Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grown Up Gifts

I just think it is so funny how things change when you grow up, get married, buy a house and so on. Kip and I used to think our mother's and fater's were fibbing to us whey they would say they want new plants for the backyard, or a new kitchen appliance for their birthday's, NOW WE UNDERSTAND!!!! There was no fibbing going on at all!
So for Kipper's Birthday I kept asking him what he wanted, his answer every time was that he just wanted to get his backyard done.
Well we were not able to fufill his entire wish of the backyard being completed but we did get a HUGE start! For my birthday we will finnish it off, becuause, you guessed it, that is what I want for my birthday as well.
Here are the gifts that Kipper recieved, GROWN UP GIFTS, and we are SO, SO, SO, Happy for them!

A Weed Wacker that we BADLY NEEDED!! Thanks so much Clint for loaning yours to us up to this point. We are so happy to start wacking our weeds with our new toy!

A blower, but don't be fooled, it sucks too! I personally think this is the best way to clean off your patio. Sweeping takes WAY TO LONG and is such effort. Why sweep when you can just blow the mess away?

Yippy!!!! We have a patio!!!!! We are so, so, so happy to have a patio. This is going to help reduce the dirt that makes it's way into my house via our feet and our dirty dog! I am also so excited about the decrease in dust. Can't wait for the grass to be in and then there will be no dirt left!!! YEAH!!!

We need to wait a month to seal the concrete so all the moisture evaporates first. It is going to look way better once it is sealed. The color will stand out much, much more and it is going to have more of a wet glossy look to it. We can't wait for it to be done, done.

This is how the sides of the house look. We decided not to do the stamp down the sides, just the texture with a smooth strip every once in a while. I am really happy with how it turned out!

I could not resist a few of the puppy Echo posing. He is growing up so much, but the ears are still not standing on their own darn it. Time to tape them up again. I sure hope they stand forever some day????

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Best Years!

Today Kip and I celebrate our 4 year Dating Anniversary! It is really easy to remember because we became official the day after Kip's Birthday and we got married on my Birthday. Birthdays are a very special time for us!
I just want to say that these past 4 years seriously have been the BEST, Most Eventful, Most Adventurous, Most Positive and Fun years of my life. I have learned so much in these last 4 years about myself and I feel that Kip and I as people have grown SO MUCH! We have had so many adventures and have been so many places and seen so many cool things together. We are so happy to be together and cant wait for the many many years to come.
Happy Dating Anniversary Sweetie!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Mr. Incredible

I want to dedicate this post to MY Mr. Incredible my wonderful husband who's Birthday happens to be today!!!
Happy Birthday Kip!!!!!
Here is a slide show for you to enjoy of Kip through the years!

So if you can't tell by now, I think I pretty much married the coolest guy in the entire world! I know that I may be a little bias but, come on, isn't he just the coolest? What can't he do?
I wanted to take this time to publicly let everyone know how much I love this man. He is the best thing that has ever, and will ever happen to me. I feel it such an honor to be married for Time and ALL Eternity to Kip. He is everything I have ever wished for in a man and more! I never ever knew that patience would bring me something so wonderful!
I would like to list off a few of the quality's that Kip has taught me in the wonderful years that we have been together.
He has taught me what Love Truly is!
He has taught me what a Best Friend Truly is and should be!
He has taught me humility, patience, trust, self respect, he has given me the strength to stick up for myself when I need to and walk away when is necessary, he has given me a since of self worth, he is the first person to really make me feel beautiful, he has made me WAY less afraid of heights, he has taken me places I never dreamed of going, he has come up with the most AMAZING and Creative dates ever, he has taught me that rules are made for breaking (well sometimes), he taught me how to ride a dirt bike, a quad, a snowboard the correct way, he believes in me when I do not even believe in myself, I could go on for hours!
Kip is the very first person I want to see and talk to in the morning and the very last person I want to see and talk to at night! He has such a wonderful and kind spirit. He is so giving, and thoughtful, and aways wants to help people out. He has a way with words and with people that I almost thing is magical! Kip can get himself out of ANY situation that arises. He is charming, he is the BEST story teller I have ever heard, I just love the words he uses and the way he phrases his story's and boy does he have story's upon story's! He really needs to write a book!!! He is so, so, so, brave, but at the same time sensitive to the spirit and knows when to walk away from a situation! So many people look up to him and trust themselves in his care! He loves his family with all his heart and soul and would do anything for any of them! He is a great Uncle to his nieces and soon to be nephew. He is a wonderful priesthood holder and has an amazing spirit about him. He will be a missionary every single day of his life! KIP IS ADVENTURE!!! If you want an adventure hang out with Kip, he can turn any ordinary situation into an adventure, and life is so much more exciting when you are with him!
He has blessed my life in so many ways, I could seriously go on forever. I feel so honored to be the woman that gets to share all the rest of his birthdays with him from now until forever! He has taught me that Happily Ever After is not just something that happens in Disney movies and for the first time in my life I have truly felt like a princess who has found her prince.
Happy Birthday to such an Incredible Man!!!!

Thank you also to his amazing parents that raised such an Incredible Man! I will thank you forever for your gift!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Picture My Life

Ok so this is the deal, you google a photo for your answers to these things. Then you post them! It's real simple and REAL fun! You can even get all creative with hidden meanings and stuff, a few of mine do but not many. I'm pretty straight forward. Good luck with the age one though, that was hard for me!

Age @ Next Birthday:

Place I Want To Visit:

Favorite Thing:

Favorite Place:

Favorite Food:

Favorite Color:

(for right now)
Town I Am From:

Name Of Past Pet:

Nickname I Have Had:

College Major:

(to name a few, and still never finished and still undecided???)
First Job:

Goal I Have For Next Year:

Ok so I tag, Amanda, Laurie, Lyndzee, Chelsea, Effie, and Sunny! Have fun girls and if anyone else wants to partake of this tag, HELP YOURSELF, it is fun!!!