Monday, March 15, 2010

Miss You!!!!

Today is a SAD day for me! My buddy Jenna is moving across the country to Florida! Jenna and I have been friends for going on 4 years now. We call ourselves "running buddies" but it is so much more then just a "running buddy" relationship. Jenna is a lifetime friend! I do not know if I have ever connected on so many levels with someone not of my faith. We share so many of the same morals, values, beliefs, thoughts on family and relationships. It has been such an amazing experience to get to know one another and to see how people of 2 different belief systems can be so much the same!
Jenna and I are also a PERFECT match when it comes to running. She is strong at the beginning of a run and is dragging me along when my muscles are still warming up, then we switch off, I get strong at about the halfway point and she needs me to help her out. It just seems that we always compliment one another on our runs! Our pace is perfectly matched and our drive is as well. I am truly going to miss her in SO many ways. She is Good People!!!! Such good people!!!
As long as we have been running together we have NEVER run a race together, we have trained for races together but never have done one. We have plans to run a Half Marathon in San Diego in August! Jenna says she is signing us up for it today to ensure we finally get to run a race together! Thanks Jenna!!!! I am so excited for you to come back out here to visit and run with me!
As for now we are going to check in with one another daily to make sure we stick to our schedules.
In August we will take a picture together AT our race and you will see how much hotter we look! We both plan to be thin and in great shape by August!
As long as I run I will always miss you!
(right after our last run together this morning, that is why we look so sweaty)


Jessica said...

you already look wayyyyyyyyyyyy thinner sarah, good job! and your past 9 miles now, crazy. hot mamma ;)

melissa gargalis said...

diddo, you look great. I thought you weren't supposed to run anymore after the whole knee surgery thing?...hmmm =)

gunnells said...

You Look Great! I can't believe how much u can run! Sad your friend is moving away...Sounds like you need to book a trip to Disney World :)

amber said...

so sorry you lost such a good friend. they say if you have one true friend for life conisder yourself lucky so don't let distance stop this friendship.