Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Day!!!

So our little niece Makenna was so, so, so excited about the arrival of her Auntie Rara and Uncle Bickey's little Baby Brooke! The entire time I was pregnant she looked forward to lifting up my shirt and talking to and cuddling with her little baby Brooke that was in my belly. We would sit and watch movies together at her house and she would insist that my belly not be covered so she could cuddle with her cousin. It was so cute and so fun to see her understanding that there was actually a baby in my belly and that her name was Brooke.
So the day that my sister told Makenna that little Brooke was born she was SO EXCITED!!! She even made the connection that it was her Happy Day (Birthday in Makenna's language)! That morning her daddy had gotten doughnuts for breakfast and she saw the pink box and asked her mommy if that was Baby Brooke's Happy Cake? She insisted that when they came up to see us (only 4 days after Brooke's birth) that we would have a Happy Day party complete with cake, party hats, and party whistles. Makenna insisted on those details!
So my mom made a Happy Cake, my sister got party hats and whistles, and we had a Happy Day party for little baby Brooke! It was so much fun that we all decided that it is now going to be a new family tradition for any time a new baby is brought home from the hospital! Here are some fun pictures from Brooke's first Happy Day party! Thanks Makenna for starting such a wonderful and fun tradition!

Makenna loving her Baby Brooke! She was so, so, so good with her!

Cousins loving one another!

Grammy with her grandbabies!

Makenna always looks forward to playing with Echo!

Kenna adores her Uncle Bickey and he adores her just the same!

Flying like an airplane!

Daddy and his little girl!

We had a great day with family and love it when we get a chance to spend good quality time with our loved ones. We are so blessed to have such wonderful families that give us and our little girl so much love and support!

