Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rosetta Riders!

First off Kyra I am SO glad you took this picture and I SO love the name you gave it! So I stole it! :)
Kip got home from working in Arizona on Saturday morning at 3:30am, got to sleep for 2.5 hours and then was off to work his shift at the Fire Station by 6:30am Saturday morning. He thankfully only had a 24 hour shift to work so we got him back home TO KEEP at around 9am Sunday morning! WE ARE SO HAPPY!!!!!!
Kip had woken up to work a full day on Friday at 4:30am, worked till about 5pm and then headed back to his Arizona home to eat dinner and sleep for about 2 hours before he packed up his truck and headed home to California. So from Friday morning till Saturday night at 10:30pm Kip had only gotten 4 hours of sleep. Poor guy!

Sunday~ We got him home for good but that day was spent mostly sleeping, of course we totally understood! We were just happy to have him home.
Monday~ Kip woke up and went off to work. He got home around 4:00. As he walked in the door he asked me if he would be aloud to go ride for a few hours with "the guys". I always tell Kip yes for pretty much anything he asks me. I know, Im a nice wife like that :) So I let him go! He was stoked because it was the first sunny day after a few days of rain, apparently that = PERFECT riding conditions! He was also stoked about the fact that this would be the first time he has seen any of his "guys" in a month and a half! I was happy to see him so happy! As a few of the guys gathered in my front yard I joked with Brandon that he was uncool or stealing my husband on his second day home with me, his response cracked me up "You know, we have needs too!" This is true!
From Left to Right:
Matt Thompson, Brandon Chatham, Kip Robinson, Clint Hannon, Ryan Russel

So the guys had a total BLAST together, I guess the riding was AMAZING and each of them had a great time! It was the first time they had all been back together since Matt Thompson got home from his CHP Academy and Kip got home from AZ. They are called the Rosetta Riders (stolen from Kyra) because we all live in Rosetta Canyon and they all can ride the hills from our garages! Pretty nice!


Heather said...

This is awesome! Kyra was asking Seth when he was going to get a dirt bike and join them and he said he has a dirt bike just not the lazy kind! LOL! ;) I thought that was funny and I'm secretly glad he isn't into this cause it scares me! You're a great wife and its so nice of you to let him get guy time in without making him feel bad about it!

The Perry Family said...

love that pic! you are a nice wife!