Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look who Daddy found....

You are not seeing things wrong, this is an itty bitty baby snake the size of a large worm! Kip found it slithering across our driveway. At first he thought it was a worm, then he saw the red ring around it's neck and realized it was actually a snake. He saved it for Brooke and I to see, touch, and play with. Kip almost wanted to keep it but then decided not to. THANK GOODNESS!!! I'm not a snake person and I plan to NEVER have one as a pet no matter how much a little boy (or Daddy) begs me to have one!
So FYI it is BABY SNAKE SEASON!!!! Keep an eye out for them, this one is not dangerous but a baby Rattler is VERY dangerous! I am thinking twice about doing any photo shoots in any fields right about now. This really freaked me out, once we let him go in the grass he was invisible to us! YIKES!
This was a fun experience to have seen and touched a snake this small but goodness am I freaked out now! Be safe out there!

This snake was a Southern Ring Necked Snake found normally in Southern Florida! How random that we found one in Lake Elsinore!


Nichole said...

Found one just like that one, about the same size, in my landscaping projects a couple weeks ago. We are in FL though. I still didn't like it, baby or not! Ewww!

Here is my post with pictures -

Kirsten June said...

awhhhhhh it is so cute!!! : D

Traci Elizabeth said...

EEWWWWW! no thank you!