Friday, February 25, 2011

Visiting Daddy

Currently Daddy is up in Arizona working hard for our family. His company had the opportunity to build a store out in Scottsdale for an owner they have built a few other stores for. Of course in this economy the opportunity was taken and appreciated. The store is in the Scottsdale Mall and it is quite the nice mall I must say. He is having the opportunity right now to be staying with his Uncle Bobby and Aunt Cindy, who I mist also say are absolutely AMAZING people! So funny, so real, so much energy, sweetness, love, and everything good exists in their home. Kip is loving the chance he is having to get to spend that quality time with them and is SO appreciative that he gets to have the company and love of a family rather than spending this month and a half away from us alone in a hotel room! A HUGE THANK YOU to Bobby and Cindy!!! We love and appreciate you SO MUCH!
Brooke and I had the wonderful chance to go up and visit Daddy this last weekend. It couldn't have come sooner! If Kip was not such an amazing help and such an amazing Daddy he would not be missed as much as he has been. I am grateful every moment for him in my life!! I have decided in this time apart from him that I have all the respect in the world for all the Single Mom's or a Military Wife's out there! Like my own Mother that I have a new found respect for. I think if I did not have a child I could maybe handle it, I feel like I am independent enough and secure enough in our relationship that I could handle it alone for a period of time, but since we have a little girl that ADORES her Daddy, that is what makes this the hardest! It is so sad to see her confused about why Daddy is not coming home, why she only gets to talk to him on the phone, why our nightly routine is disrupted, it makes me SO SAD when she hears a motorcycle go by and asks if it is Daddy, or when she stands at the front door and says "See Daddy?". How do you explain all this to a 19 month old that loves her Daddy and needs her Daddy! Don't get me wrong, I have missed him with all my heart! I love him SO much and appreciate him SO much more than I even did before!
It was a wonderful trip. I LOVE KIP'S FAMILY!!!! Bobby, Cindy, and each of their kids are AMAZING and SO much fun! I felt like I was in my own home when I was there! What amazing people they are! I can't wait to see them again! I was grateful that I got to eat at Cafe Rio a few times :) But most of all I was SO grateful to spend time with my love. I was grateful to see him and Brooke together, always heart melting! I LOVED my cuddle time with him, not sleeping alone in bed, his kisses goodnight and goodmorning, our family prayers, all of it! It was fun to go to the Mall and see the job he is managing. I am SO impressed that he knows how to Project Manage the building of an entire store from the shell of the walls to the smallest details of a store! My man is AMAZING!
So, I think I was too excited while I was there that I did not even think to pull out my camera till the last day there! We spent a lot of time at the parks out there, we spent a ton of time with family, we played card games, told LOTS of stories, and spent A TON OF TIME in The "Raaarrrr" Room!!!!
Here are the photo's I got the last day when I finally remembered to pull out my camera to capture a few moments. All the pictures are of Daddy with Brooke, which to me was what was the most important to capture, plus, Im always the photographer :)
Here we are playing at the park behind Bobby and Cindy's house. It is SO COOL, they literally have a gate in their backyard that takes you out to this park! Super convenient! We spent a lot of time working with Brooke on what we called "Slide Therapy". Brooke had a fall down a super tall slide right before Daddy left for Arizona. I don't know what happened half way down the slide but she began tumbling head over feet, and ended on the bottom of the slide skidding on her face. She had a black eye and a scrape on her arm from it as well as slide TRAUMA!!! For a time we could not even get her to walk back up the stairs of any toy at any parks. I would love to say that I think we have gotten her bravery back. Today she was loving the slide! This day in Arizona at the park with Daddy we made the most progress!
And here Brooke is in her favorite room in their house. She called it The "Raaarrr" Room! She was not at all afraid of the array of animals in there, we actually had to keep a close eye on her to make sure she did not try to mount and ride them :) Kip's Uncle Bobby is a big hunter, you can tell he is pretty good and take pride in it :) Here are some funny pictures in the room! O' and every morning when Brooke would wake up, the second we would walk in sight of the room she would yell "Raaarrrr" it was SO funny!
So there it is, we love our Daddy, we miss our Daddy, and we are SO grateful we got to go visit him! I am glad we had the finances to do it, were able to make it too and from safely, as well as the amazing chance we got to get to know family better!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Kipper

Yesterday we had an Ultrasound. I just recently switched insurances and we now have Kaiser for the remaining process of this pregnancy. They wanted to do an Ultrasound to make sure my due date was correct and just get a look themselves since I was a transfer. They sent me to the Radiology area to get it done and just ended up doing the entire 20 week Ultrasound since I was 17 weeks and they could already measure everything they needed to.
We were happy to hear that Kipper is still a little boy!
I also had a wellness visit today for the pregnancy and already got the results of the Ultrasound. Everything seems to be checking in perfectly. He seems to be growing properly, everything seems to be on track, he looks SO CUTE to me and I already think I can see his Daddy in him. We shall see when he comes out :) We are so happy to hear that so far everything is healthy and going great! We hope that it remains through the rest of the pregnancy. I worry so much about him for some reason!
My Dr. today told me that I should be able to go into this Labor in hopes for a Vaginal Delivery but need to keep my mind open to the idea of a C~Section. I guess Kaiser hardly ever does the Vacuum Delivery so if he is not coming out easily they will send me off for the C~Section. I am hoping he does not get stuck like Brooke did, but I of course want whatever is the most healthy for him so we shall see what ends up happening? It's a while off anyway, I am just already having a little bit of anxiety about the Labor after Brooke's crazy one!
Well, we are thrilled that all is on track! Here is a photo of the little guy! Love him!
I still can't believe we are having a BOY!!!! We are SO excited!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy's Camera

