Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy's Camera

I have come down to San Diego for the weekend to kill time and have a little help with Brooke since Kip has been and will be gone for the entire month. It has been fun being down here, as it always is! I am SO grateful that both Kip and I's families live so close to us! I am so grateful for the special times Brooke gets to have with her Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins! We feel so blessed to be so close to them all and will definitely miss it when we move away.
While down here this weekend I got ahold of my Mom's camera and was just flipping through the pictures. I found a bunch that I either forgot were ever taken or did not even know they were taken in the first place. I thought I would blog them while I am down here so that I have them in my hands now and get to share them with you all!
SO here goes, random pictures from Grammy's Camera!
These were taken one Sunday while we were down here. This is one of my favorite Sunday outfits that Brooke has. The dress was bought by Papa Wyrick and I made the bow to match.
I hardly have ANY pictures of Brooke and I together. I think I dont look so much like me here but it is still a decent picture of the 2 of us so I will take it :)
Here is a proud Pa Carlson teaching Brooke all about a Cross Bow! CUTE!
I like this picture of Kipper and I, it was taken on Christmas Eve. I didn't even remember we even took this picture.
Brooke is ALL ABOUT stacking things these days and I must say she is pretty dang good at it. She can make a pretty tall tower with all sorts of shapes and sizes!
Brooke and Makenna are quite the little buddies together these days! Brooke ADORES Makenna and calls her "Ka". Makenna can make Brooke laugh just about any time, even in the middle of a tantrum. They are going to be good buddies and I can already tell they are going to get into some trouble together. Sis and I are going to be on our toes when we are all together :)
So the other night Amanda and I were dressing our kiddo's after Grammy gave them all their baths and as we had Brooke and Conner laying next to one another we could not help but notice that they were pretty much the SAME SIZE!!! Conner was born the day before Brooke's 1st Birthday making Brooke 18 months in this picture and Conner 6 months. Yes I grow them small and Amanda grows them BIG!!!! Can you believe this?
This is a better idea of their size with their legs straight. Brooke IS longer but I think Conner's head is bigger and is a little higher than Brooke's in this photo. Still can't believe that kid is a GIANT!
I am so glad I got my hands on these shots! I need to keep checking her camera when I come down to make sure there are not more pictures that I could be missing out on!
Hope you all are having a WONDERFUL Valentines Day!!!!! I am away from my love today, but will have a nice date night with him this coming up weekend when Brooke and I go up to visit Daddy! CANT WAIT!!!!
Love sent to you all!!!!


Auntie Steph said...

Great pics !
Love the one with Grandpa showing her how to use the cross bow :)
It's great seeing Brooke and Makenna having fun together.
Can't believe Conner is Brooke's size :) We'll see if little Kip "runs" small like Brooke :)

Jessica said...

so cute, i still think she is one of the cutest kids i've ever seen! (can i call her a kid now? crazy!) i can't believe conner and brook are so close in size lol girls are cute petit so it's ok...not with little kip coming you can cross your finger like josh and i that braden gets some heighth to him! p.s. i'm requesting belly pictures! you are far enough along...

mj said...

Brooke is very beautiful baby...

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Amanda said...

That girl is a master block stacker! Silly pa, showing toddlers crossbows. And I love my giant boy and your tiny girl. It cracks me up that the size gap is closing so fast between them. Just wait until he is standing...then they will really look close in size. Maybe when we go out together when he is a bit older we can pretend they are twins :)