Monday, August 25, 2008

Father Daughter Time!

On August 22 my Dad Danny had his 55'th Birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! I was lucky to have been able to celebrate his Birthday with him a few days early by doing something we have loved doing for the past few years. Down in San Diego where I grew up and where my dad still lives, there is a Beautiful place called Balboa Park (right next to the San Diego Zoo) where there are many museums, water fountains, gardens, restaurants, and more. One of my favorite things about Balboa Park is that they have this AMAZING Outside Organ! During the Summer on Monday nights and Sunday days (starting in June, ending in August) you can go down there to the Organ, for free, and listen to different famous Organists from around the world. It is a totally ,relaxing way to spend a Sunday in the park or a Monday evening with your family. It is so stinkin cute because half the people that are there are old couples with their little lap dogs sitting on their laps. They cuddle up and snuggle with their husband or wife and enjoy the beautiful music in nature. It is also cool because the planes landing in the San Diego airport make their decent right around Balboa Park so you can see them often flying low directly in front of you or overhead. It is just SO COOL! One Monday evening each summer they have a Silent Movie Night! My and my dad's FAVORITE NIGHT!!!! It is so stinkin cool to watch a silent movie, under the stars, while a famous organist plays the organ to the movie! It is such a neat way to watch movies the way they used to be made. I also JUST LOVE that it is OUTSIDE!!! So the movie that we watched was called "IT" and "it" was a total comedy! We sat together under the stars eating our sub sandwiches, just cracking up! What a great way to celebrate with my dad!
Here are some fun pictures from the evening! If you want to go next summer I am TOTALLY DOWN!! Let me know!
Look at all the cute little Old People!

See the Airplane flying in on the Left?
Movie Title!
Look How OLD!

My dad is a wonderful man with such an active spirit and such a LOVE for nature and the world around him. It doesn't matter his age, you can find him climbing to the tip top of a huge tree, making a rope swing, hiking through the woods on deer trails, flying a kite in the park, or sitting on a bench at the beach reading a book. My dad LOVES nature, he is the guy that literally stops and smells the roses and notices the details in natures beauty that most of us would normally walk by without notice. He LOVES the stars and loves looking through his telescope at night. He also LOVES taking pictures and shares my love for Photography! I love his active nature and his appreciation for the world around him! He also loves being a grandpa to his little Makenna! My sister and I know that he cares for us deeply and loves being our father. He also has an amazing devoted love for the gospel. Happy Birthday Dad! I had a great evening with you and I am so glad that we have always had the relationship that we share with one another!


Heather said...

How fun! I would totally love to do that! You have been celebrating a lot of birthdays! Luckily yours is next month! :)

The Hardy's said...

wow that sounds like so much fun!

Amanda said...

Very cute. Very sweet. It really is crazy how much your smiles look alike. I am bummed that I missed the movie night....although now that I look at the pictures, I don't think my pregnant butt could have sat on those benches that long :)

Emily said...

What a fun post about you and your Dad! I want to go see the silent movie now :)

The Picketts said...

This is a VERY sweet post! My Dad would have LOVED to go see the outdoor Organ! There's a pizza place with a HUGE organ here and we go every time he comes to visit (and it's only cute old people there, and ME - HA HA). Happy Birthday to Sarah's Daddy! :)

The Gargalis family said...

I think that is awesome that you have such a close relationship with your dad. Those are memories you will cherish forever.

Dan Wyrick said...

"Dad's Perspective" I consider myself soooo lucky to share fun times together with my daughter's just making and cherishing fun memories. Moments are fleeting but memories last forever....thank goodness for that! Just as exciting for me is that Sarah is so full of life and fun to be with she is always so full of "surprises" something always up her sleeve to amaze you with!!!!!!

Sunny and Tom Richins said...

I checked out Amanda's blog with the photos you took of her. A-maz-ing! You got so creative. I love it! And Amanda looks great! I have to say those are the best pregnacy photos I have ever seen!