Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Big 2

Yesterday my little niece Makenna Mae turned The Big 2 Years Old!!!! I can not believe how fast those 2 years have flown by and how much she has grown up! I was very blessed to be able to be there to witness her birth and it is so crazy to think that was only 2 short years ago. I truly feel like that little girl has been in our family FOREVER!!!
Makenna is seriously a little angel sent to our family, she truly has changed each and every one of us in her own little way! She is one of my best little buddy's in the entire world!We hae a special relationship that I will charish forever!
Kip and I are blessed to have Makenna in our lives as her Auntie Rah Rah and her Uncle Bickey & we had a blast at her fun Elmo birthday party.
Here are a few shots I took at the party! Happy Birthday Little Makenna Mae!





Rachel Kirk said...

I know time flys! She is so cute with those big blue eyes. Your sis looks good too! How are things? Working wednesday night? i will be there! talk to ya soon!

The Ellsworth Clan said...

What a big girl. I know how that dang time is. My baby will be 2 in November, eeeek. You and Kip are such a good auntie & uncle. Good practice!

Anonymous said...

CRAZY how this little one is already 2 BIG ONES!! ;) She is adorable!! K, I FREAKIN ADORE you!! Thanks and you are FREAKIN HOT urself!!! LOVE YA GIRLY!!!

Amanda said...

She is a little angel, isn't she? You've gotta love that little kid. Or not so little kid I guess. Great job with the pics sis...thank you so much!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Makenna! Kids really grow up fast, I remember it taking forever! But now you really got to make every moment last, a sign of getting old I guess! :)

Emily said...

My little cousin is obessed with Elmo and so that is cool that she had such a fun party!

The Hardy's said...

cant believe that she is already 2! looks like you guys had a blast with her!