Friday, January 30, 2009


So this is what you get when you go and listen to a sales pitch on a Time Share that you know you are not going to buy.....
A 4 night Carnival Cruise to Catalina and Ensenada! Not Bad!!!!
Kip and I thought this would be the perfect Last Shabang before the baby comes and it was! Super relaxing, super fun, and a ton of time to spend with just one another! We are totally fan's of Cruzin as your form of vacation that is for sure! We really did not do a ton other than Eat, Sleep, Eat, Nap, Eat and Play! So here are some of the pictures we took, Kip talked me into not bringing my nice camera so we did not have to lug it around or take the chance of breaking it so pardon the decent but not great pictures.
First off, this is just so funny and totally random to me, guess what convention was going on on our ship??? A Santa Clause convention, there were 31 Santa's there of all walks of life. We ended up giving them nicknames like Slicked Back Santa (his hair), Tattoo Santa, Classic Santa, Cowboy Santa, Trashy Santa.... and so on! It was super fun and they dressed in Red and White and Green the entire cruise, it was so cute! They even had little business cards and candy canes for those that sat down and talked to them. I decided that Kip has got the Santa Gene in him with the blond hair and eyebrows, he is just going to be my Buff Santa Clause when he is an old man! Super fun! Here are some shots we got, we did not want to bug them too much!

This is my favorite Santa in his Pool Attire!

P.S. Those are Henna Tattoos that he got on the ship, no worries!

So our first stop was Catalina Island, we almost did not get to get off the ship because the sea was pretty dang choppy but we were lucky. We had to take little boats from the ship to the shore and that was pretty rough but fun! When we got on the island we knew we did not want to spend a penny so we walked everywhere. We probably walked AT LEAST 5 miles that day, AT LEAST!!! It was so fun! We even jogged a little. We pretty much covered all the tourist stuff on foot. Here are some of the shots we got there!

This place is called the Wrigly Memorial, it is pretty cool to see, not much to do other than climb all over it, so that is what we did! Kip more than I of course!

The next stop was Ensenada, Mexico, I had been there once and was not too impressed, it reminded me of a Tijuana by the Sea! With all the issues going on in Mexico we decided it would be best to just stay on the ship and play while all the others were out in the nasty city. So we did!
We played a little Mini Golf!
Kip hit up the water slide YEAH IN JANUARY!!! He said it was not that cold??!! I'm a cold wimp!
Kip had the biggest splash every time he went down the slide. The kids were even asking him to coach them on how to get down so fast and how to make such a big entrance! It was so fun to watch and sounds like it was so fun to do as well!
This was SUPPOSED to be a Hairy Chest Contest??? Hairy WHAT??? The things you see on a cruise!
Kip found a new LOVE for Robes!!! He wore this every time we came back to the room for a nap, it was so cute and so funny, I got him to pose for me so I could capture this!
Chillin!! Looking Pregnant here too!
The Formal Dining Night!
This is us with our super cool table group, we had so much fun with them and even hung out at the shows and stuff afterward. One of the couples was just a few doors down from our room so we would constantly harass them by knocking on their door or putting treys of food in front of it for when they walked out. They laughed and knew it was us!

All in all a great trip and perfect Last Shebang! We are still feeling like we are rocking on a boat and at times feel more sea sick on the land than we felt on the sea. I suppose we are Shore Sick??? Anyway it was super fun and we feel totally lucky to have been able to do this!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

15.5 week check up!

I went in for my 15 week check up and things are still looking great! The doctor says I am doing well, he listened for the heartbeat and found it right away ( it is so amazing to hear the heartbeat of a little person inside of you, it is so crazy! ), the heart rate was at 160 beats per minute which is healthy! I also went in for my blood work for the alpha fetal protein test that we chose to do. We are hoping to hear healthy results a week from now, keep your fingers crossed for us! And SO EXCITING.... we got to set the date for our ultrasound appointment when we find out what we are having!!! I was expecting it to be the middle to the end of February but it is going to be on Friday Feb 6!!!! SO SOON!!!! I will be one day away from 18 weeks then! We can't wait to find out if we are having a little Kip III or Brooke!!! YEAH!!!! So keep your eyes open around then. I am sure I will post it that night!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back in November...

Kip and Clint decided to take advantage of the wonderful cool weather and the perfect riding conditions. They loved the traction they got from the moist dirt and you can tell by the pictures that they had a ton of fun on their ride. I am so glad that Kip has great friends that love to do the things he loves to do so he can go out and just be a big kid sometimes! Glad you boys had fun!

We also got some family pictures taken for our Christmas cards. We had my sister and her family meet us out there and my dad Danny as well to get some family pictures with them too! We have not had a family picture with my dad in years! It was nice to get together. That night we all hung out together as a family after the photo's and watched Petes Dragon, went to El Torito for dinner and just enjoyed one anothers company. Here are some of our favorites!
Thanks Lyndzee and Roger for the great shots!
So yeah, that was November! We found out we were prego too that month and did lots of Christmas shinanagens, that's all I can remember about November!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Trip to VEGAS!

This past weekend Kip and I had the awesome chance to go stay at a Resort in Las Vegas called Tahiti Village! The place is on the Las Vegas strip but it is pretty far South of the main drag. We loved the fact that we did not need to go down the main drag of the strip even once, so we never did! We spent 4 days pretty much relaxing and enjoying one another. It was much needed for the both of us, we have been so busy with the Holidays and with work stuff that we have had hardly any time together so this was seriously perfect timing!
We got there Friday night and checked into this amazing place, check it out! They are actually Time Shares it's not a hotel so there was no casino and NOT smoking all over the place which for being in Vegas was quite AMAZING!!!
This is the Living Room part of our room!
A view of the place from our bedroom window!
The Pool! Heated to 83%!
And The Lazy River! Also Heated to 83%!Then after settling in we headed to the beloved CAFE RIO for dinner, which we did for all 4 days we were there! Obsess much??? YES!!! Both my husband and I are true fans!
Saturday we pretty much relaxed all day long, we hit the gym at one point together, also hit the lazy river which was super duper fun, slept, watched TV, and had Cafe Rio for dinner, LOVELY DAY!!!
Sunday we ate breakfast, went on an AMAZING hike to Red Rock Canyon and I LOVED IT!!!! Kip had been there before with his family but it was my first time and I fell in love, I want to for sure hike it again. It was pretty much climbing all over these huge rocks and boulders all over the place up and down canyons, it was AMAZING and totally beautiful! Here are pictures! I do not quite know why I look dead in all these pictures, maybe I did not have makeup on that day or something??? Anyway it was SO MUCH FUN!!! The pictures do not do it justice at all!
Just getting started and already love it!
Going to go all the way to the top of that!!!
Hanging out in a little cave!
Part way there, look how far we have already went!
Kipper being his sexy self!
O' you know, just making my way up the mountain and LOVING IT!!!
Made it to the top and this is the way back down! Looking forward to more fun!
Doing a little climbing!
Me too!
Being his hot self again! I AM SO LUCKY!!!
Um ME!!
Our shadows conquering the mountain!
I love this man!
When you see this stack of rocks what do you think?
Sarah Meditation!
Kip... well you get it!
A fun and cool spot!

After the hike we went straight to Cafe Rio since we worked up a pretty good appetite, went home and showered, watched a movie, ate ice cream, and relaxed!
Monday we slept in and went to Cafe Rio before we got on the road to head home. It was a wonderful trip and we can't wait to do something like this again! It seems Vegas is becoming our place to just get away for a few days and the funny part is we do not even do the "Vegas" stuff and we love it!!!