Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Count Down BEGINS.....

I feel like once I hit 30 weeks it is seriously just downhill from here!
I AM freaking out a bit with all that I want to get done before the little guy gets here but I do know that if he were to come tomorrow (which he better not) it would all work out. I am a planner, kind of a control freak, I like things in order and I feel like I can't really do that TOO MUCH with the "situation" our life is in right now. I am going to do what I can to get there but we will see? We have some baby showers coming up so I am sure that is going to help out BIG TIME :) Looking forward to that fun!
As for the pregnancy, everything is going well! I feel super blessed to have easy pregnancies and I just try, in the moments where I am uncomfortable and feeling huge and miserable, to stay focused on the blessing I have with being able to be pregnant. I never ever want to take that gift for granted and never want to be a complaining pregnant woman! I do get heartburn pretty bad but have figured out that Zantac really works WONDERS, it in combo with Tums are life savers! I LOVE belly bands, stretchy pants, fitted shirts, flip flops, and sports bra's! They make my life MUCH more comfortable! I don't feel too fashionable this pregnancy and don't really care too much, more concerned about comfort for sure!
This little boy feels BIG to me! He feels boyish to me with his movements. He feels stronger than I remember Brooke being at this point. She never really made me uncomfortable when she poked or kicked around in me but HE DOES! Half the time I wonder what in the world he is doing in there? Then I remember seeing how stinking cramped he was in the ultrasound so I can't blame him for kicking so dang hard! He is active, strong, and just feels like such a different little person than Brooke was. I can't wait to meet him, see him, hold him, and get to know his personality. I am getting very curious to see what raising a little boy is like?  I hear it is TOTALLY different than raising a girl? I hope can do a good job? I hope I can love him equally to Brooke, I can't imagine HOW that is possible but everybody says it is so that is good? I'm very happy to be having a boy too because I don't feel ready to share that "our little girl" spot with another girl quite yet. I am getting very curious to see how big he ends up being? Also if he is early, on time, or late? I just pray NOT 8 days early, that would be Brooke's 2'nd Birthday!
I constantly get comments on how big I am! It does not make me sad or hurt my feelings at all, there is nothing I can really do about it so why get all bummed out? I have only gained 20 lbs. well at my 29 week appointment that is where I was at and I am happy with that. I stay active, don't eat too bad, and I understand that I have a very short torso so the baby of course is going to go straight out. I just laugh at the comments I get! My sister was in amazement this past weekend while hanging out with me to hear and see all the comments I get as well. "Twins?" I have heard that a few times. "Where are you going to put 6 more pounds of baby?" I wonder the same people. "When are you due? Yesterday?" Yep that is a fun one, especially when I get to see their face when I tell them I have 10 more weeks. I even had a lady ask me "Why do you have so much longer to go when you are already so big?" Ummm??? Because that is when I am due?! Duh! So that has been fun! People crack me up with what they feel they can say to a total stranger. Good thing I really don't care!
Well let's see where this next month takes us? Looking forward to it! It's going to FLY! It is going to be BUSY! Happy 30 weeks to me!

What I Love About California!

Thursday = Beach
I was down in San Diego visiting my family, Amanda and I decided to take the kiddo's to the beach that our Mommy took us as kid's La Jolla Shores! The day was perfect, sunny, warm, and beautiful! Amanda's kids had a total blast. Brooke, not so much! She hated the sand on her toes, hated the coldness of the water, she would not let m set her down! The only thing I think she did enjoy was when she was in the swings (away from the sand), and playing on the grass with her cousins. Either way we had fun. Amanda's kids enjoyed every bit of the beach! Hopefully Brooke will grow in her love for the beach?
These 2, Oh MY GOODNESS, they are so dang cute together but they are going to keep their Mommies on our toes, sometimes they have WAY too much fun together!
Can you tell how thrilled Brooke is to be here?
Kenna and Kellen were having a blast together in the water! I was trying to get Brooke to watch them and be tempted by the fun they were having but nope, she was not interested AT ALL!
BOYS! I can't wait to have mine! Amanda and I turned around from taking photo's and there was Kellen with it whipped out watering the seaweed! Ha it was great! So glad Amanda thought to take this picture!
Us and our blond haired, blue eyed babies!
Brooke is a GOON!

Saturday = Mountains
So Kipper's family made a super awesome last minute decision to rent a cabin up in Jullian, CA for General Conference weekend! They called me while I was down in Diego visiting with my family and invited our little family up for the fun weekend! We could not pass up the opportunity for fun and more family time! We are so glad they got this cabin. It ended up being a blast for us grown up's as well as the kid's. The place was huge, it was super cool, had a RAD yard, and was in Jullian which I LOVE that place! There was a kid's room that was so neat. It had a tree on the wall made out of chalkboard material and the kids LOVED coloring all over it! The cousins played together great, us adults enjoyed the time together as well. Tho Brooke did have a HORRIBLE NIGHT!!!! She didn't hardly sleep at all. I was up pretty much all night and Kipper traded with me really early in the wee morning hours. We were miserably tired the next day. Still don't know why she had her worst night of sleep she has ever had since she was born there?
We got some super dang fun photo's from the trip. Here goes!
Jake is SO CUTE and such a sweet boy!
Ring Around The Rosie!
I LOVE this picture of Brooke and Grandma Robinson!
Cute cousins!
The cool color tree!
Tag around pregnant me with bed head!
Breakfast! Isn't that a fabulous shot of Kip and I?
Yep that is our itty bitty little girl going down the Zipline, or as Brooke called it the Zippie, all by herself! She is SO BRAVE! We are so proud!
Brooke LOVED the Zippie, I think it freaked out Grandma a bit :)
Hailee LOVED the Zippy too! Echo looks like he is going to eat Hailee but he is just playing.
CUTE shot of Brooke, Echo, and Grandpa!
So one of the reasons I love California is the fact that both set's of our family live here so we can see all of the Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins all at once or within a few days! LOVE our families! We are blessed!
Another reason I love California is the fact that on Thursday we can be playing at the Beach and Saturday we could be up in the Mountains! Love it!
Another weekend of GREAT memories made!

