Friday, May 29, 2009

5 Years Ago Today...

...... my life began!
Today is Kip and I's 5 year dating anniversary, I know isn't it crazy that we remember it? These past 5 years have seemed to just FLY BY SO FAST!!! In some ways I can not believe it has already been 5 whole years and in other ways I feel like I have been with Kip FOREVER!! I truly feel like my life began when I meet Kip. I feel like he brings out my full potential that I had been kinda holding back my entire life. He totally completes me and I would like to feel and say that I do the same for him. We have done SO MANY THINGS these past 5 years, I would just like to go down memory lane a bit.
The day we started dating was absolutely PERFECT, I do not think I have ever been on a cooler date in my entire life. It was a day jam packed full of fun and surprises! At the time this was our situation, I had meet Kip on a blind date up in Provo, Utah (where I was living at the time) the beginning of May 04', we went on 1 date and apparently totally hit it off because we instantly found a way to get one another's phone numbers and began talking almost daily. 2 weeks after our date I moved back down to San Diego where I grew up and moved in with my parents. My sister was randomly living in Corona with roommates which happened to be where Kip lived, like a mile away from my sis! I came up to visit Kip and my sister like 2 days after I moved back home with my parents (since he was a big huge reason I was moving home in the first place). We hung out I think 2 times before this date on May 29th 2004. Kip picked me up and told me to dress for a warm day and wear a bathing suit. As we were headed to the mystery location Kip suggested that I move up to Corona so we could "hang out" more, we still had not established at this point by any physical contact or anything that we were actually INTERESTED in one another. I was for sure interested in him as more than a friend but was not quite sure where he was at yet, I sould have known but I was protecting the heart. This was an indication on how the day would go...... I was getting excited......He took me down to Newport Beach and we rented sea kayaks and kayaked all over the place, it was so much fun. I had never been on a kayak before that so it was a totally new experience for me. We ended up finding a place that had all those water blow up toys that you can play on, I am sure they were for some party or something but we decided to take total advantage and play on them. It was so cool, again another first for him and I! After we finished playing on the blow up water toys and finished kayaking we headed down to Balboa Beach to meet up with some friends of Kip's for a double date. His friend Michael Thompson was dating a girl and we all meet up with our long board skate boards and cruised ALL OVER the beach! We had so much fun! We ended up at one point parking the guys trucks in a Subway parking lot with the radio blasting and just road skate boards all over the parking lot for quite a while, hung out in the back of the truck and just chilled. We also saw a limo in the parking lot waiting for a prom to get out and we asked if we could take a tour of the limo. This was the first limo I had ever been in, super cool! After the parking lot fun we "street walked" all over Balboa Beach (ask Kip what street walking is, he is good at it)! Once it got dark we ditched Michael and his woman and headed home for some more fun ahead. I had no idea what Kipper had planned for the whole day but he was not disappointing! On our way back to his parents house he decided he was going to go for it and hold my hand....FINALLY!!!..... well he grabbed it in the car and held it for I swear 2 seconds and then let go and never grabbed it back..... I was SO CONFUSED!!! I had only heald 1 other boy's hand in my entire life and took hand holding very seriously and was so ready to hold his but did not know what he was thinking??? OK so no hands held the rest of the way home but the car ride was still comfortable. We got to his parents house just for a brief change of clothing into some warmer attire and grabbed his portable DVD player and a scary movie and headed up to Trilogy Golf Course. Yes we drove right out there onto the middle of the golf course, parked his truck, set up blankets and pillows in the back of his truck and started a scary movie! ISN'T he SO COOL???? We cuddled through the entire movie especially the creepy scenes and when we would here the coyote's running around the truck, but NO ACTION!!! It was killing me, does this kid like me or not??? Well the movie ended, the credits rolled and I was not getting up till this guy kissed me! But I was not about to kiss him :) He started getting really close a few times, our faces just inches apart but then he would pull away, he finally spoke up "You make me nervous" he says, "Why?" I say, "Well because I want to kiss you right now but I am too nervous to", "Well why don't you try and see what happens???" I say. He leans in and MAGIC!!!! Yes romantic music started playing like in the movies, ok it was really crickets, frogs, and coyote's but it was PERFECT! When we finished kissing he looks at me and asks "So do you want a boyfriend?", "Well do you want a girlfriend???" I ask too afraid to answer his question, still wondering if this guy was for real?, "Yeah I would love you to be my girlfriend", "Well I would love for you to be my boyfriend"!!! And that is how it all began. I decided at that moment that I would move up to Corona to be with him and I was up just a few days later. The rest has been history! I do not know if I ever wrote that story down and don't ever want to forget it because it was just SO PERFECT!!! I can't believe that was 5 years ago tonight!!!!
Well here is a walk down memory lane just kinda summing up our last 5 years with the highlights!
Here are a few pictures of some of the fun times that Kip and I have together, Enjoy: This was taken on the day Kip and I "officially" started dating. We love to ride our Long Board Skateboards together but it was more fun to ride on the same one that day just to be a little closer. This was taken not long after we started dating, Kip loves guns and loves shooting them so we have had many shooting dates which I happen to love as well. O' the absolute power you feel with a gun in your hand, it's pretty fun. But yeah, don't we look like Hillbilly's? Especially with the haircut that I have, it kinda looks like a mullett!
2 Months after Kip and I started dating his parents invited me on a family quadding trip they were taking to Gunnison, UT. We spent a few days on quads and dirtbikes up in the mountains of Gunnison and it was seriously one of the funnest trips I have ever been on. Kip and I were able to get to know one another so much during this trip and we had a total blast. We saw beautiful things there, carved our initials into one of the trees up there and posed for some pictures in a beautiful field of flowers. What a trip!
While dating I was also so blessed and lucky to be invited to a trip to New York City with Kip's family. I had always wanted to visit New York City but never knew if I would like it or not. I am more of a country girl than a city girl but I LOVED IT! We were there on September 1l'th 04' and it was really cool to go to the memorial services and stuff.(In the second picture you can see the Statue of Liberty way off there below the moon)I would love to go back to New York sometime soon and see more of the sights, what a blast!!!

