Friday, February 20, 2009

She Moves, She Moves...

YEAH!!!! I am starting to feel little Brooke move inside my belly and I LOVE IT!!! It started at right about 18 weeks and I look forward to every little roll I feel! I am not feeling her every single day yet and usually feel her most at night when I am sitting on the couch watching TV! Maybe because that is the only time I am sitting still enough to notice? Right now the feeling is not OBVIOUSLY a baby, it is more like a rolling inside my gut, sometimes a sudden movement but not as much a poke or kick. It has been the same exact feeling in the same exact spot around the same time so I am assuming it is her. I can't wait to feel her every single day! I can't wait for the feelings to be more obviously baby! I can't wait to feel her on the outside and be able to share that with her daddy! I feel super special right now that I am the only one in the world that can feel her, I feel a special bond with her for that, but I really can't wait to share that with Kip to a small extent!
Kip is already SO in love with his little girl! It is so cute and I just know he is going to be the best daddy to this little girl EVER!! She is one lucky girl that is all I have to say! I feel like the luckiest woman in the entire world to have him in my life every single day and I am so happy that she gets to experience what I get to experience daily! When Kip talks to me he calls me Babies it just kills me!!! "How are my Babies doing??" ," Hi Babies!" ," I love you Babies", every single time I hear it I want to melt!
Life in it's own aspects is always challenging at times and we are going through some of that right now but I feel SO HAPPY and SO BLESSED by the lord EVERY SINGLE DAY for having Brooke in our lives! I am so grateful for all the things the lord has given us and keeps giving us! I love knowing that the lord sees us and knows what we are going through every moment of the day and I just feel SO LOVED by him!
So there you have it... random post with no pictures but I had to share my thoughts and feelings and hip, hip, hooray She Moves, She Moves, O' Baby......(you know, the song???)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Top 15

I saw this on my friends blog and thought I would do it too. Since it is quickly approaching Valentines Day I thought I would post my Top 15 things I LOVE!

#1 My AMAZING Husband and Bestest Friend in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!

#2 Our Little Brooke!!!

#3 Our AMAZING FAMILY!!! We are so grateful for their constant love and support that they have given us individually and as a couple, we are SO BLESSED!!!

#4 Being a Latter Day Saint and the peace it brings to be a part of this gospel!!!

#5 Our Little Mr. Echo that sometimes we want to Snuggle and others we want to Sell BUT we love him!!!

#6 Being Silly and Laughing!!!

#7 Adventures!!!

#8 Running!!!

#9 The Sunsets and Nature in general!!!

#10 Friends (I am not going to include a picture so I do not leave any of them out, you know who you are :))

(Now to get random)

#11 Netflix and the fact that you get a surprise in the mail even though you picked the movie, you never remember what is coming!!! SO FUN!!!

#12 Skinny Cow's (the ones you buy from Costco in the box are so soft) you get to eat Ice Cream and NOT feel guilty, HOW PERFECT!!! And it tastes good!

#13 Photography!!!

#14 $$$$$ (and the endless possibilities...when you have it!!);)

#15 HORSES!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Results Are In!!!!!

But first off we need to start off with a belly picture since that is, I am sure, what you all are looking for right???

I have seen a whole lot of changes in the belly from month 3 to 4 and definitely FEEL more pregnant! People are starting to look at me while I am at work and stare at my belly and I can tell they are thinking.... is that girl pregnant or just really fat?? It is funny to me!

OK so moving on to more important things like.... is this kid going to be cute??? Well profile pictures are super important in figuring that out so I am sure you are just dieing to see a profile picture, RIGHT??? Here is what the baby looked like today!
Not the most AMAZING picture in the world, I was actually pretty unhappy with this ultrasound. The lady did not really talk to us at all or tell us what she was even looking at half the time. We had to ask to get pretty much all the information we wanted. We never heard how big the baby was, how much it weighed, how fast it's heart was beating. I was kinda sad because I was really thinking this would be the most extensive ultrasound we would be having. I am assuming the kiddo checked out OK because we did not hear anything otherwise?? But I still think this little kiddo looks like it is going to be a cute one....

