Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jump, Jump, Jump!

Since this little girl was a baby and we had that little toy jumper that babies have, Brooke has had a DEEP love for jumping! I am totally and completely convinced she is going to be a long jumper in High School some day, maybe do the hurdles? Who knows, maybe she will be a short white girl that can dunk a basketball? Probably not but White Girl's Got Hops!!!
I have to give credit where credit is due! Brooke gets this love for jumping as well as the skill of jumping high from her Daddy! Kipper since he was a little kid has a ton of pictures of him jumping over or off all sorts of things. This little girl is following in her Daddy's footsteps for sure!
The other day I had taken apart Brooke's crib to measure all of the bedding and she was in HEAVEN! Brooke took total advantage of her access to her crib mattress! Check out these shots, she went on and on and on with the jumping! I remained very entertained and blown away by her agility!
Here are a few other shots I got of this busy little girl that day!
Brooke has a few favorite things in her room, her fan and her froggie (humidifier)! She constantly turns them off and on, hugs and kisses them, and each night before bed she has to give her froggie a kiss goodnight! I did not tell her to give them affection so I could capture it on film, it just happened and I decided to document it since I think it is kinda funny!
Another favorite thing to do these days are summersaults! She pretty much taught herself how to do them and now she has them down pat!
Brooke just recently learned a new phrase with a cute little action to go with it! She holds up her 1 finger and says "One More Time" this usually happens while trying to get her to leave a park. I happened to get it out of her while playing in her room!
Brooke just being cute!
And now some super cute Daddy/Daugher shots! Brooke just adores her Daddy as she should, he is quite the amazing Daddy to her!
Another regular activity that happens at our house is the evening window opening to listen for the froggies outside. Some nights we hear them going crazy and others we mostly hear crickets. It is so cute, Brooke puts her pointer finger to her lips and says "Shhhh..... listen". Yes, froggies are a new favorite of Brooke's right now as you can tell!
This girl, aaaaa..... she just makes us SO HAPPY and fills our life with so much fun and so much laughter!

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Amanda said...

What a great post! You got so many good pictures of her that just Totally capture Brookie! The jumping ones and the somersault ones are great! And yes, that girl has hops for sure. She very much is her Daddy's girl in so many ways. I love the pic of her on Daddy's back to. What a happy moment!