Monday, November 30, 2009


Brooke is so much fun and is always talking, laughing, smiling, and just making our life wonderful! Here are some of our happy moments as a little family, recently caught on digital film.

Family Photo's

As was recently posted we had our family photo's taken by wonderful friends of ours Lyndzee and Roger of We love how they turned out... as we always do! They are so much fun, they make you so comfortable, they are so talented and so creative, and we are so grateful for them and their friendship! Here are some of my favorites!
(By the way, this shoot also marks me at the fattest I will EVER be, NOT pregnant!!)
As you can tell, besides me looking fat, I really like a lot of them! Thanks again Lyndzee and Roger for the wonderful pictures!

Sew what???

Have a sewing project or even a craft that needs to be done while children sleep??? Well, we got the coolest thing going these days.
A sew till you drop event! The first one took place on a Saturday evening starting at 5pm and most people left at about midnight.... Heather and I made it till 1:30am! The best part of it all is that all of us were at church the next day on time (8:30am)!!!
The next one took place on Black Friday, not as many people showed up but it was still super fun! I feel like I got A TON done that evening!
I think we got a new tradition starting here!
Here are some fun shots I got at the first sew till you drop event! We were having WAY too much fun I with our yummy treats, fun music, dance breaks, and just entertaining company!
Us with all of our projects!

And being silly!

Katie B.

Katie G.

Katie and Heather being silly!






Vanessa and Heather

The Katie's

Emily's husband Todd was a total stud this particular evening. Her mother's very OLD sewing machine pretty much died in the middle of the evening. Emily had wanted her very own NEW sewing machine for Christmas and was intending on waiting until then.... BUT when this one died in the middle of the sewing event she called Todd up and told him about her problem. About an hour later there is a ring of the doorbell and behold Todd doorbell ditched her Christmas present.... the NEW sewing machine! Way to go Todd!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So as many of you know I have self diagnosed myself with OCD. I would not say it is too bad of OCD actually it is a form that I quite enjoy having. I love being anal about my house being clean, the water spots not being all over my sink, the dog hair descusting me so that it gets cleaned up! I am grateful for my OCD for all of you who laugh about it :)
My latest OCD attack was recently resolved and I am SO happy about it!
Last year for Christmas my sister and her family got Brooke this rocking horse. I even requested what color I wanted and this is the lovely horse she got and I was SO grateful for it.

Well as I got Brooke's nursery together I ended up with a horse themed room but the colors became Pink, Chocolate Brown, and White. My aunt threw us a horse themed baby shower and there I recieved a big super cute horse that was white and chocolate brown spotted. I quickly decided that I NEEDED to get rid of this tan horse that no longer matched. I even did a post on here asking for a trade..... but no luck! Every time I would see this tan rocking horse in her room I would just cringe because it clashed with my room so bad. WELL....... THANKFULLY..... Costco is selling these same horses again and they have my chocolate and white one. I went to exchange my horse and when I went they were all sold out, I was devistated. I called every Costco from here to San Diego in hopes of finding a chocolate and white one and they were ALL SOLD OUT!!! I was giving up on my dream at this point. BUT then came a new shipment and I got the very last of the chocolate and white ones and my wonderful friend bought my tan one so it now has a good home. I am THRILLED to have my room matching again. Look at how much better this looks!!!

I know, I am special!!! But.... my daughter will appreciate it one day, right?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Family Photo's 09

There are more to come but look at the preview of our family shots. I am very happy so far with how they turned out. Thanks to for taking our family photo's. You guys are so much fun and we just love you to pieces!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hope you all had a Happy and safe Halloween!!!
We had a wonderful October full of Halloween fun! It was Brooke's very first Holdiday of her little life and we are so happy it happened to be our very favorite of the Holidays!
This will be a post full of pictures and not many words since that is really why we go on these blogs anyway right?

Kip and I were invited to a Halloween Party that some friends from the ward threw. It was a total blast and there were quite cute and creative costumes at the party. The games were SO FUNNY!!! Thanks Kyra and Matt for inviting us!
Video of photo's from the party!
Now we have our little family's trip to the Pumpkin Patch! This year the Pumpkin Patch was cheap because Brooke was too little to beg us to ride the rides. The years to come will be a blast when she can enjoy it a bit more. We were not there for long but got some fun shots!

This is not her costume but doesn't she look SO CUTE?

Then off to our wards Trunk or Treat! There were SO many people there and everybody looked amazing! Here are some pictures from the evening! I wish we would have gotten pictures of more people!
Can you guess what we are as a family?

Get it now?

Chris and Kip with their babies that are only a few weeks apart! CUTE!

And Trick or Treating for the first time!!! It was so fun! We had a great evening with Grandma & Grandpa Robinson, Laurie & Hailee, Mark & Lani, & Greggs Dad and Step Mom. Dinner, Spooky Desserts, & Trick or Treating, what a fun evening! Brooke was such a good girl and was just the cutest little Turtle EVER!!!!

All and all a wonderful Halloween!