Monday, April 18, 2011

6 Months!

I seriously can't believe I am already 6 months pregnant with this little guy! I am in awe at how fast time has flown by with this pregnancy! I am actually getting a little bit freaked out to be quite honest with you. I am not knowing if I WANT to already be 6 months pregnant? Of course I can't wait to meet, hold, see, love, and squeeze this little guy but I have SO MUCH to do before he comes and SO MUCH to get to be prepared to have a little boy! I hardly have any cloths yet and still pretty much have all the big ticket items I had previously posted to purchase, tho I HAVE ordered our glider and am SO excited about it! Today I found some seriously cute cloths on sale and just couldn't pass them up so I did get him some cute dress cloths! Boy stuff is suddenly getting VERY cute to me, it actually took me a while to warm up to boy cloths feeling cute after all the fun stuff you can get for girls! I am also starting to get very curious about how this little guy is going to look? I pray he looks a lot like his Daddy or Brooke because if he comes out with dark hair and dark features I think I am going to have a very hard time calling him Kip! I imagine he is going to look a lot like Brooke but who knows? Who would have thought my sister and her husband would have 2 out of her 3 kids so far be blond haired and blue eyed, and who would have thought that my sister in law and her husband would have 2 kids with such light features when their Daddy is so dark featured? I'm starting to be confused? I was convinced he would be a boy version of Brooke but now I am not so convinced? We will see a few short months from now? I just pray he looks like a Kip to me, that is seriously my biggest concern other than making sure he is a healthy and strong little baby boy!
This little guy is VERY ACTIVE and VERY STRONG! I read that he is supposed to be weighing in at a little over 1.5 lbs but I am having a hard time believing that somebody so small can be so strong. I feel like he HAS to be bigger than that? I am worried to see how big he is going to end up with his sister weighing in at 8 lbs 9 oz and me being bigger at this point with him than I was with her? Again we shall see? I have only gained 15 lbs, I know that is how much some people gain their entire pregnancy but to me I am proud of being 26 weeks and having only gained 15 lbs. That is less than I was with Brooke at this point. Everything with him so far has checked out perfectly with all the tests they do, hooray for that! I AM starting to get pretty uncomfortable at times. I do pee all the time, I have nasty heartburn that causes a not fun cough that I have now had for 6 weeks. I am trying different heartburn medications to see if it helps out? I'm not going to complain tho because I just feel blessed to be pregnant and to have generally pretty dang easy pregnancies!
I also just got this SUPER CUTE gift given to me from a wonderfully sweet friend of mine! She made me the PERFECT Car Seat cover with the most adorable fabric EVER and a Nursing Cover with the same super cute fabric! I love them SO MUCH! They were things I really wanted to get and am THRILLED with! THANK YOU!!! If you ever want to order some of her stuff, she makes he cutest stuff and AMAZING little hair bows for girls as well! Click HERE if you want to check out her site!
This is a close up on the stuff she made for me. I LOVE handmade gifts!


Amanda said...

I'm thinking my prediction is going to be either 8lbs 14oz or 9lbs 2oz. I will let you know which I decide on. Either way, he is going to be big. but you look Soooo good girl and are doing awesome. Time is flying by!

melissa gargalis said...

Holy posts! Brooke is so stinkin' cute! Seriously. Love all the fun shots of her cute personality. You will treasure them forever. You look fabulous and if it makes you feel better, I always gained 30-40 pounds each pregnancy, my third was the most, and I was not as active either. It is what it is, don't stress about it, just grow a healthy baby. Sorry about the heartburn. He'll be here before you know it.


Wow Sarah you look so good and so cute with your preggo belly! Can't wait for you guys to come up here so i can hang out with you guys more and meet the new addition! Can't wait to be running buddies too!!! Dogmas your doing well! Love you!!

gunnells said...

Time does fly with the second one! Can't believe he will be here in just 3 months. You look Great :)