Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You have got to be kidding me.........

Well I have always been told that brand new car's are cursed but never have had a brand new car until now to find that out for myself........well they must be!!! We have had our brand new Scion XB for 2 weeks now and the poor little thing has already been hit!!! I know!!! Kip and his brother Rick went out to Phills BBQ for lunch the other day (the coveted Phills) and as they were leaving the parking lot a lady in a BMW was a little TOO excited about her Phills french Fry's and backed straight into the drivers side corner of our front bumper! Kip said he could not be TOO mad at her since she also shared a love for Phills, but he was pretty sad I must say! The lady was super nice and we should be getting it fixed by the end of the week so it is all OK but still.... SERIOUSLY???? I am just glad that #1 I was not the one driving so I could not get in trouble :), #2 that it was JUST the front bumper, an easy fix, #3 that it was NOT OUR FAULT, #4 that little Brooke was not in the car, #5 that the lady was super nice,and #6 We are happy that we get a new bumper that does not have holes screwed into it for a lame front licence plate. So that is our way of being positive! Here are a few shots of our new baby all dinged up!

Friday, August 14, 2009


So as you all can tell, I have had a hard time getting on the computer these days and getting to my blog and facebook.... I'M SORRY!!! I am normally on top of these things but I have this newborn little baby that I just can't get enough of and can't pull myself away from. I am having a hard time even getting the every day stuff done like cleaning my house, taking a shower, getting grocery shopping done, and the list goes on..... but I am getting much better! So here goes, our bloggable events within the last few weeks. Well the things I actually pulled my camera out for... I have even had a hard time pulling out my camera... I KNOW BAD!!!! But I'm getting on it, I PROMISE!!!

Tummy Time! I think we may have a thumb sucker on our hands at some point, she loves to soothe herself this way.

Our Sleeping Beauty!

Sweet moments that make my heart skip a beat! I love this!!!

Echo loves Brooke! Normally when we leave any room, even if he is sleeping he will get up and follow us from place to place. But now wherever Brooke is He is! He always wants to know where she is and he is very gentle with her. I have been very impressed with him and his adjustment!

Meet our NEW FAMILY CAR!!!!! Yeah!!! Finally we have a car that will fit us all normally in it! For the first week or so when all 3 of us would go anywhere we would all cram like hillbilly's into Kip's truck in the front seat. We realised then that we needed a new family car and NOW!!! So here she is our new Scion XB that we love O' SO MUCH!!! Isn't she a cool family car? I think so!

Like Father, like daughter, the couches are the perfect place for nap time :) I thought this was cute.

We had a really fun get together with the whole Robinson clan, some of the Wheeler clan, and then Dev and Lisa who are practically family! It was a celebration of Grandpa Robinson's Birthday, Uncle Rick's Birthday, Brooke's Birthday, and Rick being home to visit! We had a total blast with everyone there and got lots of pictures.
Here are all the girls that were there! Lisa, Me, Brooke, Laurie, Hailee, Grandma Robinson, Marren, Robbie, & Shannon!

Some of the guys!

Kip and Rick with Brooke! (Rick is the one holding Brooke, I know they look so much alike :) )

Laurie and I with our little girls!

Hailee holding Baby Brooke for the very first time! She was so good and so gentle with her! She wanted to carry her all around by herself she was so excited! I can't wait to see them grow up together!

Kip is a wonderful Daddy!!!!

I love being a Mommy!!!!!

Rick and Kip being crazy, as they normally are :)

Uncle Rick with little Brooke who seems to be throwing up some gang signs, silly girl!

Shannon was the Baby Whisperer with little Brooke it was amazing!

So those are some happenings from the last week or so! Good times! More fun times to come and I promise I will be getting better at my Blogging! We are getting on a schedule finally and I LOVE IT!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Baby Girl

Little Brooke to me feels like she is just growing up SO FAST it is SO CRAZY to me! I can't believe she is already 2 weeks old today, where did those 2 weeks go? People are not kidding when they say that having children speeds up your life. I just get sad every time I think this little girl is going to grow bigger and is no longer going to be this itty bitty. I just love her SO MUCH and so does her daddy!
Little Brooke is such an amazing baby to me, she seems so strong and so smart for her age. Maybe it is just that she is MY kid but seriously she is the coolest! She already is a CHAMP when it comes to sleeping at night. She sleeps for 4 hour blocks which makes me only get up 2 times in the middle of the night to feed her, AMAZING! I really do not feel that I am lacking in sleep which is super nice! She LOVES riding in the car, as long as the car keeps moving, when we stop she wakes up and cries till we start moving again :) She LOVES the outside, if she is crying and I walk outside with her she stops crying and just looks all around. She is SUPER alert for her age and came out that way. People say that about her all the time when they see and hold her. She has been holding up her head since we were in the hospital, her neck is SO STRONG!!! She already finds her hands to suck on them to calm herself. I think she would be a thumb sucker if I let her, I think I prefer the thumb over a binkie but right now we are going with both, LIMITED usage but still using them! I just love her to death and by the time a long nap is up I just CAN'T WAIT to hold and kiss her again!
Ok here are some pictures from today that I took, I just went crazy with the camera while she was in her swing but what can I say, she is SO CUTE!