Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Belly

The BIG Belly at that! But I LOVE IT!
This is not the best picture, not too in focus, and I actually don't think that I really look like this but maybe I do?
Anyway here you go, a belly picture!
This was me 3 weeks ago. Boy is it popping out quick isn't it? I hope he is not a ton bigger than Brooke since I am really hoping for that Vaginal Birth?
There you go, for all those asking for belly pictures :)


Auntie Steph said...

Love it !

Ryan and Brindi said...

what a tiny belly! you look fantastic! also, cute bedroom decorating pictures! i would love my kids room to look like that!

Jessica said...

yay! i love when people do these...i dont know why, i'm just weird i guess but there is a BABY in there and i am still just in awe of this miracle! you like great! from how you were talking i thought you wre going to look 8 months pregnant or something?! i don't remember what is normal, i thnk everyone has their own normal when it comes to belly's and being pregnant...can't wait to hear all the updates and as far as the girl/boy combo room i LOVED the first option. i will keep my eyes out for themes and easy crafts you can do too for it. p.s.i wish you were runnign with me too :( good ol' days huh?

Amanda said...

Your belly is cute sissy! I love it. And I do not At All think that it looks obscenely big or anything...especially for #2! Still so weird to think that little "kipper" is in there, growing away! I LOVE IT! Our little boys are going to have a blast!