Before Kipper and I got married we started really getting into exploring mines. How we got into it, well if any of you know Kip than that is your answer, Kip has always been interested in mines and one day we just decided to go into one and we have loved it ever since. We now are members of a group called CAMCE (California Association of Mine and Cave Explorers) and we love taking trips with them. We need to do another one soon, we are both itching to go miles and miles into the earth again!
The week after Kip and I got engaged we took a trip together up to Idaho to visit where he served his mission and attend a wedding of a family he taught. We had a total blast and I loved meeting some of the family's he taught and just being able to see how he changed thier lives by bringing the gospel into their homes. We took the jumping pictures on the side of my blog there in Idaho as well as this one. What a fun trip! We want to move to Idaho someday, we just love it there!

Kip and I got Married on September 2'06 and for our Honeymoon we went on a 7 day Cruise to the Mexican Riviera and LOVED IT!! Our favorite part of our honeymoon (besides the obvious) was in Puerto Valarta we went on a thing called "The Extreme Cannopy Tour" and it was seriously one of the coolest things that Kip and I have ever done in our WHOLE LIVES! We took a short boat ride to this totally cool off roading vehicle that took us up into the jungle of Puerto Vallarta, from there we rode mules up further into the jungle to the top of a mountain. Once at the top of the mountain you strap onto these zip lines and seriously take a zip line over these crazy canyon's from one mountain to another, we rappelled down a waterfall into these crazy cool pools of water. It was AMAZING!! We were not aloud to bring cameras for safty purposes plus we got soaked but it was The Best!!! We are going to for sure do that again some day!

On our First married Christmas Kip bought me a Dirtbike (I know, I am spoiled) and we have had a total blast riding together. Here are a few pictures of us jumping, my air is small but I am totally proud of it, this is not even a good picture of Kip jumping but you get the point, MY HUSBAND ROCKS!!! I had a blast riding until I crashed one day and tore my ACL and had to get reconstructive surgery on it. I have not ridden since but am about to get back on my bike. I am missing it so much! Plus I just love the fun I have with my husband out there. This picture was taken on a trip we took with my family to Mammoth for the weekend, what a blast! Kip and I love to snowboard but have not been able to go as much as we have wanted lately. Kip is way good, he hits jumps and all that, I try to hit jumps to be cool but just eat it and then laugh at myself, but it is fun! If anyone wants to go with us let us know!
Last year Kip's whole family (-Rickey, who was on a mission, and +Hilary, a family friend) ALL ran in a race in Henderson, NV. What a cool family! Me, Kip's mom Sue, and Sis Laurie all ran the Half Marathon and Kip, his Dad Kip Sr., Brother In Law Gregg, and Hilary all ran the 5K. We felt like such a cool bunch!
I just thought these pictures were just too cool not to show! Look at that huge gap that Kip and I somehow had the guts to jump over!!! Yikes!

