Monday, April 18, 2011

6 Months!

I seriously can't believe I am already 6 months pregnant with this little guy! I am in awe at how fast time has flown by with this pregnancy! I am actually getting a little bit freaked out to be quite honest with you. I am not knowing if I WANT to already be 6 months pregnant? Of course I can't wait to meet, hold, see, love, and squeeze this little guy but I have SO MUCH to do before he comes and SO MUCH to get to be prepared to have a little boy! I hardly have any cloths yet and still pretty much have all the big ticket items I had previously posted to purchase, tho I HAVE ordered our glider and am SO excited about it! Today I found some seriously cute cloths on sale and just couldn't pass them up so I did get him some cute dress cloths! Boy stuff is suddenly getting VERY cute to me, it actually took me a while to warm up to boy cloths feeling cute after all the fun stuff you can get for girls! I am also starting to get very curious about how this little guy is going to look? I pray he looks a lot like his Daddy or Brooke because if he comes out with dark hair and dark features I think I am going to have a very hard time calling him Kip! I imagine he is going to look a lot like Brooke but who knows? Who would have thought my sister and her husband would have 2 out of her 3 kids so far be blond haired and blue eyed, and who would have thought that my sister in law and her husband would have 2 kids with such light features when their Daddy is so dark featured? I'm starting to be confused? I was convinced he would be a boy version of Brooke but now I am not so convinced? We will see a few short months from now? I just pray he looks like a Kip to me, that is seriously my biggest concern other than making sure he is a healthy and strong little baby boy!
This little guy is VERY ACTIVE and VERY STRONG! I read that he is supposed to be weighing in at a little over 1.5 lbs but I am having a hard time believing that somebody so small can be so strong. I feel like he HAS to be bigger than that? I am worried to see how big he is going to end up with his sister weighing in at 8 lbs 9 oz and me being bigger at this point with him than I was with her? Again we shall see? I have only gained 15 lbs, I know that is how much some people gain their entire pregnancy but to me I am proud of being 26 weeks and having only gained 15 lbs. That is less than I was with Brooke at this point. Everything with him so far has checked out perfectly with all the tests they do, hooray for that! I AM starting to get pretty uncomfortable at times. I do pee all the time, I have nasty heartburn that causes a not fun cough that I have now had for 6 weeks. I am trying different heartburn medications to see if it helps out? I'm not going to complain tho because I just feel blessed to be pregnant and to have generally pretty dang easy pregnancies!
I also just got this SUPER CUTE gift given to me from a wonderfully sweet friend of mine! She made me the PERFECT Car Seat cover with the most adorable fabric EVER and a Nursing Cover with the same super cute fabric! I love them SO MUCH! They were things I really wanted to get and am THRILLED with! THANK YOU!!! If you ever want to order some of her stuff, she makes he cutest stuff and AMAZING little hair bows for girls as well! Click HERE if you want to check out her site!
This is a close up on the stuff she made for me. I LOVE handmade gifts!

Easter Dress

I thought I would get a few photo's of Brooke in her pretty little Easter Dress. I really wanted to plop her in the middle of a bunch of the beautiful wild flowers that are out right now but I am SO freaked out about snakes that I just could not bring myself to do it. I found what I would consider a safe spot to get some shots in just right behind my house. So here you go!
Brooke is now 21 months old as well as a little over 21 lbs of pure JOY!!!
Here are a few of the funny and fun shots I got of her in the middle of all the cute ones!
(just FYI if you would like to see the collages I make better just click on them and they get bigger)
We are excited for the upcoming Easter festivities! This is when Holidays really start getting more and more fun!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Meet, who Brooke calls "Cat Cat"
"Cat Cat" has officially Adopted our little family! I am pretty sure somebody that moved left their little kitty behind. This poor thing had been starving, I can't believe somebody can do this to an animal, it makes me very upset! It is very obvious that this cat was somebodys pet. He is very sweet, loving, gentle, and not skiddish at all. The cat is in love with Brooke and Brooke is in love with this cat! The other night when Kip was getting the quad ready for his and Brooke's little date he got to watch these 2 interact with one another. The next day he told me I was aloud to feed "Cat Cat" as long as he never came into the house! That is the deal! So I am not sure if we have adopted a cat or if a cat has adopted us? We do own cat food, we have a cat bowl of food on our porch, and we do feed him daily, he sleeps on our front porch, and we make sure to go out and play with him every single day!
Just look at these pictures, how in the world could you not feed and care for this cat when you see this look on Brooke's face?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daddy / Daughter Date

