Saturday, March 6, 2010

This week...

I take off Brookie's pants and put her on the linoleum to see if she can STICK better to the linoleum with her skin and make some progress in the crawling department. Nobody can say I am not working with her :)

Daddy shows that you are NEVER too old to take a nappy with a blankey! I hope Brooke does not see this she is going to be jealous daddy stole her blankey!

Well ALL WEEK Brooke has suddenly shown a HUGE love for her doggy. She constantly is laughing at him, looking for him and reaching out to pet him. I think Brooke and Echo are going to have a WONDERFUL relationship. It is so cute to watch her grow to love her doggy!

Brooke and I took a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth to meet up with a good friend of mine Diana and her cute little family. It was a last minute thing I found out about and it ended up being GREAT to be able to spend some quality time with Diana, as well as meet some of her California family and make some new friends. Of course Diana and I forgot to get a picture together, and I really did not take many shots but here are a few. It was a totally FUN DAY!!!

Sienna (9 mos) and Brooke (7 mos) are enjoying each other's company. This picture totally shows their personalities well! Diana your little girl is SO CUTE!

Brooke LOVES It's A Small World!!!

(p.s. yes I was holding onto her, don't freak out)
Brooke getting ready to watch the Parade, which she LOVED!!!

Brooke and I went down to San Diego to see my dad Danny while he was in town for his brother Donald's funeral. We had lunch together and let Papa play with the kiddo's on the McKamey's "park swing". I did not get pictures myself but my sister got some cute ones of the kids together and one cute one of Brooke and I.

We chilled in the morning while Daddy was at a Primary Activity, then we went to the outlets to exchange Daddy's V-Day gift for the right size, lunch where we ran into Meagan and Rob :), Daddy off to work, and Grammy Carlson decided to swing by because she was KINDA in town (Lake Forest is not really in town but close enough to make the trip over to see Brooke and I for the evening), Chili's for dinner with Grammy, baby to bed then catching up on the blog!
Here is a lovely picture of my mom I got this evening. Can you see where Brooke and I get it??? hahahahah....yep I got CRAZY genes!

What a wonderful week and a wonderful life I have! I am so grateful for all my family and friends and for my amazing husband that provides this life for us all! Weeks like this just feel NICE!!!


The Picketts said...

Man, we had a good time, didn't we? Thanks for coming! I SO wish we lived closer! Oh how I've missed you! Thanks again.

Jan said...

It was really nice getting to know you and talk a bit more than our first meeting. You and your sweet baby are so fun!

Melissa + Brett said...

Oh how I miss Dland. Love the pic of Kip with the blankie. Too cute. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Brooke and the doggy. ADorAbLE!

Hil and Collin said...

ahhh these are soo cute sarah!

Todd + Emily said...

First I love Brookes chunky thighs so cute

Second HAHAH that pic of Kip is AWESOME

Third Love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of echo and brooke he is SOOOO good with her! I LOVE IT!!! He is such a good dog!!

Fourth.. You make me want to get our Disney passes renewed so I can go on small world I love that ride too! cute pics of Brooke on it!

Fifth I LOVE YOUR MOM!!!!! I miss her!!! I fell like I saw her all the time and it has been forever!!! She is the BEST!!! Cute pic of her!

ps I think that this is the longest comment i've ever posted haha you should feel SPECIAL!

Kelly said...

looks like a great week! brooke is getting so big and so pretty! love the doggie pics with her!

Auntie Steph said...

I would never have thought of trying to get her legs to "stick" to the tile, too funny !
Also love the pic of Kip with the blanky and love the pic of my sis even more !

amber said...

it's nice to see that aunt steph and i are the "refined" ones and would never do such crazy faces as your mom,hehehe. love following your blog, makes me feel like we don't miss out on so much. love you!!!