Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Gift!

I know I still have a few posts to do that happened prior to this, like Easter, but I'm just WAY to excited to not post these first!
ALL I wanted for Mothers Day was to get a sneak peek at our little boy! I ended up getting my 20 week ultrasound at 17 weeks and it just feels like waiting till my due date to see him is just WAY too far away. So today we went and got me my PERFECT Mothers Day gift!
Here is our little Kipper at 28 weeks!
The fuzz in front of his face is his umbilical cord, I still think it's a cute shot of him!
This is how he was most of the time! No wonder he kicks me so hard, this looks so uncomfortable!
Look at this little guy grabbing his foot! Precious!
Here are the stats they came up after the measurements they did. I have been thinking he has been feeling big so it makes me feel more in touch with this little guy having him actually measure big. I am 28 weeks 1 day along and due 7/26. I still don't think he is coming early tho, not going to go there mentally like I did last time :) He just better not come on 7/18, that's all I ask :)

Well we love this little guy to pieces and this makes us even more excited to hold him! It was so wonderful to get to hear his strong heartbeat, count his fingers and toes, see his cute little face, all of those things that make a parent breath better! I am thrilled to know that we have a healthy baby growing in this belly of mine. I feel so very blessed! I am so grateful for Mothers Day and the chance I have to be a Mother (I will most likely expand on this on Mothers Day because I could go on an on and on about how grateful I am). I am in love with this gift that my sweet husband got for me, nothing could have been more perfect and more appreciated!

I will be giving you more of a pregnancy update at my 30 week mark but lets just say this boy is busy, he feels strong and large! More than I felt with Brooke at this point in pregnancy. We are so excited to see what it is like to raise a son vs a daughter. We can't wait to love on this little Kip but we will let him bake a little bit longer so he can be nice and perfectly healthy!
Do you think he looks like his sissy?


Nichole said...

Such great pictures! Congrats!

The Picketts said...

So excited for you! :o) We'll be at the beach Saturday and Sunday if you wanna take a ride for a visit :o) Miss you and wish you all the luck you could possibly have with this new little bundle of joy about to approach! I wish I lived closer...I'd BEG you to let me photograph him! When is your due date?! Maybe I should plan a trip to do just that! :o)

Jess Edling said...

How exciting! I love how clearly you can see him. He looks so cute already!

Todd Family said...

that is really exciting!! those pics are so cute of him and i love the one of him holding his foot too!! so cute! congrats!