The other night I had a meeting at church so Kip decided he was going to have a special Daddy / Daughter Date with his little girl!
Kip just recently brought home one of his parents quads to fix up for an upcoming trip. Well he got this one running pretty quickly and we have enjoyed playing with it the past few days! We have a huge field behind our house that connects to tons of hills, at least a few hours of riding straight from our garage!
Daddy decided it was time for Brooke to experience her first quad ride! I was a huge supporter of this idea, we want to start them young :) So the Daddy / Daughter Date would be a special quad ride just for Brooke! I was able to get a few pictures before I had to leave of the two of them cruising around. Brooke took to the quad right away, she loved it!
Kip told me that they were out riding for over an hour. He said Brooke was just squealing with joy as they cruised all over the place! They went to a little stream and stopped for a while to get the froggies to come back and start croaking, SHE LOVED IT! He also took her through a secret passage way to a spot he told her was where The Wonder Pets lived. She sat on the quad and sang the Wonder Pet's theme song to them, SO CUTE! I loved hearing this! Honestly, I sometimes wonder if my heart will ever stop melting when I see Kip and Brooke interact with one another. It happens all the time and yet, every single time I see them together it just makes me melt! I love seeing my husband being a Father to a Daughter and the tenderness that is involved. I also LOVE seeing my Daughter have a Father that loves her so deeply and is so involved with her! I did not have what she has for years of my life, I know what she has, how special it is, and it touches me so very deeply to know that she will ALWAYS have a Daddy there for her that loves her unconditionally and that will ALWAYS be very involved in her life and her interests! She is such a lucky girl to have a Father like Kip! I am so lucky to be married to him! I will never ever take this for granted and I sure hope she never does!
Ever since her date night every single time we enter the garage and see the quad she tries to climb on top and keeps repeating "ride". The date left a lasting impression for sure!

Jump, Jump, Jump!

Since this little girl was a baby and we had that little toy jumper that babies have, Brooke has had a DEEP love for jumping! I am totally and completely convinced she is going to be a long jumper in High School some day, maybe do the hurdles? Who knows, maybe she will be a short white girl that can dunk a basketball? Probably not but White Girl's Got Hops!!!
I have to give credit where credit is due! Brooke gets this love for jumping as well as the skill of jumping high from her Daddy! Kipper since he was a little kid has a ton of pictures of him jumping over or off all sorts of things. This little girl is following in her Daddy's footsteps for sure!
The other day I had taken apart Brooke's crib to measure all of the bedding and she was in HEAVEN! Brooke took total advantage of her access to her crib mattress! Check out these shots, she went on and on and on with the jumping! I remained very entertained and blown away by her agility!
Here are a few other shots I got of this busy little girl that day!
Brooke has a few favorite things in her room, her fan and her froggie (humidifier)! She constantly turns them off and on, hugs and kisses them, and each night before bed she has to give her froggie a kiss goodnight! I did not tell her to give them affection so I could capture it on film, it just happened and I decided to document it since I think it is kinda funny!
Another favorite thing to do these days are summersaults! She pretty much taught herself how to do them and now she has them down pat!
Brooke just recently learned a new phrase with a cute little action to go with it! She holds up her 1 finger and says "One More Time" this usually happens while trying to get her to leave a park. I happened to get it out of her while playing in her room!
Brooke just being cute!
And now some super cute Daddy/Daugher shots! Brooke just adores her Daddy as she should, he is quite the amazing Daddy to her!
Another regular activity that happens at our house is the evening window opening to listen for the froggies outside. Some nights we hear them going crazy and others we mostly hear crickets. It is so cute, Brooke puts her pointer finger to her lips and says "Shhhh..... listen". Yes, froggies are a new favorite of Brooke's right now as you can tell!
This girl, aaaaa..... she just makes us SO HAPPY and fills our life with so much fun and so much laughter!