Brooke Lyn Robinson

So as you out there in Blogger world know, little baby Brooke has been with our family for 10 days now! I am SO SORRY it has taken me SO long to get on here and post some pictures and the birth story. I have had a hard time being motivated to put my little girl down, and to have the desire to sit on our HARD wooden office chair for as long as it will take to tell the birth story of this little lady! But I told myself TODAY IS THE DAY! So as Brooke sleeps next to me in her swing cooing and making cute little baby noises and faces I will send her story out to the world!
First for some pictures!!! I did a very mini shoot 4 days after her birth but need to get back out my stuff and go CRAZY!!! Here are some shots from the mini shoot!
Meet Brooke Lyn Robinson, our perfect little princess!!
Ok now for her forever long birth story and a million pictures to follow!
Monday, July 13th I go into the hospital with contractions that are 3-5 minutes apart and am observed for a few hours and sent home because my contractions are not making me dilate any more than the 1.5cm I was at my last appointment. From Monday on I have consistent contractions but nothing painful and useful.
Thursday, July 16th I was scheduled to be induced which was 4 days after my due date. I was super excited and was told to call down to the hospital at 1pm to make sure I could come in at my scheduled 2pm appointment. Well, I call down there and they tell me that they are full and overflowing and that I needed to call back at 3:30pm to see where they were at at that point. I was super depressed so Kipper cheered me up and made me laugh and we decided to watch a movie to kill time. At 3:30 I get up from the couch to make the call down to the hospital and I feel this gush of something run down my leg. Not a HUGE gush but enough to where I wondered if I somehow just peed my pants. I went to the restroom and realized at that point that my water must be leaking. So I call the hospital and tell them that I was scheduled for and induction but that I think my water just broke. They tell me to come on in!
We get there at around 5pm and stand in the hall about 30 minutes as my contractions start to pick up more regularly. When I go in the nurses do a PH test to check if my water has broken, one says it has and another test says it has not but they decide that I have broken my water and that they would admit me! I was SO EXCITED!!! The external monitor on my belly was showing that I was having big contractions every 2-3 minutes so they decided to give me 4 hours of contracting before checking me to see if I even need to be put on Pitocin since my body was looking like it was doing the work well on it's own. 4 hours go by and I am checked and....... still at a 1.5 which I had been at for a little over a week now. So they decide to start me on Pitocin and the party begins! The nurse that was on that evening was not super aggressive with the Pitocin and they did not want to check me too regularly due to a chance of infection so the process seemed to be long from the start. My contractions were looking super strong and regular but at my next time of being checked I was only at a 2 after HOURS of Pitocin! At this point it is now Friday and I am beginning to come close to the 24 hour mark from when my water broke. No food, no sleep, and now at 24 hours of hospital labor. I decide that I am going to have to have a C Section and mentally prepare for it. Then the nurse staff changes and I get these super cool aggressive nurses that tell me that if I want to try for a vaginal birth than they will do all they can to make that happen. I was SO STOKED!!! My heart rate was good, Brooke's was good, and I had been on antibiotics for hours which would make my chance of infection very small. They decided to continue to monitor both of us very closely and to become aggressive with the Pitocin, and to change my contraction monitor to an internal monitor to get a more accurate reading of how effective my contractions were being. They said that since I had little fat between my skin and the uterus that the external monitor was sensing EVERYTHING more than it really was. The internal monitor showed us that my contractions were regular but very small. So the Pitocin gets upped every 30min and I start seeing a little progress with the contractions but not much, and begin to feel back labor (not fun). Then suddenly the monitor starts showing that my contractions are fading again. I am not really feeling much pain so I decide to take a short nap. Well I wake up from my painless nap and go from 5% pain to 100% in a split second!!!! OUCH!!!!!! I wanted to try to go without an epidural but O MY GOSH!!!!! So I try to breath through them but they feel like there is NO rest between them, there was no point where my muscles relaxed for even a second to recover before the next contraction. I was not a happy camper. At this point it has been coming up on 30 hours of me not having food or sleep and my toleration was slim at that point. I had them come in to check me and I was dilated to a 4! NO WAY could I make it to a 10 with this kind of pain so I asked my mother in law to go tell them I wanted an Epidural. They order it and it's been like 10 min and no word from anybody, I feel like I am going to die any second. So I send my mother in law back out to find out what is going on as I begin to loose it. The nurse comes in and tells me that it is going to be about 30min till the doctor can come in to give me my epidural because he is in on a C-Section right now. SERIOUSLY????? To me a half an hour seemed like a lifetime away and I was 100% convinced I would be dead by then. My husband did as I told him to try to talk me out of getting one but I did not care one bit! I wanted the pain GONE!! So then the nurse comes in and asks me if I want a pain reliever while I wait for the doctor. Instantly I say YES!!!! As soon as that medication hit my veins I was SO HAPPY!!! I was on cloud 9 and wanted to steal more of those drugs to bring home. I was so, so sleepy and I am sure pretty dang funny at that point! I could still feel the pain but really did not care, strange! Interestingly the internal monitor at this point was not showing that I was having any contractions when in reality I was having HORRIBLE ones! So as the Epidural gets given they also decide to give me a new internal monitor since the other was not reading anything. Aaaaaaa.... the Epidural was wonderful and at that point I could not feel much at all. The internal monitor shows me having contractions for a while but as time goes by and every 30min my Pitocin gets turned up the contractions look smaller and smaller. At one point I had gotten the full limit of Pitocin that the hospital gives but I guess a doctor can approve you for a little bit more. My doctor approves me for the highest dose a human can get so every 30 min we work towards that full dose. And as time goes my contractions look to be getting smaller and smaller and smaller on the screen. I am now convinced that I am immune to Pitocin and that again I will be getting a C-Section after all of this mess! When I reach the full dosage they come in to check me. The contraction monitor screen looks like a smooth country road at this point. I expect them to tell me that I am dilated to a 5 or something stupid like that and that they will need to give me a C-Section. She looks up at me and says you are to a 9 and 100% effaced. YEAH!!!!!! I was so happy that I celebrated by throwing up for the first of many times to come. So an hour later they come in and I am at a 10. Then they for some lame reason go away for what they tell me will be 30 minutes and I start getting the urge to push big time. 45 minutes later they come in to check on me and I tell them that I NEED TO PUSH!!! ( ok so I had been to see my sister have both of her babies and she pushed like 3 times to get them out and so did my mom with us kids so I was expecting to see my kid in minutes ) Well after the first set of pushes the nurse tells me it will be about an hour of pushing. I am now at 31 hours of being in labor at the hospital, no food, sleep, and the fuel in my body is on empty! Ok 1 hour I tell myself, I CAN DO THIS!!!! Well come to find out Brooke's head is stuck under my pelvic bone so the nurses are digging their hands in there trying to pull her head down as I push out. Pushing, pushing, pushing, and sweating, sweating, sweating. I had to have Kip put a freezing cold wash cloth on my head in between every push to survive. I threw up during the pushing out of pure exhaustion. At an hour and 45 minutes of pushing I am seriously about to pass out and am starting to worry that I really am going to. My eyes were rolled in the back of my head, I could not even open them, and I was barely conscious. I told them that I could not do it anymore and they offered to use the vacuum on her to get her out, followed by all of the things that can happen by using the vacuum. As much as I wanted her out, my husband was standing right there having just heard all of this stuff and I did not feel that it was my right to make that kind of decision for OUR baby on my own. I decide to keep pushing on my own. My mom says the doctors faces were disappointed when I made that choice. So one more round of pushes and I call for the vacuum before I totally pass out! Before the next round of 4 long pushes the doctor tells me that even though I have the Epidural my hip bones are going to feel like they are going to shatter when I am pushing, she tells me that they really will not shatter but to expect that kind of pain. SHE WAS NOT KIDDING!!!!! Thank goodness I had that Epidural because I think if I had not I really would have passed out from the pain. But as they put her on my chest the deepest love I have ever felt just rushed over me, I felt a pure love that I have never felt before and I looked into my husbands teary eyes and fell more in love with him at that very moment. She was perfect, banged up and bruised but perfect! She was born on Saturday, July 18th at 12:52am her Uncle Rick's Birthday. After that my placenta would not come out! So after 30 min of trying to massage it and pull it out the doctor had to stick her whole hand in there and sweep it out of my body. I at that point had tore in 2 places, up and to the side. The doctor told me that I made the right decision by using the vacuum because if not I would still be pushing and would possibly have to get and emergency C-Section. She also told me that if I had a baby 1oz bigger that they would not fit out of me and that from this point on my other kids should probably be delivered by C-Section for the safety of me and the baby. I am glad that I had hung in there as long as I did and that I got to experience a vaginal delivery because I do not know if I will be able to do it again with my other kids. I wish I was more awake, aware, and alive when I delivered her so that I could have soaked up every moment of it but I was not. I did not see Kip cut the umbilical chord and had to ask him the next day if he even did. I hardly saw her come out because when I looked up to see her coming out my head fell back to the bed I swear a second later. I feel like I missed a lot of the emotion of the moment because I was so far gone. But I am SO, SO, SO grateful for a healthy and strong baby girl that was SO TOUGH through the whole thing and never even showed signs of distress through it all. She was worth every second of the 33 hours of hospital labor and everything I felt and did!
I am doing well now, still a little soar but living on love and happiness right now! Here are some shots from the birth, the hospital and other stuff.
Mommy & Daddy Excited to meet their little girl!

