Saturday, January 22, 2011

18 Months Of Bliss!!!!

Brooke Lyn Robinson
18 months old
~ Full of Energy
~ Full of Chatter, she is ALWAYS talking and is quite the good talker. Our favorite words she says are Please, Thank You, and today she threw out Your Welcome.
~ She LOVES airplanes and can spot them a mile away and in the night sky as well.
~ Loves to look for the moon at night, sometimes she still calls it the "big white ball"
~ LOVES TARGET she calls it the "ball place"
~ Loves Echo (used to be our dog, now is Grandma and Grandpa's dog) she talks about him daily, opens the blinds and yells outside "Echo Come"
~ Loves going on walks, we try to go on one daily, she almost always finds some type of hiking stick and holds onto it almost the whole time.
~ Loves, Loves, Loves to 1-2-3 JUMP or bounce on our friends trampoline she calls it a "bouncy, bouncy"
~ LOVES to be outside
~ Just started gymnastics and is doing very well at keeping up with all the kids that are almost a year older than her, she can even do summersaults all by herself! Also any time we see a curb she has to try to walk along it and balance. I love it!
~ BAD eater but doing better day by day, still mostly survives off of 3-4 Pediasures a day! EXPENSIVE, but it keeps her alive and growing (slowly) so it is WORTH IT!!
~ 12 month pants, 18-24 month shirts
~ Her favorite song is "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in the car she requests it and every time it ends she says "Again?", she also loves "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and knows how to do the spider motion, SO CUTE!
~ She loves to run from us ANY time we call her, not good when we are outside heading to the car, and she usually finds the farthest place she can to hide from us, she thinks it is SO FUNNY! I think it's funny when we are indoors but not so funny when we are outside.
~ The kid can run FAST!!!!
~ Very interested in the potty, flushing the toilet, putting TP in the potty, and sitting on her own potty as she says "Pee pee, PSSSsssss......". I hope to have her potty trained a little before or near after this next little baby comes. Im not going to push it.
~ Her favorite shows are Elmo or Wonder Pets
~ Brooke LOVES animals!!!
~ In bed at 7pm up at 6:30-7am without a peep in the evening!
~ Down to 1, 1 hour nap a day (not long enough for mommy)
~ Timid around other kids, especially ones she does not know well.
~ Does not like learning things with other kids around, likes to figure it out on her own first.
~ Has some impressive stacking skills with blocks of all shapes and sizes.
~ Loves to read and draw.
~ Is ready to get out of the house BY 10am and starts to melt down if we are not out by then!
~ Brave and Wimpy at the same time, Shy and NOT AT ALL at the same time.

Brooke has been the biggest blessing to our lives. We can not imagine life without her and cant even remember life very much before her. She has changed us forever, has changed our home forever, changed our hearts forever, and even Kip and I's relationship forever! Kip and I have never felt such joy, experienced such laughter, and felt such LOVE as we do now with Brooke in our lives! 18 months ago our lives changed in the best way they possibly could FOREVER!!! She is our Angel!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Been A While.....

..... this year has had a slow start on New Years Resolutions and well EVERYTHING!!! Somebody in this house has been sick every day since before Christmas. We have had colds, sinus infections, strep throat, pregnancy sickness and tiredness, and I just got a call from my sis, who I happened to share a salad with today, who apparently just got her first symptoms of the 24 hour flu they have all been passing around down there. SO looks like I will be sick as a dog in about 36 hours. Hopefully at some point all this sickness will end so we can get started on the GOOD things to come in this New Year! We are determined that this is going to be a wonderful New Year and we are just looking at this first month as getting the bad and sickness just out of the way right away!
Hope to be up on the posting and even more up on the Resolutions!
Talk to you soon, HOPEFULLY!!!

She's A Doll!!!!

Meet the doll that, to me, was designed after Brooke!
Similar features, the eyes, the dimples, the curls, the blonde, the bow, the hair part, and even more fun the fact that the baby is created to bounce and talk!
Yes I HAD to get it!