Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brother Todd

A late Happy Birthday to my Brother in Law Todd McKamey. He is my little sister's hubby. Shown in the below photo's with his wifey and baby coming soon!
Todd's Birthday was on Thurs Aug 28th and what a looser I am, I forgot to call him, oops!!! So he deserves this post for sure as a Tribute to the great man that he is!
Todd is a great husband that provides so much for his cute little family. He is a fantastic father to little Makenna and I expect will be the same with little Kellen on the way! He works hard to ensure a safe and comfortable life for his family with all the nice things and happy memories! I am happy that he married my sister and has provided her with all that she has dreamed of ending up with! Thanks for being a great husband to my sis, a great father to my niece, and to little Kellen! I am also grateful for the wonderful relationship that he and Kip have developed through their testosterone boosting motorcycle rides. Happy Birthday Brother Todd!!! (Late, sorry!!!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Father Daughter Time!

On August 22 my Dad Danny had his 55'th Birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! I was lucky to have been able to celebrate his Birthday with him a few days early by doing something we have loved doing for the past few years. Down in San Diego where I grew up and where my dad still lives, there is a Beautiful place called Balboa Park (right next to the San Diego Zoo) where there are many museums, water fountains, gardens, restaurants, and more. One of my favorite things about Balboa Park is that they have this AMAZING Outside Organ! During the Summer on Monday nights and Sunday days (starting in June, ending in August) you can go down there to the Organ, for free, and listen to different famous Organists from around the world. It is a totally ,relaxing way to spend a Sunday in the park or a Monday evening with your family. It is so stinkin cute because half the people that are there are old couples with their little lap dogs sitting on their laps. They cuddle up and snuggle with their husband or wife and enjoy the beautiful music in nature. It is also cool because the planes landing in the San Diego airport make their decent right around Balboa Park so you can see them often flying low directly in front of you or overhead. It is just SO COOL! One Monday evening each summer they have a Silent Movie Night! My and my dad's FAVORITE NIGHT!!!! It is so stinkin cool to watch a silent movie, under the stars, while a famous organist plays the organ to the movie! It is such a neat way to watch movies the way they used to be made. I also JUST LOVE that it is OUTSIDE!!! So the movie that we watched was called "IT" and "it" was a total comedy! We sat together under the stars eating our sub sandwiches, just cracking up! What a great way to celebrate with my dad!
Here are some fun pictures from the evening! If you want to go next summer I am TOTALLY DOWN!! Let me know!
Look at all the cute little Old People!

See the Airplane flying in on the Left?
Movie Title!
Look How OLD!

My dad is a wonderful man with such an active spirit and such a LOVE for nature and the world around him. It doesn't matter his age, you can find him climbing to the tip top of a huge tree, making a rope swing, hiking through the woods on deer trails, flying a kite in the park, or sitting on a bench at the beach reading a book. My dad LOVES nature, he is the guy that literally stops and smells the roses and notices the details in natures beauty that most of us would normally walk by without notice. He LOVES the stars and loves looking through his telescope at night. He also LOVES taking pictures and shares my love for Photography! I love his active nature and his appreciation for the world around him! He also loves being a grandpa to his little Makenna! My sister and I know that he cares for us deeply and loves being our father. He also has an amazing devoted love for the gospel. Happy Birthday Dad! I had a great evening with you and I am so glad that we have always had the relationship that we share with one another!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Doggy Play Date!

So a bunch of friends and I got together this lovely evening with our "children" for a play date. It was so much fun to see our little ones romp around!! Every once in a while we would have to jump in to break up a little tiff, but all in all it was pretty much a huge success! I think there are going to be many more play dates from this time forward! Us Mommies love it too because our little ones are so worn out by the time they get home that they sleep like little baby's!
Thanks girls for setting this up and I look forward to the next doggy date!
Here are some shots to show you the fun being had. I went kinda camera crazy, but what can I say, it was my first mommy and me play date!
OK, so I am special but I made you laugh didn't I???
The Meet & Greet!