The Easter Bunny DID Come!

I know, I am WAY behind on my blogging. I am now dedicating my evenings to catching up on my blog posts till I am back on track. I am sure hardly anybody even reads this blog anymore but it is important for me to get these posts up here anyway for my journal purposes, being that I am turning my blog into yearly books for our family.
So here you go, about a month ago we celebrated EASTER!!!
We actually had quite a fun time celebrating this Easter season! Brooke really is beginning to enjoy the holidays the older she gets. It is getting SO much more fun for Mommy and Daddy as well getting to live it through her fresh little eyes!
We started off the Easter Festivities with our Ward Easter Egg Hunt! The primary did a WONDERFUL job putting this together, it was a hit and there were A TON of kids there! Brooke seemed to have a good time!
This year Grammy Carlson wanted to start a new tradition of a Grammy Easter Extravaganza for all of the grandkids! She did a fantastic job of finding activities that seemed to entertain quite the range of ages of the grandkids. All of the grandkids had a total and complete blast as well as a total and complete SUGAR RUSH! We left with some super dang cute crafts, some yummy treats, and some wonderful memories! Here are some of the MANY pictures we took at the party.
We started with Craft Time!
The kids played games!
They got to play Wash The Jelly Beans (squirt the balloons)!
Had Create Your Treat time! Us Mommies really enjoyed this one as well!
There was a Pinata!
And an Easter Egg Hunt!
By the end of the party the kids were BEAT! Brooke especially! But they had a blast, so did we Mommy's! I think we ALL took some great naps afterward!
The next morning Brooke got to go on the search for her Easter basket that the Easter Bunny left for her the evening before. She totally didn't get it, but she did enjoy the treats once she found it!
All and all we had a FANTASTIC Easter with family! We loved every bit of it! We even got to go down to Mission Bay and visit with Kipper's family who was staying in a Beach House down there. It was so great to get to see ALL our family in the same weekend! Also our little nephew Jake turned 1 the day before Easter! What a busy and fun filled weekend!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


2 more shots I discovered after looking through all the photo's of our little boy again.
I think he might have the same dimples as Brooke???
And these look a lot like his Daddy's calves which Brooke also luckily got!
Can't wait to see if these give me a correct idea of his look and his little traits he is picking up! O goodness I can't wait to hold him!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Gift!

I know I still have a few posts to do that happened prior to this, like Easter, but I'm just WAY to excited to not post these first!
ALL I wanted for Mothers Day was to get a sneak peek at our little boy! I ended up getting my 20 week ultrasound at 17 weeks and it just feels like waiting till my due date to see him is just WAY too far away. So today we went and got me my PERFECT Mothers Day gift!
Here is our little Kipper at 28 weeks!
The fuzz in front of his face is his umbilical cord, I still think it's a cute shot of him!
This is how he was most of the time! No wonder he kicks me so hard, this looks so uncomfortable!
Look at this little guy grabbing his foot! Precious!
Here are the stats they came up after the measurements they did. I have been thinking he has been feeling big so it makes me feel more in touch with this little guy having him actually measure big. I am 28 weeks 1 day along and due 7/26. I still don't think he is coming early tho, not going to go there mentally like I did last time :) He just better not come on 7/18, that's all I ask :)

Well we love this little guy to pieces and this makes us even more excited to hold him! It was so wonderful to get to hear his strong heartbeat, count his fingers and toes, see his cute little face, all of those things that make a parent breath better! I am thrilled to know that we have a healthy baby growing in this belly of mine. I feel so very blessed! I am so grateful for Mothers Day and the chance I have to be a Mother (I will most likely expand on this on Mothers Day because I could go on an on and on about how grateful I am). I am in love with this gift that my sweet husband got for me, nothing could have been more perfect and more appreciated!

I will be giving you more of a pregnancy update at my 30 week mark but lets just say this boy is busy, he feels strong and large! More than I felt with Brooke at this point in pregnancy. We are so excited to see what it is like to raise a son vs a daughter. We can't wait to love on this little Kip but we will let him bake a little bit longer so he can be nice and perfectly healthy!
Do you think he looks like his sissy?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Freakster Bunny!

This is the MOST frightening Easter Bunny I have ever personally seen. I almost thought it was an absolute joke but nope, they really were charging $5 for a photo with this frightening creature! So yes, I paid it, knowing Brooke would freak, but looking to the future I knew I would love to look back and laugh! So here you go! Poor Girl, I know I am an EVIL Mommy, you don't need to tell me.
Another Easter post to come! I have some serious catching up to do! Keep posted!