Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Off to the Zoo!!!

Well Brooke hit a new milestone today, she had her first trip to the Zoo! There is even a place in her baby book where it asks when your first trip to the Zoo is so I now get to fill that in!
My sister's in-laws are in town for the week and they had a trip to the Zoo planned. My mom has the special Keeper's Zoo pass and with it she gets a bunch of free tickets to get her friends and family in. My mom happened to have enough tickets to get us ALL in for FREE, super awesome! Originally I was not invited to this little family free day at the Zoo, but I decided it would be appropriate to invite Brooke and I, it worked out well :) Thanks guys for letting me invite us!
It was a bit windy and chilly today and there were even little moments of rain but the day was still beautiful and fun! Here are some shots we got today.
Brooke has learned how to clap this week, here is a picture of her clapping with Grammy right before we left.

My sis and her family along with the in-laws. Look at her preg belly, SO CUTE!!

Brooke and Grammy looking at the Monkeys!

Checking out the turtles with freakishly LONG necks!

I still see a little bit of turtle in Brooke!

Do you see the CRAZY turtles??? Makenna is helping you out here!

Bud Bud watching the long neck turtles!

Mommy thinks she is a Lion!

And Brooke thinks she is Mommy's little Lion Cub!

This picture just makes me smile, I can't even imagine Brooke being as big as Makenna someday. So sweet seeing a mommy with her little girl!

I just can't get enough of this cute kid!

Stinkin cute!

Makenna Mae flexing for the camera!

And we are pooped, let's go home and get down for our naps!


Heidi said...

we make trips to the Denver Zoo very often! It is one of our favorite places. what a fun trip! I just wish we had family to go to the Zoo with.

Philip and Melissa said...

dang you've been busy girl!

Traci Elizabeth said...

Cute pics!! I love Brookes green jacket!

amber said...

so cute. such fun times are the best memories, glad you "invited yourself".

Amanda said...

That was a very fun trip! Loved it! All the kids did so well and even Brooke seemed to enjoy looking at the animals! And you seriously took a pic of that elephants rear??? I just love you!

Jenn said...

she is getting so big!! what a cutie. looks like a fun trip!

Dan Wyrick said...

Nothing like a fun day at the San Diego Zoo one of my favorite places too. Great pics and fun memories. Luv PaPa