Lets Play Tag!!!

You're It!!!
A Little Hide & Go Seek!!!
Where is she???
As the on lookers are stuck between a fence and a fun place!
Boy it would have been nice if my mom brought me some H2O!!! I'm THIRSTY!!!
Thanks Heather!!!
Time for ROUND 2!!!
Do you realise how long it took us to get these dogs to all lay down at the same time for a photo op! FINALLY!!!
So the Question IS??? DO I LOOK LIKE MY DOG??? All of us???


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dream Big!

So Kip has found a New Love and Total Obsession!!!!
Kipper can't stop thinking about, dreaming about, talking about, & looking up You Tube video's about his new Dream Bike!!! A KTM 690 SMC, it is basically a dirtbike that is street legal! I am sure, if you know Kipper, you can see why this is a total DREAM BIKE!
A few things have recently happened to trigger this new Obsession of his:
First being Kip and his Buddy's new love for NIGHT RIDES! Recently Kip and Clint took off for another night ride and rode all the way down behind Costco on back roads to a drainage ditch that they decided to turn into a half pipe. Kip has video on his phone and it sure looks like they were having a TOTAL BLAST!!! Afterwards they cruised over to the church parking lot and ran into Katie Bruer and Heather Andres. They feel so cool being such sneaky guys riding their dirtbikes all over the place.

Second drive to this obsession is that Kip and our Brother-in-Law Todd have been taking some long joy rides around San Diego County on some cool street bikes! My dad has a nice bike that he has been letting Kipper ride and Todd has a really nice bike that he loves to take out every chance he gets! This is the PERFECT bonding experience for the two of them! They now look forward to all of our trips down to San Diego in hopes that they can fit a fun ride in there somewhere! My dad LOVES letting Kipper go out with Todd knowing that at least someone is riding the bike, plus he loves to see how excited Kip and Todd get! Thanks Dad for letting Kipper borrow!!! (I wish that I would have been able to get some shots of Kip and Todd together riding but I was only able to shoot these right before Kip took off. Next time boyz!)

Kipper wants a Supermoto Bike so he can LEGALLY terrorize the roads doing wheelies, burn outs and sliding corners! Which I can promise you HE WILL DO!!!
Here is a You Tube video showing just exactly what this bike is capable of, found during the hours of research done on this bike by my sweetheart!

I think it is quite cute to see Kip get so excited about stuff like this. He reminds me of a little boy at Christmas Time. You can't help but want to get him the gift of his dreams! (We will not be getting this gift any time soon to Kip's dismay, but it will be purchased at some point in life!) Many ask why I am supportive of my husband riding a motorcycle around town??? My response is that I am only supportive because it is going to be a bike used for joy rides and not as a means of regular transportation. Also, my husband is already quite brave riding his dirtbike and I cant help but think this is that much different although I do realise that he is less in control of his fate on a street bike. But lastly, my reason for letting him ride a street bike and not putting up a big fight about it is that I truly am now a believer in the "live a little" attitude! Before I meet Kipper I was not such a risk taker, I did not want to take the chance of getting in trouble or hurt so I just did not take many risks. Kip has changed me, I have seen that "living a little" when it comes to taking a few risks and not worrying so much about what other people think or about getting in trouble, really pays off!!! I have experienced things in my life since being with Kip that I would have never dreamed of seeing, feeling, or going through! My life is SO MUCH MORE Exciting now!!! I never want to go back to the way I was! I would rather live a shorter life full of fun and exciting experiences than a long and boring life always avoiding trouble! (Not that I hope that any of us dies young!!! You get my point right?) Plus just another note, I really do not believe in "not letting" your husband do things he loves. My attitude is that he will resent you for it, and look for ways to do it anyway! I say go for it, tell me about it, involve me in the things you love because I know that that makes you happy and to me that is all that matters! His happiness is my happiness and vice verse. Kip has the same attitude about me, which works out well!
Anyway I do not know how this turned into me defending motorcycles because before I meet Kipper I WOULD NEVER EVER defend riding a motorcycle. Boy do things change!
Anyway, enjoy dreaming with my hubby as you view these photos and video, and for all of you that have never meet him hopefully this is a way to get to know my wonderful husband better. This is the music he likes and the things he is TOTALLY INTO!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Big 2

