Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sport Princess!

The Sport Princess
This is what I have always said I want my daughter's to be like. I am so happy to see that other women have dreams like mine for our little girls. I saw THIS link on my friend Vanessa's blog and decided to add it to my blog links. There will be books made and for sale soon that I plan to purchase and read to my little Brooke. Check it out if you want your little girl to be inspired by the Sport Princesses!


Ryan and Brindi said...

cute idea for a little girl. i think to make ur self happier with jenna's move you need to move to GEORGIA!!!! then u could be within driving distance of her. ryan and i think this is a great idea. :)

Liz said...

Hey girl, you keep forgetting to send me your address!! E-mail me at I'll send you Brooke's horse.

The Perry Family said...

looks perfect! Just doing some catch up! your girl is so cute!