OK, OK I am sure you have already scrolled to the bottom of this post because the suspense was KILLING YOU!!! I LOVE IT!!! Well here goes...... we are having a Little GIRL!!!! Baby Brooke Lyn Robinson Jr. (we really will not put the Jr. on the end of her name although I think it would be funny)! We are so, so, so, excited!!! I am looking forward to learning to sew dresses and shirts and make bows, bracelets, headbands, and all that fun foofy stuff that comes along with little girls! Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Here is an embarrassing shot of the little one that she will kill me for someday for posting on the Internet!
The lady did not sound too convinced on her quote on "It's a Girl" but I am pretty sure girls have little lines and boys have a big ball of junk in between their legs and these are definitely lines. So I am believing it! I pray it comes out a girl because we already have clothing and I am going to make the bedding and all that jazz for a girl so it better be one! If not our boy will be really pretty!

So this is how we told our families! We had both sets of immediate families over tonight for dinner. There were 13 of us all here.... we missed you Rickey!!! We wanted to tell both sets of parents and Aunts and Uncles at the same time so we decided to make a party of it and start a tradition for our family. Once everyone got here we had the Grandma's each open a gift at the same time. This is what was in the gift bags...
Get it???? Sugar and Spice.....and everything nice...I wanted to see how long it took everyone to figure it out!
This was their reaction
Can you tell... they figured it out right away and were SO EXCITED!!! Kip's amazing mom managed to still make it to our announcement party even though she had just had oral surgery hours earlier.... she is SO amazing and our little girl has the best Grandma's EVER!!!

We ended up handing out little See's Candy Cigars that say "It's a Girl" on them to everyone and the winner's in the family got a little prize for guessing the sex right. It was a super fun night and I love this new tradition that we started on how we are going to tell our families the sexes of our babies!
O' and look how spoiled this little kiddo is already by family and well I HAD to get a few things today too!!! I love girl cloths!
So 38% of you all out there in Blogger world were right!!! We are so excited to be having a little girl, we just can't wait to meet little Brooke and see her! We will give her a little longer to cook so she looks super cute and so we have time to actually start getting stuff together for her arrival! Hip Hip Hooray for Little Girls!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

From Baby to Man.....

...... all in one year!!!!
Our little Echo turned 1 last month and I have been meaning to do a puppy post on him but have not taken the time until now.
I can not believe this little man has been with us for a whole year, it seriously flew at times and other days it has seemed like it has been forever that we have had him!
We love our spoiled little, well BIG dog, we wish he were not so spoiled but just cant resist his sweet little face. I am sure when the baby comes he will be not so spoiled...but until then.... he will!

The thing we love most about Echo:
*He is a cuddle bug, he wants to be as close to you as he can all the time!
*He follows us from room to room because he loves to be near us!
*He is the best hiker EVER and is practically a mountain goat the way he hops all over huge rocks and boulders. Sometimes he is WAY too brave!
*When I am on walks with him people cross the street to get away!
*He is such a wimp and would cuddle someone to death!
*He leans his body against your leg when you are just standing around!
*He looks forward to when he hears daddy get home and come in the door because he knows it is time to play!
*He does not chew, dig, bite, scratch, or destroy things and never has!
I could keep going on but it would sound a little obsessive if I did..... I know he's a dog!
Things we DON'T love about Echo:
*He has the WORST smelling gas EVER and has it A LOT!!! (nothing we researched said these dogs have gas but THEY DO!!!)
*He marks his territory EVERYWHERE...... the trash can's outside, every bush he sees, Seth Andres, other dogs, peoples couches that have male dogs.... yup.... not good!!!! How do you get a dog not to mark it's territory????? Any help???
*He is such a wimp that I do not even feel protected when I am home alone, Hello I own a Doberman Pinscher I should feel safe, but I don't! He would hide behind me.....seriously!
*He is SO STRONG so going on walks can be rough at times if I am not in the mood!
*He likes to "get to know you" by smelling your parts.....eeeeewwwww!!!!
*He wines like a baby if he is not inside when he feels he should be! Nope, doesn't bark....he crys!!!

Well here are some pictures through the first year to look back on how much our boy has grown. I am doing this for my own journal as well.
Here is our baby! Until our "real" baby comes!