Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday Stress Relief!!!

Right now Kip is working full time as a Project Manager for a Construction Company, going to Paramedic School Full time, and is in the process of applying for many different Fire Departments. He enjoys his job right now but really wants to live his dream and become the Firefighter he has always wanted to be. Right now he is really fighting for that dream and it is keeping him constantly busy and somewhat stressed. (Can you blame him?) So pretty much EVERY Saturday Kip does what he can to relieve some of that stress from the previous week, his two Favorite ways to relieve stress are to ride his dirtbike all over the hills of Lake Elsinore and then come home and relax to a few episodes of either Tool Time or King of The Hill.

Every Saturday he takes off from our garage and heads into the hills, crossing a few streets illegaly but what can you do??? Anyway, in his past few weeks of exploring he has found some quite beautiful and amazing places right here practically in our backyard. Kip and his brother Rick set off yesterday on their adventure, camera in hand and here are a few pictures they came home with. They sounded like little kids when they got home, they had a blast and were all dirty and sweaty from thier ride. I am so greatful for the oppertunity Kip has every Saturday to go out and enjoy all that he has worked hard for. I am also so happy at how much his one ride a week takes away his stress and makes my life so much easier. I can't wait to get back out there with him on my dirtbike. It won't be long, I promise you that, especially with these pictures tempting me to join in the fun. Enjoy!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Our Little Princesses!!!

Kip and I are so lucky to have such beautiful nieces, they are all such a joy to our lives. We love them all so much and treat them like our own. Since we do not have kids of our own to brag about just yet, we would love to show off our beautiful little nieces. From the Carlson line first is little Makenna, she is 17 months old and has quite the personality for her age. Heidi and Riley the twinners are growing up SO FAST, they are both so beautiful (since they look totally alike). The newest addition to our beautiful little niece party, is little Hailee Sue. It looks like she is going to have the big beautiful blue Robinson eyes, lucky girl! She is a joy to our lives and it is so fun to see the first Robinson of this generation. We absolutly love being Auntie Ra Ra and Uncle Du. We fight for every chance we get to watch them and spoil them to death. Here they are, our little nieces that we love to brag about!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kip and Sarah

Since I am new at this blog thing I thought I would post some wedding and engagement pictures of Kip and I for those of you that never got to see them or did not know us at the time. I just love looking back at those pictures and remembering that wonderful day!!! We were so happy to FINALLY be getting married. We married on my Birthday, September 2, 06 and it was the most amazing birthday gift I could have ever recieved. Finally I am married to my Eternal Companion. Enjoy!