Thursday, May 5, 2011


2 more shots I discovered after looking through all the photo's of our little boy again.
I think he might have the same dimples as Brooke???
And these look a lot like his Daddy's calves which Brooke also luckily got!
Can't wait to see if these give me a correct idea of his look and his little traits he is picking up! O goodness I can't wait to hold him!


Jessica said...

so cute! And yes i totally bet he will look just like this when he is born...minus the weird fuzziness/blurryness of course! my co-worked had this done before her son and they look identical! I could never get one of these done because like you now, i would be dying to hold my baby! after seeing a glimpse of him like that there is no way i could sleep another night through! too cute!

Nichole said...

Those are very clear! Love the 4D/3D ultrasounds! So cute! I so see a dimple too!

Todd Family said...

love the dimples!! so cute!

amber said...

amazing what they can see now. he looks adhorable!!! and i'm with you can't wait to get my hands on him. love you!!!