Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Kipper

Yesterday we had an Ultrasound. I just recently switched insurances and we now have Kaiser for the remaining process of this pregnancy. They wanted to do an Ultrasound to make sure my due date was correct and just get a look themselves since I was a transfer. They sent me to the Radiology area to get it done and just ended up doing the entire 20 week Ultrasound since I was 17 weeks and they could already measure everything they needed to.
We were happy to hear that Kipper is still a little boy!
I also had a wellness visit today for the pregnancy and already got the results of the Ultrasound. Everything seems to be checking in perfectly. He seems to be growing properly, everything seems to be on track, he looks SO CUTE to me and I already think I can see his Daddy in him. We shall see when he comes out :) We are so happy to hear that so far everything is healthy and going great! We hope that it remains through the rest of the pregnancy. I worry so much about him for some reason!
My Dr. today told me that I should be able to go into this Labor in hopes for a Vaginal Delivery but need to keep my mind open to the idea of a C~Section. I guess Kaiser hardly ever does the Vacuum Delivery so if he is not coming out easily they will send me off for the C~Section. I am hoping he does not get stuck like Brooke did, but I of course want whatever is the most healthy for him so we shall see what ends up happening? It's a while off anyway, I am just already having a little bit of anxiety about the Labor after Brooke's crazy one!
Well, we are thrilled that all is on track! Here is a photo of the little guy! Love him!
I still can't believe we are having a BOY!!!! We are SO excited!!!


AmandaFienPhotography said...

I had Griffin at Kaiser and did not want the dr. to use forceps or the vacuum and he didn't want to either so I had a c-section...I recovered really well from it and will be having another one soon!

Dan Wyrick said...

WOW what an amazing pic of baby KIP this little guy was in the right spot for a good pic. How amazing is this?

Amanda said...

Sooo big! I still can't believe you are having a boy either. I think I believe you are pregnant, but the boy part is still sinking in. So fun. I can't wait to see the boy version of the two of you! So how does he look like his Daddy right now? I am missing it? ;)

Ryan and Brindi said...

how fun you got to see your baby again!

Mirella said...

Baby keeper hahaha

everybody has been there :)

thanks for sharing, it remembers me so much!!


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