Sunday, February 24, 2008

Twilight Fan's???

If you are a fan of the Twilight Series than I have the website for you to check out. My friend made a Blog for fan's of the Twilight books with updated info on it, check it out for pictures of the actors in the movie and for dates on the release of the book and the movie. It's a great website to check out. It is or you can get to it from my friends list. It is under Twilight Fan Club. Check it out all you people that are as obsessed as I am!

Two Truths and A Lie???

So let's see who knows me well, and you can't cheat by reading other people's answers before you do your own:

~I have had 3 surgeries

~I have broken both of my wrists and my right ankle

~I have lost most of my hearing in my left ear

I know, it is so sad that 2 of the 3 are true, what a mess, I guess that is what comes with an active lifestyle. As viewed in the below post!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Through the Years

I was going through our scrap books the other day and just looking back on all the things that Kip and I have done together through the years. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of our little adventures or just cool moments in our life. Here are a few pictures of some of the fun times that Kip and I have together, Enjoy: This was taken on the day Kip and I "officially" started dating. We love to ride our Long Board Skateboards together but it was more fun to ride on the same one that day just to be a little closer. This was taken not long after we started dating, Kip loves guns and loves shooting them so we have had many shooting dates which I happen to love as well. O' the absolute power you feel with a gun in your hand, it's pretty fun. But yeah, don't we look like Hillbilly's? Especially with the haircut that I have, it kinda looks like a mullett!
2 Months after Kip and I started dating his parents invited me on a family quadding trip they were taking to Gunnison, UT. We spent a few days on quads and dirtbikes up in the mountains of Gunnison and it was seriously one of the funnest trips I have ever been on. Kip and I were able to get to know one another so much during this trip and we had a total blast. We saw beautiful things there, carved our initials into one of the trees up there and posed for some pictures in a beautiful field of flowers. What a trip!
While dating I was also so blessed and lucky to be invited to a trip to New York City with Kip's family. I had always wanted to visit New York City but never knew if I would like it or not. I am more of a country girl than a city girl but I LOVED IT! We were there on September 1l'th 04' and it was really cool to go to the memorial services and stuff.(In the second picture you can see the Statue of Liberty way off there below the moon)I would love to go back to New York sometime soon and see more of the sights, what a blast!!!

Before Kipper and I got married we started really getting into exploring mines. How we got into it, well if any of you know Kip than that is your answer, Kip has always been interested in mines and one day we just decided to go into one and we have loved it ever since. We now are members of a group called CAMCE (California Association of Mine and Cave Explorers) and we love taking trips with them. We need to do another one soon, we are both itching to go miles and miles into the earth again!
The week after Kip and I got engaged we took a trip together up to Idaho to visit where he served his mission and attend a wedding of a family he taught. We had a total blast and I loved meeting some of the family's he taught and just being able to see how he changed thier lives by bringing the gospel into their homes. We took the jumping pictures on the side of my blog there in Idaho as well as this one. What a fun trip! We want to move to Idaho someday, we just love it there!

Kip and I got Married on September 2'06 and for our Honeymoon we went on a 7 day Cruise to the Mexican Riviera and LOVED IT!! Our favorite part of our honeymoon (besides the obvious) was in Puerto Valarta we went on a thing called "The Extreme Cannopy Tour" and it was seriously one of the coolest things that Kip and I have ever done in our WHOLE LIVES! We took a short boat ride to this totally cool off roading vehicle that took us up into the jungle of Puerto Vallarta, from there we rode mules up further into the jungle to the top of a mountain. Once at the top of the mountain you strap onto these zip lines and seriously take a zip line over these crazy canyon's from one mountain to another, we rappelled down a waterfall into these crazy cool pools of water. It was AMAZING!! We were not aloud to bring cameras for safty purposes plus we got soaked but it was The Best!!! We are going to for sure do that again some day!

On our First married Christmas Kip bought me a Dirtbike (I know, I am spoiled) and we have had a total blast riding together. Here are a few pictures of us jumping, my air is small but I am totally proud of it, this is not even a good picture of Kip jumping but you get the point, MY HUSBAND ROCKS!!! I had a blast riding until I crashed one day and tore my ACL and had to get reconstructive surgery on it. I have not ridden since but am about to get back on my bike. I am missing it so much! Plus I just love the fun I have with my husband out there. This picture was taken on a trip we took with my family to Mammoth for the weekend, what a blast! Kip and I love to snowboard but have not been able to go as much as we have wanted lately. Kip is way good, he hits jumps and all that, I try to hit jumps to be cool but just eat it and then laugh at myself, but it is fun! If anyone wants to go with us let us know!
Last year Kip's whole family (-Rickey, who was on a mission, and +Hilary, a family friend) ALL ran in a race in Henderson, NV. What a cool family! Me, Kip's mom Sue, and Sis Laurie all ran the Half Marathon and Kip, his Dad Kip Sr., Brother In Law Gregg, and Hilary all ran the 5K. We felt like such a cool bunch!
I just thought these pictures were just too cool not to show! Look at that huge gap that Kip and I somehow had the guts to jump over!!! Yikes!

