Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dream Big!

So Kip has found a New Love and Total Obsession!!!!
Kipper can't stop thinking about, dreaming about, talking about, & looking up You Tube video's about his new Dream Bike!!! A KTM 690 SMC, it is basically a dirtbike that is street legal! I am sure, if you know Kipper, you can see why this is a total DREAM BIKE!
A few things have recently happened to trigger this new Obsession of his:
First being Kip and his Buddy's new love for NIGHT RIDES! Recently Kip and Clint took off for another night ride and rode all the way down behind Costco on back roads to a drainage ditch that they decided to turn into a half pipe. Kip has video on his phone and it sure looks like they were having a TOTAL BLAST!!! Afterwards they cruised over to the church parking lot and ran into Katie Bruer and Heather Andres. They feel so cool being such sneaky guys riding their dirtbikes all over the place.

Second drive to this obsession is that Kip and our Brother-in-Law Todd have been taking some long joy rides around San Diego County on some cool street bikes! My dad has a nice bike that he has been letting Kipper ride and Todd has a really nice bike that he loves to take out every chance he gets! This is the PERFECT bonding experience for the two of them! They now look forward to all of our trips down to San Diego in hopes that they can fit a fun ride in there somewhere! My dad LOVES letting Kipper go out with Todd knowing that at least someone is riding the bike, plus he loves to see how excited Kip and Todd get! Thanks Dad for letting Kipper borrow!!! (I wish that I would have been able to get some shots of Kip and Todd together riding but I was only able to shoot these right before Kip took off. Next time boyz!)

Kipper wants a Supermoto Bike so he can LEGALLY terrorize the roads doing wheelies, burn outs and sliding corners! Which I can promise you HE WILL DO!!!
Here is a You Tube video showing just exactly what this bike is capable of, found during the hours of research done on this bike by my sweetheart!

I think it is quite cute to see Kip get so excited about stuff like this. He reminds me of a little boy at Christmas Time. You can't help but want to get him the gift of his dreams! (We will not be getting this gift any time soon to Kip's dismay, but it will be purchased at some point in life!) Many ask why I am supportive of my husband riding a motorcycle around town??? My response is that I am only supportive because it is going to be a bike used for joy rides and not as a means of regular transportation. Also, my husband is already quite brave riding his dirtbike and I cant help but think this is that much different although I do realise that he is less in control of his fate on a street bike. But lastly, my reason for letting him ride a street bike and not putting up a big fight about it is that I truly am now a believer in the "live a little" attitude! Before I meet Kipper I was not such a risk taker, I did not want to take the chance of getting in trouble or hurt so I just did not take many risks. Kip has changed me, I have seen that "living a little" when it comes to taking a few risks and not worrying so much about what other people think or about getting in trouble, really pays off!!! I have experienced things in my life since being with Kip that I would have never dreamed of seeing, feeling, or going through! My life is SO MUCH MORE Exciting now!!! I never want to go back to the way I was! I would rather live a shorter life full of fun and exciting experiences than a long and boring life always avoiding trouble! (Not that I hope that any of us dies young!!! You get my point right?) Plus just another note, I really do not believe in "not letting" your husband do things he loves. My attitude is that he will resent you for it, and look for ways to do it anyway! I say go for it, tell me about it, involve me in the things you love because I know that that makes you happy and to me that is all that matters! His happiness is my happiness and vice verse. Kip has the same attitude about me, which works out well!
Anyway I do not know how this turned into me defending motorcycles because before I meet Kipper I WOULD NEVER EVER defend riding a motorcycle. Boy do things change!
Anyway, enjoy dreaming with my hubby as you view these photos and video, and for all of you that have never meet him hopefully this is a way to get to know my wonderful husband better. This is the music he likes and the things he is TOTALLY INTO!!!


Heather said...

:) This just makes me glad that my hubby isn't into this! No offense it just really scares me and I'm so glad I don't need to be supportive of it, because I would really try to if he was into it! I feel as you do about supporting the stuff they love and I'm just glad he's into fishing and windsurfing right now! LOL! They scared me the other night when they came racing into the church parking lot, they are like little boys on those things - so giddy! :)

Emily said...

I can totally picture Kip being so excited and I am glad your supportive of his dreams!

Todd&Emily Moran said...

WoW is that how you really feel!!! LOL i'm just glad that your husband and mine will be supportive when we got dancing like we were in high school again and dance in your living room! It's just comforting to know that they are always gonna support us and LET us do what we want to do. And I'm glad that you let you Hubby have FUN!!! Lol ( this comment all in my sarcastic voice)!! Hey tonight was a blast! Ariel, aka Sara we totally need to get together more often!!!

The Gray Family said...

they are so much happier when they are doing what they love...I just don't know why guys love to do things that are so wild :>) My philosophy (after having a cop for a husband) is that if it's their time to go, it's their time to go. If not, they will be ok no matter what crazy thing they are doing!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Amen, Amy, Amen!

Meagan said...

You are so cute! As we have discussed before I totally agree with letting the hubbys enjoy their time to do their own thing! Rob loves riding and I can't wait till he can get another bike so he can enjoy that hobby once again! It will be interesting to see if we feel any different after babies....hmmmmm