Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Easter Bunny DID Come!

I know, I am WAY behind on my blogging. I am now dedicating my evenings to catching up on my blog posts till I am back on track. I am sure hardly anybody even reads this blog anymore but it is important for me to get these posts up here anyway for my journal purposes, being that I am turning my blog into yearly books for our family.
So here you go, about a month ago we celebrated EASTER!!!
We actually had quite a fun time celebrating this Easter season! Brooke really is beginning to enjoy the holidays the older she gets. It is getting SO much more fun for Mommy and Daddy as well getting to live it through her fresh little eyes!
We started off the Easter Festivities with our Ward Easter Egg Hunt! The primary did a WONDERFUL job putting this together, it was a hit and there were A TON of kids there! Brooke seemed to have a good time!
This year Grammy Carlson wanted to start a new tradition of a Grammy Easter Extravaganza for all of the grandkids! She did a fantastic job of finding activities that seemed to entertain quite the range of ages of the grandkids. All of the grandkids had a total and complete blast as well as a total and complete SUGAR RUSH! We left with some super dang cute crafts, some yummy treats, and some wonderful memories! Here are some of the MANY pictures we took at the party.
We started with Craft Time!
The kids played games!
They got to play Wash The Jelly Beans (squirt the balloons)!
Had Create Your Treat time! Us Mommies really enjoyed this one as well!
There was a Pinata!
And an Easter Egg Hunt!
By the end of the party the kids were BEAT! Brooke especially! But they had a blast, so did we Mommy's! I think we ALL took some great naps afterward!
The next morning Brooke got to go on the search for her Easter basket that the Easter Bunny left for her the evening before. She totally didn't get it, but she did enjoy the treats once she found it!
All and all we had a FANTASTIC Easter with family! We loved every bit of it! We even got to go down to Mission Bay and visit with Kipper's family who was staying in a Beach House down there. It was so great to get to see ALL our family in the same weekend! Also our little nephew Jake turned 1 the day before Easter! What a busy and fun filled weekend!

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Jess Edling said...

Hey *I* still read this blog! Blogging & Facebook are the only way I know at all what is going on in the world! Easter looks like fun.