Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!
I hope you all had a Happy Turkey Day, Kip and I had a blast with Kip's family! We hosted Thanksgiving at our house but Kip's mom provided pretty much all the food. I know, I really know how to host a party don't I? I got to cook my very first Turkey (that was my one responsibility) and it actually turned out pretty good and moist. I was SO proud of myself, Kip and I officially feel like adults now, making turkeys and having Holidays at our place. We missed Kip's Brother Rick and hope he had a fun time with Aunt's, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents up in Utah for the Holidays.
One of these days we are going to host a Thanksgiving here with my whole fam and Kip's whole fam, it would be a blast, especially if the mom's bring all the food again, hehehe... just kidding!
Well dinner was AMAZING, I almost had a mishap with the turkey but thank goodness I saved it in time, I did the turkey in the bag but forgot to poke hols in the top of it...oops! About 2 hours into the cooking process I look in the oven and the bag looks like it is going to blow up? Thank goodness my mother in law called me just then and asked how the turkey was going, I told her it is good but that the bag looks like it might explode, that is when she reminded me about the holes I was supposed to poke, oops! I am glad we did not have a disaster!
At dinner we played a cool game where we went around the table and did different things like list 5 people we are thankful for, list why we are thankful for the people at the table, sing a song (well we kinda skipped that one) it was fun!
Well I hope you all had a great time thinking of all of the things you are thankful for and spending time with family! Happy Thanksgiving 1 day late!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hailee Sue the BIG #1!!!

Happy, Happy, Birthday Hailee Sue!!!

Today is Hailee's 1'st Birthday and her Auntie and Uncle want to wish her a Happy, Happy Day!!!
Hailee is the cutest little niece, she is always so happy and full of energy, getting into everything she can! She has so much personality and is so loving! We are so happy to be her Auntie Rah Rah and Uncle Due! We are so lucky to have this little girl in our lives and if she is any sign of what are little ones are going to be like we just can't wait!!
Here are some pictures from her Princess Party! What a fun night, and her parents set quite the standard for her birthday parties to come!
Hailee with her Party Princesses!!!

Hailee and all of her Royal Pal's!
Mommy, Daddy, Hailee and Cake!!!

Opening Presents!
Thanking all her Royal Pals for their Gifts, I think this is such a cute Mommy and Hailee shot!!!

Happy Birthday Little ONE!!!

Daddy vs Doberman

So it almost seems to be our nightly routine now, when Daddy gets home it's time to play! I know it is silly that our dog knows us as Mommy and Daddy, but he does! Daddy walks in gives me a kiss and a hug, and then it is Echo's turn. Echo just can't help himself, as soon as he see's Daddy all he wants to do is wrestle, it is SO CUTE!!! So almost every night Echo and Daddy have a wrestling match! Daddy always wins, he has to be the Alpha Male right??? I love to sit and watch and just crack up at the moves they pull on one another, it is so funny! I never choose to get in the middle of it or join in. I like Echo knowing that Daddy is his wrestling buddy and to leave Mommy out if it!
This particular evening I decided to capture the match on digital film. Here goes!!!
Round 1:
They are both FULL of energy and going strong!!!

Round 2:
Daddy starts taking charge, Echo is getting a little nervous!

Round 3:
Echo is ready for his come back, not quite ready to throw in the towel!

Round 4:
Daddy takes the lead again, looks like it is over for Echo!!!

Count it 1-2-3 PINNED!!!
Echo throws in the towel and knows that he has been beat once again, Daddy is the Alpha Male!!

My Exhausted Boys!!!

They Shake on it, GOOD MATCH!!!

And are Buddies Once Again!!!

I love my little family so far, with the little Bean on the way, life could not be more wonderful!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

O' Baby, O' Baby!!!

Well I know that it is really early to do this and I told myself that I would not announce this till I was further along but I just can't hold it in any longer!!! WE ARE PREGNANT!!!! I am 7 weeks pregnant and am SO, SO, SO, EXCITED about it!!! Kip and I started trying in September and got pregnant in October, we feel very blessed! Our due date is July 12th, and to me it is the perfect time of year to be bringing a new little life into our home! Kip and I have our first Ultrasound on Dec 11'th (that is when I was waiting to announce it) and we are praying that everything is going well and that our little baby bean is healthy and strong! Please pray for us and our little bean that all goes well! I will keep you all posted on the progress!
P.S. I am so excited that I now get to have one of those little baby counter things on my blog finally!!!! HOW COOL!!!
Vote on what you think we are having even though it is so early that the parts are not even there yet! Either way it is what it is even if it is not showing yet!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shootin the Crap with Lyndzee...

Lyndzee and I had a little adventure the other day, she took me out to show me this fun place to shoot and boy was it a blast! There is a big group of trees that people have set up all sorts of stuff to have paintball wars and boy was it creepy! While walking through the trees I felt like I was in some sort of scary movie. But here are some of the fun shots I got from the place! Enjoy, because I had fun shooting. None of these are edited at all, just the way they came!
Melissa these bottom pictures are for you! ;)