Yesterday my little niece Makenna Mae turned The Big 2 Years Old!!!! I can not believe how fast those 2 years have flown by and how much she has grown up! I was very blessed to be able to be there to witness her birth and it is so crazy to think that was only 2 short years ago. I truly feel like that little girl has been in our family FOREVER!!!
Makenna is seriously a little angel sent to our family, she truly has changed each and every one of us in her own little way! She is one of my best little buddy's in the entire world!We hae a special relationship that I will charish forever!
Kip and I are blessed to have Makenna in our lives as her Auntie Rah Rah and her Uncle Bickey & we had a blast at her fun Elmo birthday party.
Here are a few shots I took at the party! Happy Birthday Little Makenna Mae!




Monday, August 18, 2008

The wind beneth my wings....

This last Friday, Aug 15'th was my mother's 50'th birthday!
I wanted to take this time to recognise my mother for the wonderful woman that she is! I would have to say, I truly believe that I ended up with the BEST mother in the entire world!!! I feel so blessed by the lord for the fact that he gave her to me! My mom truly is an angel from heaven above! I seriously do not know one person that does not love and respect her! She is one of the least selfish people I have ever had the opportunity to know, she is always looking for the things she can do for others and hardly ever thinks about herself! She has one of the strongest testimony's I have ever heard and felt! She is so strong in her beliefs and dedicates so much of her personal time to service in the church for her fellow friends, family, and church members. She has always, always been involved in leadership positions in the church which take up a lot of her personal time and energy and she does all that she is asked without complaint and with a big smile on her face. My mom is also highly respected in her job and has an amazing reputation among her work colleagues. She is absolutely adored by all of her children and grandchildren, as well as her wonderful husband! My mom has worked a full time job, had a leadership calling in church, kept a clean home, cooked a homemade meal, attended every athletic event, and been an amazing love and support to all of her children as well as her husband. There are so many times where I ask myself how one person can accomplish so beautifully all of the things she seems to accomplish daily. As busy as she has always been she has always been one of my Very Best Friends! I can talk to her freely about anything and I love that! I love the way that she keeps us (her kids and grand kids) in line, she does not discipline us out of fear or anger, she disciplines us out of respect. I remember one time I did something wrong and my mother said one of the things that has stuck with me forever, she said "Wow, I thought I did a better job at raising my daughter. I suppose I did not do as good of a job as I thought." I just wanted to shout "NO MOM!!!! You are perfect, it is all my fault, I am just totally dumb sometimes, I promise to never ever let you down again, please, please do not blame yourself!" I have always had the most respect in the world for this woman, and I could not ever bare to see her hurt and never ever wanted to let her down. She has done so much for us kids! For a few years of my childhood she was a single mom of my sister and I. She had to work full time to barely make it by. But I remember every single day when she would pick us up from the babysitters she would spend every moment she could with us, making sure she missed nothing! She is the strongest woman I have ever met in my entire life and I try every day to even be half the woman she is! I would be pleased with myself if I could do half the things that she does as a wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, and more! I am so lucky to have her and I do not ever want to think of living even one day in the world without her. We have a unique bond that I know will never ever be broken. I thank the lord every single day for giving me such a righteous example to pattern my life after! Thank you mom for EVERYTHING you have EVER done for me and for ALL the things you will remain doing for me and my family! You will NEVER understand the depth of love I have for you! I will do my best to make sure you know as much as I can explain in words! I LOVE YOU and Happy Birthday, I am so happy you are only at the half way point!