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa!

Another weekend went by with Daddy at work so Brooke and I decided we would head out to Corona to spend some special time with Grandma and Grandpa Robinson!
Brooke had a total blast playing with Grandma and Grandpa! I think she wore each and every one of us out that evening.
One of Brooke's favorite things to do there is to go in Grandma's workout room and grab her big blue workout ball with the expectation that somebody (Grandma or Grandpa) will help her bounce, bounce, bounce on it! After she is done bouncing she likes to hurdle herself over the back of the couch, scoot her little body off the couch, and then head back to the blue ball for more bouncing! She could do this FOREVER! I can't imagine how sore Grandma and Grandpa's arms were the next day :)
Here are a few fun pictures I got while they were playing the other night!
Grandma was doing A TON of playing with Brooke but I happened for some reason to only get pictures of Grandpa playing with Brooke! They were having a blast finding each and every way you could play with that big blue ball!
We are so very grateful to have family that loves us and our kids so very much! We are so grateful for every single chance we get to spend special time with Grandma and Grandpa! Brooke adores her Grandparents, as I know baby Kipper will as well! We are all very lucky! So grateful we headed down to Corona for some special time, we truly had a blast!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Brooke has suddenly discovered that if she finds something the right height that she can push around or pick up and put wherever she decides, she can get about anywhere she wants to! Suddenly this week she has become OBSESSED with getting herself to higher places!
I am by no means surprised with this new little discovery, I am actually surprised that it has not come sooner, but boy does this make things a little more complicated for life as a Mommy! Today Brooke got a chair over to the kitchen counter right where the knives are and went for a reach "NO" and then moved onto the stove which very much excited her NOT ME! Tuesday she loves to look for the BIG TRUCKS (trash trucks) so she pushed a chair over to our open 2nd story window, right by the screen, do you know how easy it would be for her to lean a little too hard on that screen and fall right out that window? I DO! So yes, my life is a bit more stressful and her life is a bit more free! I hope I can keep her alive and unharmed!
With this little case she now has access to each and every light switch in the house and LOVES IT!
Getting to her Fishy!
She is OBSESSED with water and washing her hands right now! I think she asks me like 20 times a day to wash her hands.
O and a side note, it kinda goes along with this post, Brooke escaped from her crib for the first time yesterday while she was supposed to be napping. Aaaa... here goes!

The New Pet

Meet Fishy! He's our new little buddy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Going Private!

Ok so if you would still like to view our family blog I am going to need your e-mail address. I will be going private with our blog in a week so you have till Friday, April 15 to get me your e-mail so I can add you to our list of viewers. Thank You!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Is Rad!!!!

Fabric Wall Decal

I was just given THIS link (THANK YOU) for this super great way to add some fun to your walls! This will be perfect for me when we are in an apartment!
Just thought I would share what was shared with me!

I think this is it???

So here it is...... I'm pretty sure?
I am not a person that normally has commitment issues but for some reason I have had a hard time committing to themes for things. I had a hard time committing to my wedding theme, my house theme (part of the reason nothing ever made it onto the walls), and now our children's bedroom theme. So strange... the things I CAN change in life I have hard time committing to and the things I CAN'T change I don't have a hard time! Maybe the issue is that I have such a wide variety of things that I like that have nothing to do with one another? Or maybe it is the fact that I CAN actually change it that makes me have a hard time committing? I think I also want to make sure I represent both Brooke and Kipper so I feel the pressure of representing each equally?
So here is what I am thinking I am going with for the Brooke/ Kip bedroom theme and bedding!
This print looks Yellow to me here but in person it is actually a Pea Green base color. I actually like the color it is in person more than the way it comes off here!
And this is the pattern I think I am going to try and copy, with my Mom's help of course :) The only thing I would change is I would have the bumper look the same on the outside as it does on the inside. Also the comforter will be for Brooke's Toddler Bed, I'm not going to make Kipper a comforter.
I will also be making window treatments with the fabric and maybe a pillow for my glider?
I may even try to get some vinyl tree's made for the walls to match the tree's in the print? I can't paint in an apartment so I think that would be a fun way to add color to the walls?
Whatcha think?