Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Road To Brook Lyn.....

I wanted to re cap the 9 month journey my body has taken on this road to Brooke Lyn Robinson being welcomed into this world! Tomorrow at 2 pm we will be checked into the hospital for a scheduled induction due to my lack of patience. I will be 40 weeks 4 days tomorrow and am just so, so, so ready to meet our little girl! I have enjoyed being pregnant and actually still do for the most part, but the anticipation of this HUGE event in our lives is making me super impatient. I am a scheduler, I like my days planned out, I like to know what tomorrow is going to bring and these last 2 weeks of just never knowing what life will be like tomorrow are just killing me. I am ready to do this, to become a mommy of an outside baby, to meet the little personality of our princess, to see her face and look into her eyes. I am just so ready for all of that which makes me want to be done being pregnant! I always want Brooke to know that I LOVED being pregnant with her and want to thank her for being so easy on my body. She has only poked my ribs like 3 times, she has not made me sick, or miserable, and she has been a joy to carry around for 9 months. I have loved every single kick, roll, and poke! I have loved having her so close to me at all times and do feel that I will miss having her inside of me when she is out! But, I know that all of the joys of having her out are going to far outweigh having her in, and for that reason, we are evicting her tomorrow!
Here are the pictures of the journey her and my body have taken through these 9 months:
This is me at about 8 weeks of pregnancy, very soon after we found out we were pregnant with her! I started off about 7 lbs chubbier than I normally am due to an injury to my knee, but what can you do?

I think she has grown quite a bit, especially in this past month o' my goodness!!! The next picture will be of her outside of me! I bet those will be SO MUCH more fun to look at!!!!
My stats are:
Belly is now 44.5 inches around (YIKES!!!)
Gained 32 lbs. ( Which I am happy with )
Can't wait for the next post!!!!!

P.S. I just HAD to include these pictures because they crack me up. We took them a few days ago in the field behind our house with Todd and Emily Moran. I just love our little family!!!
Kip was using my belly as a shelf to steady his gun, it worked well, THANKS BROOKE!!

Redneck Family


Jess said...

Such a hot mama! You make pregnant look good girlie! I love the redneck family pic. Good luck tomorrow!

Heather said...

Yay! She is on her way! Hope everything goes well and cannot wait to meet her!! Love this and the last post and LOVE those redneck pics too!!! Those are the maternity pics you will cherish later for sure! ;)

Katie said...

Ok so those shooting pics are the funniest thing I've ever seen. You and Kip are SO well matched.

And you look great as always. Your belly stayed out front the whole time. I gain in the back, too. And still haven't lost that.

And that eviction thing is SO FANTASTIC!

Good luck tomorrow. And Congrats!

Ryan and Brindi said...

good luck today!!! we are so excited to get the text saying she has arrived and we can't wait to see a picture! enjoy the wonderful experience of seeing and hearing your baby for the first time.

Mashaide said...

GOOD LUCK! Hope everything goes well today and she is born without incident. Can't wait to see the first pictures.

Sunny and Tom Richins said...

Good luck today! I will be thinking of you. I cant wait to see little Brooke!

melissa gargalis said...

Hope all goes well and quick and painless! Good luck. I wish I loved all the pokes and rolls of the baby moving-not so fun for me. So excited for you guys to have your baby. Enjoy her.

Amanda said...

You are rednecks and you are adorable! I am so excited for you guys. I can't wait to see this cutie! Looking at those pics made me laugh... I remember when you were 6 1/2 months prego and thought it was crazy to think you could get bigger. Now look at the belly! But say bye bye cause baby Brooke is bouncing out soon!