Thursday, March 3, 2011


I think the Nesting may be kicking in early with this little guy? Or maybe it is just me being the typical Sarah that I am? Or the fact that I am trying to prepare early since right before this little guy is born and after he is born life is going to be CRAZY!!!
We are planning on moving the very beginning of September. Maybe we can even do it on September 2'nd which will be our 5 year Wedding Anniversary and My Birthday? Good way to celebrate the last 5 years right?
Anyway, let's get back to the point of this post.
Brooke and little baby Kipper will most likely, well pretty likely, be sharing a room when we move. I am not thrilled with this idea, first off them being a boy and a girl in the same room, secondly we can't do a totally cute BOY theme or GIRL theme for either room, and more than both of those reasons because I fear that 1 kid will wake up the other each night and then I will have 2 awake kiddo's in the middle of the nights YIKES! We will make do, people do it all the time right?
Since this is kinda a sad thing for me I am trying to make it exciting by already thinking of how I want to decorate their little room? I most likely will not be able to paint so I can't count on the paint on the wall's color being a big part of the room. I want to represent each child as who they are and the sex that they are, I want it to be appropriate for their ages, fun, and happy! I also want to figure it out semi soon so I can get started on the bedding since I will be making HIS bedding and HER bedding as well. With the 2 combined I think I will be making 1 Comforter for a Toddler Bed (Brooke's), 1 Crib Bumper, 1 Bed Skirt, Needing Fabric for Window Coverings (that I can't make till I know where we will be living?), and possible Decorative Pillows?
I have done some research myself as well as have enlisted the help of some WONDERFUL friends of mine The Creative Mommas. These are 3 of my favorite color theme ideas! Let me know which of the 3 you like the best. If you have any WONDERFUL ideas or links you can send me that would be much appreciated as well!
I don't know if hardly anybody even reads this blog anymore but if you do please help me out here?
Thanks for your advice :)


Jan said...

Sarah, Have you checked out the themes at Ikea. This one comes in pink and blue. They have coordinating fabrics that are bright and fun!
Everything in this line is reasonably priced. I think it's the perfect solution for a Jack and Jill room!

Miss Chris said...

I love the second one! I think it's not too one sided. The last one is really pretty, but I think it leans more towards a girl, and initially I loved the first one, but it needs to be pumped up with a little more fun and life... the raindrops and clouds are cute, but bum me out a little... if the sun is incorporated in there somewhere I feel it could be a happier theme :) BTW, I'm so happy for you guys! XOXO

jeanine said...

I really like the first one... nice and bright!

And don't worry about two to a room... we have 3 in a room right now! They rarely wake each other up at night... it's mostly just staggering their bedtimes that we worry about.

Where are you guys moving to?

Sundbergs said...

I like the third my oldest two have always shared a room and it is totally fine they never wake each other up. You gus are moving? Hope you love it wherever you guys are off to.

Jessica Bradshaw said...

#2 is MY preference, but big, bright, and bold is what the baby aficionados say is best for kids who are developing their eyesight and senses, so in that case, #1. That's just me, though!

melissa gargalis said...

I think you can combine all three. You obviously like the yellow/gray combo =)

Todd Family said...

I like the first one...but I would have more yellow/gray/white theme and have green (from plants and such) There's a whole lot of different colors in the 1st one, which can be a good thing I guess. Also, where did you get your pattern for the bedding for his crib/bumber/etc.?

Todd Family said...

thanks for responding back! :) i think about future nursery's ALL the time! I think it will be so fun one day! Anyway...I don't have a pattern, but I'll keep my eyes open. You should maybe talk to Amber Barker (Ellison)because her Mom actually made her daughters! I love her's so much! check out her blog or if you have it on facebook you can see it in her valentine's pictures! it's way cute!

Melissa + Brett said...

I LOVE #1! Why are you guys moving?

The Gray Family said...

I like the third! I was worried about the girls waking each other up, but they sleep through it MOST of the time :>)

Dacia said...

Oh my, I can't be of any help. They're all cute!