Right before our 1 year anniversary we bought our first home in Lake Elsinore, CA. We love being home owners and just love the people that live around us. We are so blessed to have been able to take this next step in life. We got our first little baby and addition to our family. Mr. Echo! He has been such a joy to our home and is such a part of our little family, we can't imagine life without him.
We took a few trips to Las Vegas, this seems to be the place we go to get away for a quick little trip. We always seem to find an amazing deal there. We always have fun and enjoy ourselves the entire time, eat lots of Cafe Rio, and come back so happy we went!We found out that we were expecting a little baby on July 13th 2009! We got pregnant in October right after our 2 year anniversary!
We had a party with our families to celebrate and announce that we would be having a little girl and naming her Brooke Lyn Robinson.
And this was just taken a few days ago. This is us now 5 years later! We can't wait to meet this little girl in a few weeks and have our lives change again FOREVER!!! We love our lives, we have had some struggles that we have worked through togetether, we still have struggles that we are working through together, and we just keep getting stronger!
Thank You Kipper for the Best 5 Years of my life so far!!!
Well, thanks so much for listening to our life story, I hope it was somewhat entertaining to you. We are so happy to be together and we both truly feel that we found our perfect match in one another. We look forward to the many fun times and adventures that lie ahead of us in the many many years to come.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Sweetheart!

I just wanted to take a moment to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful, amazing, fantastic, breathtaking husband! I seriously feel like I married the most wonderful man in the entire world and I honestly feel like I found the other half of me! I am so grateful for Kip and all the happiness, adventure, laughter, fun, love, security and more he brings into my life daily! He is my world, my everything and I do not know what I would ever do without him! I hope to never take what I have for granted and to always know how very blessed I am to be married to such a perfect person for me! Happy Birthday to my very Best Friend in the entire world!
Here is a slide show I put together last year for him and I wanna play it again. Enjoy!
Video of Kipper's Life
I promise to write SO MUCH MORE tomorrow but as for the rest of my evening, it is being spent with the Birthday Boy and not on this computer so ........ TO BE CONTINUED........
Ok I am back!
So this is how Kipper's Birthday went!
Well we got to enjoy lunch together after I got done doing books, I meet up with him and enjoyed my free meal I get from work. After sharing lunch we headed over to Kipper's parents house to Celebrate with them. His very anticipated birthday gift had come in the mail and was waiting patiently for him to come snatch it up. We hung out for about an hour with his Mom, Dad, Sister, and Hailee and got to sing Happy Birthday and open presents. I wish I had my camera there, but I forgot to bring it! His parents got him this Pellet Gun that he has been craving since he has shot Clint's. His sis and her fam got him Pellets and a favorite candy of ours, even Brooke's (convenient for me :) ). Kipper was SO STOKED!!!! He tried it out there at home in his parents backyard a little bit and then we headed off. I had a Doctor's appointment at 2 so we had to jam. Brooke is doing very well, healthy, they think she is head down (YEAH), and I am doing well and healthy as well. When we got home Kipper and Clint had plans to get together and shoot. I love these 2 boys together, you would think it is Kipper's 10'th Birthday but nope it's his 28'th:) I am sure when he is 50 he is still going to be wanting gifts like this and spending his Birthday this way. I LOVE MY BIG KID!!!
I came over and got a few shots (photo's) and also got to participate in the SHOTS from Kipper's new gun as well. I hit a big glass bottle on my very first try and totally broke it, I WAS SO PROUD!!!! It must be that it is a super nice gun and not my skills! Here are some of the Shots from the shooting!