Still Having Fun (early in the process)

Inside Joke with my mommy!!

Getting ready to push, can you tell I am tired?


Our Cone Head!

All banged and bruised up, a rough entry for a tough little girl!


Mommy holding her for the first time cleaned up!

First Family Photo!

Daddy giving the first bath!

Family Shots!

Going Home :) FINALLY!!!!

Our whole family together!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

She's Here!!!

After 33 hours of labor and lots of pushing, Brooke Lyn Robinson has arrived!
Born July 18th at 12:52am
Weight: 8lbs 9oz
Length: 21 inches
Cute as can be!!!!
Both mommy and baby are doing great and are healthy and strong.
Stay tuned for the whole labor/delivery story (it's a good one!) and pictures of Brooke once Mommy gets home.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Road To Brook Lyn.....

I wanted to re cap the 9 month journey my body has taken on this road to Brooke Lyn Robinson being welcomed into this world! Tomorrow at 2 pm we will be checked into the hospital for a scheduled induction due to my lack of patience. I will be 40 weeks 4 days tomorrow and am just so, so, so ready to meet our little girl! I have enjoyed being pregnant and actually still do for the most part, but the anticipation of this HUGE event in our lives is making me super impatient. I am a scheduler, I like my days planned out, I like to know what tomorrow is going to bring and these last 2 weeks of just never knowing what life will be like tomorrow are just killing me. I am ready to do this, to become a mommy of an outside baby, to meet the little personality of our princess, to see her face and look into her eyes. I am just so ready for all of that which makes me want to be done being pregnant! I always want Brooke to know that I LOVED being pregnant with her and want to thank her for being so easy on my body. She has only poked my ribs like 3 times, she has not made me sick, or miserable, and she has been a joy to carry around for 9 months. I have loved every single kick, roll, and poke! I have loved having her so close to me at all times and do feel that I will miss having her inside of me when she is out! But, I know that all of the joys of having her out are going to far outweigh having her in, and for that reason, we are evicting her tomorrow!
Here are the pictures of the journey her and my body have taken through these 9 months:
This is me at about 8 weeks of pregnancy, very soon after we found out we were pregnant with her! I started off about 7 lbs chubbier than I normally am due to an injury to my knee, but what can you do?

I think she has grown quite a bit, especially in this past month o' my goodness!!! The next picture will be of her outside of me! I bet those will be SO MUCH more fun to look at!!!!
My stats are:
Belly is now 44.5 inches around (YIKES!!!)
Gained 32 lbs. ( Which I am happy with )
Can't wait for the next post!!!!!

