Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daddy / Daughter Date

The other night I had a meeting at church so Kip decided he was going to have a special Daddy / Daughter Date with his little girl!
Kip just recently brought home one of his parents quads to fix up for an upcoming trip. Well he got this one running pretty quickly and we have enjoyed playing with it the past few days! We have a huge field behind our house that connects to tons of hills, at least a few hours of riding straight from our garage!
Daddy decided it was time for Brooke to experience her first quad ride! I was a huge supporter of this idea, we want to start them young :) So the Daddy / Daughter Date would be a special quad ride just for Brooke! I was able to get a few pictures before I had to leave of the two of them cruising around. Brooke took to the quad right away, she loved it!
Kip told me that they were out riding for over an hour. He said Brooke was just squealing with joy as they cruised all over the place! They went to a little stream and stopped for a while to get the froggies to come back and start croaking, SHE LOVED IT! He also took her through a secret passage way to a spot he told her was where The Wonder Pets lived. She sat on the quad and sang the Wonder Pet's theme song to them, SO CUTE! I loved hearing this! Honestly, I sometimes wonder if my heart will ever stop melting when I see Kip and Brooke interact with one another. It happens all the time and yet, every single time I see them together it just makes me melt! I love seeing my husband being a Father to a Daughter and the tenderness that is involved. I also LOVE seeing my Daughter have a Father that loves her so deeply and is so involved with her! I did not have what she has for years of my life, I know what she has, how special it is, and it touches me so very deeply to know that she will ALWAYS have a Daddy there for her that loves her unconditionally and that will ALWAYS be very involved in her life and her interests! She is such a lucky girl to have a Father like Kip! I am so lucky to be married to him! I will never ever take this for granted and I sure hope she never does!
Ever since her date night every single time we enter the garage and see the quad she tries to climb on top and keeps repeating "ride". The date left a lasting impression for sure!


Amanda said...

She is lucky to have such a good man taking her on her first dates and teaching her how she should always expect to be treated. She is so cute. She looks so tiny on the big ol' quad with her daddy. So cute!

amber said...

too cute!!! so glad you guys let her experience everything but i guess i should have known that knowing who her parents are!! love you

Jess Edling said...

You guys make such an awesome family!