Right before our 1 year anniversary we bought our first home in Lake Elsinore, CA. We love being home owners and just love the people that live around us. We are so blessed to have been able to take this next step in life.
Well, thanks so much for listening to our life story, I hope it was somewhat entertaining to you. We are so happy to be together and we both truly feel that we found our perfect match in one another. We look forward to the many fun times and adventures that lie ahead of us in the many many years to come.
(By the way, if you can't tell, I can't spell)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Family Photo's

My brother Tauren got married on Sat Feb 16th so we had the whole family in town for once. It has been a long time since we have all been able to get together so we decided to do family photos. Here is my beautiful Family.
So that is the whole gang! I have 3 step Brothers (the far left and the two middle ones, Derek, Tauren and Damien, Tauren and Damien are Twins but look nothing alike really)a half Brother (far right David) and the other girl is my full sister (Amanda). This is the family that grew up in my house. My step brothers came and stayed with us every other weekend when they were little and as adults they have each lived with my parents at different points in life. It has been fun and the doors are always open to us in my parents home. They are great parents to us all! My parents are also wonderful Grandparents to their three little Grandbabies! All girls so far but my sis Amanda is pregnant right now and has one on the way but we are not yet sure if it is a boy or a girl, everyone thinks boy but me, I am sticking with girl. The grandkids from Left to Right, Heidi, Makenna, and Riley, Heidi and Riley are Twins if you can't tell and they are Derek's little girls. (I think Heidi is the far Left and Riley is far Right but not totally sure on it) Makenna is the middle one and she is Amanda's little girl. They all look like sisters to me though. Crazy!!! I love them all and so do my parents! All the boys!! All the girls, do you think my sister and I look alike? How about me and my mommy? This is a picture of my sister and I with my dad Danny. He is our Biological dad and we have a great relationship with him as well. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful parents. We need to get a better picture with him soon. But do you think I look like my dad at all?
Well that is my whole family, maybe now you feel like you know me a little better or if you already knew all that than I hope you enjoyed updated pictures on everyone.

What City??

You Belong in New York City

You're the energetic, ambitious type.

And only NYC is fast enough for you.

Maybe you'll set yourself up with a killer career

Or simply take in all the city has to offer.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bad, Bad Hair Day!!!

Well, here it is, I had promised some girls in the ward some pictures of what happened to me when I dyed my hair and had an alergic reaction to the hair dye. It was not a good situation at all.
Here is the story:
I think what started my downward spiral was the sudden death of my Grandfather who I looked up to and loved so much. That set me into a state of depression. I was living in Utah at the time and did not have many friends and absolutly no family around. I had to deal with the death of my grandfather away from everyone that I loved and I just had a very hard time with that. I am a person that needs people, and I just felt all alone. I began to become introverted, I did not leave my room much, I sleept most of the day away and only woke up to go to work, then right back home and into bed. Sleeping was my escape from the world.
I did have a roommate that really cared for me and really wanted to get me out of the state that I was in and sat me down and we decided together that I was going to rid myself of the old, sad, depressed me and become someone else, a happier more confident version of myself, the person I had lost.
When you want to start over alot of times it takes a new look, so we decided to dye my hair an Auborn color. We went to the Super Walmart in Orem, UT and decided together on a color of dye. As soon as we got home we got to coloring. To my dismay the color did not turn out the beautiful shade that appeared on the box, NO it turned FIRE ENGINE RED!!! Not Kidding!!!


I could not do it, could not handle the humiliation. So we decided to go back to Walmart that same night and buy a different color to try to change my hair to a somewhat normal color before I was set into a more deep state of depression. Well that plan backfired. As soon as we began putting the dark brown on top of the red, my head began to burn, so bad that my body began to twich uncontrolably, we finished the process even though I was in extreme pain. NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!! The color was fixed, I was not really a fan of the dark hair on me but it was way better than the shade of red that previously existed. The next day, as I showered, the color began to wash out a bit or something, I do not know what it was, but after the shower my eyes began to swell and become very pink. My face became very patchy and dry. I ended up having to put Bag Balm on my face to make it not crack, my face looked like the scales of a snakes skin. My eyes hurt so bad!!! My neck began to get a rash as well that went down my back. My scalp began to flake off and my hair began to slowly fall out. It was miserable!!! I had no family, no health insurance, no money, and now I was even more depressed than befor because I looked like a dead person. The doctors kept trying different alergy medications that would take away the symptoms while I was on the pills but the day I got off them the symptoms came back and were worse than before. After weeks of dealing with this I was refered to a dermatologist who put me on steroids (that made me fat) and those finally worked. I suppose I had such a bad reaction to the dye that it poisoned my blood stream and the sterroids were all that could fix the problem.
Through this experience 2 guys in my ward took me in under their wing, they would pull me out of my bedroom and take me out to dinner looking like a freak, they would treat me so well. Always doing what it took to make me smile and forget about what I looked like. They to this day are 2 of my BEST FRIENDS and will be forever!!! Thanks Bryan and Ryan!!! I also gained a HUGE testimony of Priesthood Blessings and of the strength I personally have to get through trials. It was a growing experience in the end but YIKES what a ride!!! Enjoy, my nasty photo's!!!