Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Home Evening

So we have decided that we really need to start doing Family Home Evening. This is something that is very important in the church and I can totally see why. We really need to take the time as a family to spend time together but also to learn more about the Lord or other good lessons. We are going to be starting this very soon! I really would love to get these books to help make FHE appropriate for Brooke, I am so glad my sister pointed out that the Nursery books would be the perfect way to do that!
These will also be very helpful in the learning of the scriptures for Brooke and the rest of our little babies!
I would also LOVE this to play at home during the day or in the car! This can also help out with FHE!
Im really enjoying making wish lists these days! These books are actually pretty inexpensive and I feel are very important for the growth of our children so they will be purchased very quickly!


jeanine said...

Those nursery books look like fun. I just saw that the church has a page with fhe resources (

Also, a few things we've found work really good with our little ones... the church's nursery manual (Behold Your Little Ones) is perfect and has activities, coloring pages, etc. Also, the Gospel Art Kit. For a while we would just pick a picture and tell the story. It was nice and short... just like their attention span! Good luck!

Amanda said...

Yes, the church nursery manual is the one I use a lot and I think is great for the toddler sized kiddos.
I have been soooo happy that we have been doing FHE better. My kids love it too, and I think you guys would have fun as a little family with Brookie doing it. Just wait, once you start you will see just how great it is for everyone in the family and you will realize just how much it strengthens your children and your fam!

Heather said...

I have those other scripture stories books and the cd of music, but I will have to get those nursery manuals! I'm sure they'd help a lot and Mitch is ready to get FHE started too! So fun!

The Perry Family said...

Right on! we have those too! it's fun when you can see that your children are really learning too!

Kat said...

We use the book of mormon book for the night time story with our girls. Ariah knows what baptism is already from it. We also use the 'song book to learn the songs with actions and she is like a sponge. She does the actions in nursery.

Rachel Neil said...

We are guilty of not owning a whole lot of books and not reading as well.
Once in a while our son asks me to read him a story, and I do. but those times are few in between.