As Kip and I were shooting after Clint and Kade left we had the police helli fly over us and circle us like 3 times, it was CRAZY!!! I think they saw were we were, that we were not being too naughty and that I was SUPER PREGNANT and decided we were not too much of a threat because they did not even send any cops up our way to check on us. So crazy!
Here are the cheap presents that I got him, but he was super thankful. I did a candy board letter thing that made him laugh, and I got him a hand held voice recorder so he can record for me and his postarity the crazy and amazing stories and things that have happened to him in his life. Kinda like a vocal journal, we deciede that is what would be best for Kipper to do. I can't wait for him to start using this because this guy has STORIES!!!!

That night Kip and I went to our favorite Restaurant El Torito and enjoyed a free meal he had gotten for it being his Birthday. SUPER YUMMY!!!! We came home and totally crashed and it was a fabulous day! I hope Kipper loved his Birthday, he sure deserved to have a good one!
I love you my sweetheart small animal killer you!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our First...

... family photo! I am pretty sure this is our very first family photo that we all three have together so I just HAD to post it!

Taken on Memorial Day 09' while hanging out with the Robinson/Hardy clan's! We decided to spend our Memorial Day with Kipper's family and had a fantastic day together. We had a wonderful BBQ, some sun, and later on some fantastic Hot Tub action that my legs got. It was super fun to hang with the family.
I am so excited to have our first family photo taken, YEAH!!!! (well I suppose we had more pictures taken together but it was before I was really showing, now you can tell it is a family photo because... well... I am HUGE!!!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Love My Ward!!!!

So last Friday night all of the men in the ward with son's had their Father Son Camp out which meant it was time for the girls to get out and play. I was actually working doing bookkeeping that morning when they called in the reservation and I decided to postpone my free meal from working that day to the evening so I could attend this girls night. I got to eat for free, bring home food for my hubby (who unfortunately will not be going to one of those Father Son outings for a little while) and hang out with great company! I love kicking it with the girls from my ward, we have some great people in our lives that is for sure! Here are some fun shots from that night out at BJ's! Afterward a bunch of the girls went over to a house and watched chick flicks but I went home and feed my hubby and cuddled with him!

And last night was the Bachelorette Premiere and there are a bunch of us that are SERIOUS about that show! We all got together at Vanessa's house for the Premiere and to put in our votes on who is going to make the Top 3, Get the 1'st Impression Rose, and Who Would For Sure Get Kicked Off Right Away! We all voted that "Bob Saget" the Lawyer would get voted off and enjoyed laughing at him getting all huffy every time she spent time with others. We freaked out all together over the foot dude and CAN'T BELIEVE he made it further. I am a fan of Kiptyn (partially because of his name) and the Pilot guy. Anyway we shall see. Here are some shots from our Bachelorette Party!

Well, can't wait till the next girls night out!!! Love you ladies!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Horse or Two!!!

I had the coolest Horse themed shower this past weekend thrown by my Auntie Stephanie. It was a family shower and it was O' SO MUCH FUN!!! Get all us crazy "Kret Women" (that's my mom's maiden name) together and you are in for some CRAZY FUN!!!! It was perfect because we played some pretty entertaining games that my mom and sister put on and we were all about on the floor laughing half the time. Here are some pictures from my shower. O' and did I say there was a horse or two in attendance! Thanks Auntie Stephanie and all of you that attended this shower!
The Decorations were SO CUTE!!!

I even had Horsey Fruit!!
The Shower throwers, Pat, Auntie Steph, and Pam, THANKS GUYS!!!
Makenna diggin on the HUGE stuffed horse, you can even sit on it, how cool is that???
Which candy bar is that melted inside the diaper??? Auntie Amber says why not taste it???
Makenna was grossed out, all she see's is her brothers poopy diapers and then Auntie Amber eating out of one... poor child :)
And the Bottle Chugging Contest (babies sure make this look WAY easier than this really is)

Auntie Amber was not messing around, although if you look close she is wearing most of the juice. She did kick everybody butt though!
Some presents!

Look at all these horses I got from Auntie Stephanie at this shower, Brooke better LOVE horses!!! I sure do!
Daddy's present from Auntie Steph, it's a Daddy Diaper Changing Kit and its so cute and funny!!!
And then here is me getting SUPER HUGE and YES I am in a bathing suit and I have a head, aren't I super nice??? I am posting pictures every 2 weeks now because I am growing so quickly now, but just one shot on the middle of the month weeks :)