I have come down to San Diego for the weekend to kill time and have a little help with Brooke since Kip has been and will be gone for the entire month. It has been fun being down here, as it always is! I am SO grateful that both Kip and I's families live so close to us! I am so grateful for the special times Brooke gets to have with her Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins! We feel so blessed to be so close to them all and will definitely miss it when we move away.
While down here this weekend I got ahold of my Mom's camera and was just flipping through the pictures. I found a bunch that I either forgot were ever taken or did not even know they were taken in the first place. I thought I would blog them while I am down here so that I have them in my hands now and get to share them with you all!
SO here goes, random pictures from Grammy's Camera!
These were taken one Sunday while we were down here. This is one of my favorite Sunday outfits that Brooke has. The dress was bought by Papa Wyrick and I made the bow to match.
I hardly have ANY pictures of Brooke and I together. I think I dont look so much like me here but it is still a decent picture of the 2 of us so I will take it :)
Here is a proud Pa Carlson teaching Brooke all about a Cross Bow! CUTE!
I like this picture of Kipper and I, it was taken on Christmas Eve. I didn't even remember we even took this picture.
Brooke is ALL ABOUT stacking things these days and I must say she is pretty dang good at it. She can make a pretty tall tower with all sorts of shapes and sizes!
Brooke and Makenna are quite the little buddies together these days! Brooke ADORES Makenna and calls her "Ka". Makenna can make Brooke laugh just about any time, even in the middle of a tantrum. They are going to be good buddies and I can already tell they are going to get into some trouble together. Sis and I are going to be on our toes when we are all together :)
So the other night Amanda and I were dressing our kiddo's after Grammy gave them all their baths and as we had Brooke and Conner laying next to one another we could not help but notice that they were pretty much the SAME SIZE!!! Conner was born the day before Brooke's 1st Birthday making Brooke 18 months in this picture and Conner 6 months. Yes I grow them small and Amanda grows them BIG!!!! Can you believe this?
This is a better idea of their size with their legs straight. Brooke IS longer but I think Conner's head is bigger and is a little higher than Brooke's in this photo. Still can't believe that kid is a GIANT!
I am so glad I got my hands on these shots! I need to keep checking her camera when I come down to make sure there are not more pictures that I could be missing out on!
Hope you all are having a WONDERFUL Valentines Day!!!!! I am away from my love today, but will have a nice date night with him this coming up weekend when Brooke and I go up to visit Daddy! CANT WAIT!!!!
Love sent to you all!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Today I looked at my baby and did not see a little baby anymore! She looked like a little girl, so I had to capture this moment on camera! It is so amazing how fast time fly's by!
Maybe it was the jeans? I never put her in jeans, mostly because I have a hard time finding ones that fit. These ones were PERFECT!!!
Well here is our BIG girl! I guess that is a good thing since she is going to be a BIG sister in a few months right?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Recent Happenings

I know I have been super lame at keeping up on my blog. Sorry :( I am trying to get back into the swing of things and get things back in order. My problem is that I have not been taking photos lately. I know what in the world is wrong with me? Normally I am totally picture happy and lately I have hardly been picking up my camera. I am getting back on top of things here. So these are a few of our most recent happening!
This is Baby Kipper and I's Shadow at 15 weeks!
Here we are at one of Brooke's FAVORITE places in the world right now TARGET!!! She call's it "The Ball Place" and requests to go there daily. Ok Im not going to lie, I love Target too!!!! We just walk around there sometimes when we are board and most of the time we run into our friends there :)
We also just LOVE going to the park! Brooke would be outside all day every day if she could!
Ever since Brooke started Gymnastics she can not see a curb without wanting to balance and walk on it! I think it is SO CUTE that she loves Gymnastics type stuff the way I did as a child! It makes me proud!
One of the things I can almost always get Brooke to eat is Peanut Butter, especially when I stick a few Mini M&M's in it to tempt her! The thing I hate is that for some reason when she eats Peanut Butter she thinks it belongs in her hair. SO HARD to wash out!
Brooke LOVES her Daddy SO MUCH!!! She adores him!!! He adores her! Here are a few photo's of them together! Seeing them together ALWAYS melts my heart! I am SO happy that Brooke has a Daddy like Kip! We are both SUCH lucky girls!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

IT'S A..............

His name will be:
Kip Garr Robinson III
We are THRILLED!!!! 

Kip and I both felt that this little baby was a BOY, we are stoked that we were actually right! We have felt SO in tune with this pregnancy. I prayed for months before we started trying to know if this was the right time to bring a new spirit into our lives, at that point I felt that the next spirit would be a little Boy.
This pregnancy has also been so very different than the pregnancy I had with Brooke which is what sealed the deal on us thinking he was a HE. 
~ I have felt nauseous since the day after we got pregnant, I was hardly nauseous at all with Brooke
~ My hormones have been much more effected this time around 
~ My skin is not clear the way it was with Brooke 
~ I crave totally different foods (almost the opposite of what I craved with Brooke)
~ I am showing very quickly (Im sure because it is my second?)
~ My chest seems to be preparing much more for a Boy than it did for a Girl (if you are picking up what I am putting down)

We are thrilled that we now have 1 of each!!!
Kip is so excited to think about Father/Son campouts, shooting bb guns, building tree houses, riding dirtbikes, you know, all those little Boy type things a Daddy looks forward to doing with his Son!
I am thrilled to have a little Boy as well! I hear that Boys are super attached to their Mommy's which our Girl is attached to her Daddy so I am thrilled to get mine! I also hear that it is fun for a Mommy to have like a little Boyfriend that just adores her and loves her to pieces! I can't wait to see what Mothering a Son is vs Mothering a Daughter! 
We LOVE being a Mommy and Daddy to our little Brooke so I am SURE we are going to love being a Mommy and Daddy to our little Kipper!