Monday, March 21, 2011

Emergency Preparedness!

The has always encouraged Emergency Preparedness but is really stressing it right now! I feel that we really need to be prepared for whatever is to come in our futures as a family! So far, I am SO embarrassed to admit, we have NO extra food storage other than whatever is in our pantry. Yep, NOT GOOD! I am feeling like a pretty lame Mom and Wife lately! So we are going to get on this ASAP!
I was just reading a friends blog and she had THIS great link for those interested in Emergency Preparedness!
I am going to get on this immediately!
Good Luck on your food storage! Just think, most likely you are already doing better than me if you have ANYTHING started!


Amanda said...

Thank You for sharing this link! Soooo neat! I am totally going to use this and just going to check this every week when making my grocery list and try to buy a few of the things off the list. This is awesome. Thanks sis!!

Heather said...

That is an awesome link! I canned a bunch of stuff for the last few years(candy included! LOL!) and now I'm doing the "Project Noah" that is always on our RS newletters at the beginning of the month. It basically gives a list of stuff to stock up on weekly on your normal shopping trips(I do it all once a month at costco tho, much easier for me!). Then at the end of the year we will be fully prepared! I'm so excited about getting it done! We are also planting our veggie/fruit garden soon too! Just starting is a step in the right direction, good job!

The Perry Family said...

go get 'em girl! we've been working on ours too. it's just a slow process, but worth the time. I'm going to go check out your link!