Sunday, July 5, 2009


8 things I:

Look Forward To~
1) Holding my baby girl for the first time!
2) Seeing my sweet husband hold his daughter for the first time!
3) Being thin again some day, hopefully sooner than later!
4) RUNNING!!!!!!!!
5) Not having a bum knee anymore!
6) Having what the ladies are calling FUN with my husband without a HUGE belly! ;)
7) When life stops throwing lemons at us :)
8) Putting grass, tree's and all that fun stuff in our backyard!

Did Yesterday~
1) Went to a ward breakfast with my parents!
2) Watched Lion King with my little Makenna cuddling with me!
3) Took a nap!
4) Ate really, really good food!
5) Swam in the pool with my family!
6) Watched fireworks next to a bunch of people I love so much!
7) Fell more in love with my husband!
8) Wished I went into labor so my girl could have a free fireworks show every year on her birthday :(

Wish I Could Do~
1) Backpack through Europe!
2) Give my husband his dream job!
3) Be a stay at home mom!
4) Go on a cruise with my entire family, both sides at the same time!
5) Buy the camera of my dreams!
6) Have the $$$$ to actually decorate my house and finish painting the walls!
7) RIGHT NOW RUN!!!!!! Or even just work out hard!
8) Have this baby TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Shows I watch~
1) So You Think You Can Dance
2) The Bachelorette
3) America's Next Top Model
4) Grey's Anatomy
6) Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory
7) Nitro Circus
8) Extreme Makeover Home Edition

People to Tag~
Who Ever Would Like To Do This!!!!!


Traci Elizabeth said...

Man, I haven't seen the lion king forever!!!Great list Sarah!

Amanda said...

That was a cute post. Hopefully that little girly listens to her mommy and climbs out of there soon. But if she is anything like Makenna then good luck with that...HA!

Todd + Emily said...

That was cute! I can't wait for you to be able to run too so we can go together! little brookelyn needs to come out soon!!!

Ryan and Brindi said...

cute new blog title! we are so excited for your little girl to get here! please let us know when she arrives- ryan's # is 678-663-3897. good luck!

Shelley, Ryan, Caiden, Camden, Londyn and Easton said...

We can't wait for her to join your amazing family!!! We can't wait to see pics and to hear how it all goes!!! Please know we sure miss your family! You guys are awesome!

The Picketts said...

I was thinking...just for something fun to think about, you should have little brooke on the 8th, so her birthday would be 7.8.09 - Ok, so I'm lame and actually just wish she would come ASAP for your sake! I know those last few days/weeks are the hardest!!! You're so cute and can't wait to meet that little girl!

The Gray Family said...

I didn't see you at church yesterday and I was wondering if there was any news...guess not! Hopefully soon :>) Good luck!

Heather said...

Love it! Glad you did it, cause yes there is a Brooke inside you and I want her out!!! Cannot wait!!!

Rick Robinson said...

SISTER Jr. I am so ready for you to have the baby too!!!! I am so excited to meet little Brooke in August! You guys are going to be such awesome parents! Someone better give me a call when that little girl is coming out!!!

amber said...

hey girl i guess you were just passing time til your little bundle of love is here, hopefully tonight. you don't watch eli stone or surviror, what's up with you?? love you and hoping brooke is making her appearance tonight.