such a HUGE HELP and comfort to me! So THANKS MOM!!!!! I did get a bit of sun, some seriously swollen feet, and a few small contractions but otherwise all was well!
SO NOW I AM READY!!! This little Brooke can make her way into the world whenever she would like to and I will not complain at this point!!! I still have lots of stuff to do before she comes of course (but if it does not all get done she will still survive and so will I)! I will of course keep you updated!
As for now our air is broken AGAIN (it breaks every single time we turn it on, which is hardly ever) so it is a million degrees in my house, I am pregnant as ever and miserable, Kip has a cough that will not let up and those things are stressing me out. They all need to be taken care of before she comes or I will be worried!
OK well love you all and enjoy your week, I know I am going to be doing lots of walking, cleaning, getting of foot massages, squatting, and other important things to encourage this little lady to make her way outside of me and into our arms!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

38 weeks and HUGE!!!

So my mom insisted on me doing some updated pregnancy pictures since I have grown and apparently dropped so much since my last shots at 35 weeks. So I am here in San Diego and these were taken at midnight so don't mind my tired face! But here I am 38 weeks pregnant and growing! I am photographing a wedding tomorrow so I can not have her then, BUT would be happy to go into labor any time after tomorrow. I am sure she will be late but let me tell you I AM READY to have her out of this body and into my arms! Still have a few more things to wash and some more deep cleaning to do to my house but I would survive if those did not get done before she came. Each day she waits I will be getting that stuff done but COME OUT CHILD!!! Here is a retarded video of me that me and my mom were goofing around with so you can laugh at me if I can figure out how to upload it!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Brooke's Room!

So we are pretty much done with little Brooke's room! It is very simple but that is me, and it is VERY PINK, not so me but for some reason I want it for my little lady! I want her to be more girlie than I ever was but we shall see??? Anyway, I am super duper happy with how it all turned out and constantly just go in there and look around and can't believe that this is going to be MY BABIES ROOM and that she is going to be here in about 2 weeks! CRAZY!!! Well when she gets old enough to notice it, I hope she likes it, but for now I DO and so does her daddy! We have a few little finishing touches to add but not anything you would notice a ton and nothing to hold off on pictures for! SO here you go! If you hate it just be nice since I like it :)


For most of you out there, I happened to loose all of my phone numbers and I need them again! I broke the screen on my phone so I could not look up what I had in my old phone when I got my new one! If you have my number please text me and let me know it is you so I can program your # into my phone. THANKS!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


So I have this cute little rocking horse that came from Costco and it is in AMAZING condition and I want to know if anyone has the same one but in the Brown & White that would like to trade me rocking horses??? Let me know??? Obviously local since I really don't wanna pay for shipping. Thanks! The Brown & White would just go better with Brooke's room (I know, I am ANAL)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Count Down Begins.......

These pictures were taken on the 5th and I am pretty sure I am bigger now!

So all along I thought my due date was July 13th and my new Dr. changed it to the 12th but mentally I am just still going to tell myself it is the 13th. Either way, we are now officially due in LESS than a month!!!!!! I can't believe it, it still does not totally feel real and I am beginning to wonder when it is going to feel real???

We are getting close to finishing her bedroom and I am so super duper happy with how it is all turning out! It is super girlie which cracks me up because I have never been super girlie myself but I want my daughter to be more than I ever was! I will totally post pictures when we have the finished product which I am hoping will be by the end of this coming up week! YEAH!!!!! P.S. My Kipper has been such a good sport with me and my nesting! I am a pretty anal person when it comes to my house and how I want things and with the nesting thing kicking in it is even worse. I feel sorry for him and all the demands I have made on him lately with projects (most of them having nothing to do with a baby coming) that I have NEEDED done and the things I have NEEDED built. I really am not a woman that enjoys the part of pregnancy where people treat you like you are handicap! Some women LOVE IT and I HATE IT!!! I like being independent but I love my little girl too much to lift anything TOO heavy now and do things that I am really not supposed to do and I HATE IT!! I feel like it has made me NEED Kip so much more and I just feel bad for him! But he has been a good sport about it all! THANKS BABY!!!! I hope to be normal again in no time???

So this month has been a super busy one with baby showers (which I will post pictures from later since I have a million pictures to go through), projects, doctors appointments for my knee and this little lady, belly photo's, work, preparing for girls camp which is this coming up week YEAH, and getting the home ready for this little princess! Life has been kicking us in the BUTT lately with trial after trial but we are doing our very best to hang in there and keep up the positive attitude! I am just SO grateful to have our little Brooke coming to keep life HAPPY for us!

Ok and I have learned something about pregnancy, for myself at least! I have LOVED being pregnant every single step of the way, and then I hit the 8 month mark! I think the day I hit that 8 month mark I suddenly was DONE!!! My body aches SO BAD everywhere, my fingers are so swollen in the morning that I can hardly bend them and my finger joints HURT all day long, my feet are starting to swell but not SUPER BAD, I can't sleep for poo, peeing is becoming a regular past time, rolling over or standing up from any position is TOTAL WORK, getting wiped out from doing nothing really, and well, I am ready to have this baby girl!!!!! Give me 2 more weeks to get all my ducks in a row and photograph this wedding I have the last weekend of the month and then I am going to try to do what I can to get her out even though daddy thinks she should stay in till her due date! We shall see???? I am sure she will be on time or late but I would love to have her a little early I am aiming for July 8th, because I feel like she is already HUGE!!! We shall see???

Ok well that is the 8 month update for now, baby shower pictures are to come shortly!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Check It Out!

Our AMAZING friends of Ellsworth Photography took our maternity shots last week and just posted them! They did a totally FABULOUS job and we are so happy with the shots they got! It is crazy because the entire time we were at the shoot we were cracking up and just having so much fun, you forget that they are snapping amazing shots all along the way!
Thank You SO MUCH to our wonderful friends Lyndzee and Roger!
Check out to get a peek of their site and our shots!