P.S. I just HAD to include these pictures because they crack me up. We took them a few days ago in the field behind our house with Todd and Emily Moran. I just love our little family!!!
Kip was using my belly as a shelf to steady his gun, it worked well, THANKS BROOKE!!

Redneck Family

Eviction Notice

Date: July 15, 2009

To: Brooke Lyn Robinson:

To the above Tenant now in possession of the below-described premises:
* My uterus
* Mostly in Lake Elsinore, CA

You are hereby notified that your tenancy is hereby terminated as of 2:00 pm, tomorrow, the 16th day of July, 2009.
You are hereby requested to quit, vacate, and deliver possession of said premises to the undersigned on or before 2:00 pm, July 17, 2009.

This notice to vacate is due to your following breach of tenancy:
* Damage to said premises and common areas.
* Assaulting the undersigned by means of physical contact and by causing the reasonable apprehension of fear of imminent physical contact.
* Disturbing the peace of the undersigned and unnecessarily interrupting the quiet enjoyment of said premises and common areas.
* Causing the undersigned nausea, insomnia, heartburn, headaches, leg cramps, odd cravings, grouchiness, and episodes of misery and crying.
* Expanding said premises without the necessary permits.

Should you fail, refuse or neglect to vacate said premises by the aforementioned deadline, I will take such legal action as the law and medicine requires to evict you from said premises. You are to further understand that I shall hold you responsible for all present and future damage to said premises reasonably related to your tenancy and eviction.

In the event that you vacate said premises and it is discovered that you are not Brooke Lyn Robinson, but, rather, are a male, I reserve the right to change your name at my discretion. Further, you will wear baby girl clothing for the first 18 months after vacating said premises, as we have reasonably relied on information given us by medical personnel. To discard the baby girl clothing procured to date would cause the undersigned significant financial hardship.

Sarah Lyn Robinson (d.b.a. Mommy)

( I totally got this off of my friend Diana's Blog because I thought it was so cute and funny, so thanks Diana for your creativity and for letting me steal and modify this even without your knowing I was going to )

Thursday, July 9, 2009

39 weeks 4 days!!!

Ok so I had a doctors appointment today and these are the stats, nothing too impressive so don't get too, too excited!
1.5 cm dilated
50% effaced
-2 station
My doctor swiped my membranes which I asked him to do! (By the way, yes it does hurt but not as bad as people make it sound. My theory is that it's going to be hurting MUCH MORE down there in the near future so why not start getting used to it??)
I scheduled an induction date for July 16th which is a week from today so that is super exciting to have a light at the end of the tunnel! I will be calling them at 1pm and going in at 2pm on the 16th if they are not full. I hope to not make it that long but at least I can just use that date as my count down date and if she decides to come sooner, WONDERFUL!!!! I am having a few contractions right now but not getting to jazzed about it just yet, I am sure they will go away!
O and look at this hill I have hiked because I want to see her face THAT BAD!!! The picture does not even do it justice. I hiked down and back up it with a friend the other night and may do it again tomorrow??? We shall see??

Sunday, July 5, 2009


8 things I:

Look Forward To~
1) Holding my baby girl for the first time!
2) Seeing my sweet husband hold his daughter for the first time!
3) Being thin again some day, hopefully sooner than later!
4) RUNNING!!!!!!!!
5) Not having a bum knee anymore!
6) Having what the ladies are calling FUN with my husband without a HUGE belly! ;)
7) When life stops throwing lemons at us :)
8) Putting grass, tree's and all that fun stuff in our backyard!

Did Yesterday~
1) Went to a ward breakfast with my parents!
2) Watched Lion King with my little Makenna cuddling with me!
3) Took a nap!
4) Ate really, really good food!
5) Swam in the pool with my family!
6) Watched fireworks next to a bunch of people I love so much!
7) Fell more in love with my husband!
8) Wished I went into labor so my girl could have a free fireworks show every year on her birthday :(

Wish I Could Do~
1) Backpack through Europe!
2) Give my husband his dream job!
3) Be a stay at home mom!
4) Go on a cruise with my entire family, both sides at the same time!
5) Buy the camera of my dreams!
6) Have the $$$$ to actually decorate my house and finish painting the walls!
7) RIGHT NOW RUN!!!!!! Or even just work out hard!
8) Have this baby TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Shows I watch~
1) So You Think You Can Dance
2) The Bachelorette
3) America's Next Top Model
4) Grey's Anatomy
6) Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory
7) Nitro Circus
8) Extreme Makeover Home Edition

People to Tag~
Who Ever Would Like To Do This!!!!!