Friday, August 6, 2010


With my birthday quickly approaching I have been thinking of all of the things I have done in the last 30 years of my life. I seriously can't believe I have been around for 30 years, that is just crazy talk to me! I wish I could say I can't believe all of the things I have accomplished in the last 30 years. In some ways I can't believe all of the things I have done but in others, more ways, I just think of all of the things I STILL want to do! I feel like a lot of my life really began when I meet my husband. I feel like I have done and experienced SO MUCH since meeting him! It is like I found my other half and now that I am whole I can go and battle and experience the world around me. Maybe that comes with the confidence he has given me or maybe the bravery, could possibly just be the crazy that is in him that is rubbing off on me, either way he really has given me SO MUCH!!! It fits that I will also celebrate the day he and I married for time and all eternity ON my birthday :)
Anyway, I would like to make myself a list of somedays that in some ways is just fun and in other ways is very serious. Things that I hope to someday do or be or have. I used to HATE the word someday! I hated hearing that someday I will be find the person I love and that loves me back, someday I will be able to be a mother, some day I will own a house. It was so frustrating for me to have to wait for someday to happen. So much that my friend Ryan wrote Kip and I a song that he sang on our wedding day to us called "My someday is today". Now that those things are now here I look at the word in a different light. I am not in such a hurry (now that I have gotten the things I wanted MOST out of this life, being a wife and mother), I still can't wait for someday to arrive but at the same time I want to more enjoy TODAY!!! I want to enjoy that time before someday a little more and just enjoy reaching for these goals. In the last 30 years of my life I do not think I spent enough time just enjoying today. I spent so much of my single life just hating that I was single, I spent a lot of energy in Kip and I's dating life just wishing we were engaged to be married, and then I spent a year of our first 2 years married just wanting a baby. Telling myself that when I had these things I would be satisfied. That is something I would say I have learned and would just LOVE to apply to the next 30+ years of my life. Yes someday when I have all of these things I will put on my list, wow that will be great! But I really want to enjoy the journey a little more.
This list might take a few days to add to and I might have to just cut myself off at some point because I am sure it could end up FOREVER long if I let it?

Here goes,
~be a good cook and actually do it
~have the body I strive to have
~know the scripture stories super well and feel confident in my knowledge of the gospel
~have style
~have the $ to dress in that style :)
~figure out how certain women have more hours in the day, or whatever it is they have, to get the things done that they do????
~hang stuff on my walls
~own a horse, actually 2 horses
~travel the world with my husband
~overcome my fear of heights
~overcome my newer fear of riding a dirt bike
~become the wife I have dreamed I would be and I am sure my husband has dreamed I would be as well
~do all those little things
~go on a mission with my husband
~become the photographer I dream of becoming
~have the equipment to become that photographer
~have the confidence to become that photographer too
~become a better seamstress and make lots of my kids clothing and accessories, and things for my house as well
~be that person that always has a smile on her face no matter what hardship is being faced
~be the bestest friend a friend could ask for
~get a college degree
~learn how to spell
~be that mother that has found the perfect balance of being a friend and being a parent, one that my children can know they can go to for ANYTHING and about ANYTHING but that they still want to respect and make proud.
~be more of a go getter, and just believe in myself a bit more
~read more books
~be a better member of the church and follow ALL of the things I know I need to follow
~say my prayers daily without struggle
~read my scriptures daily without struggle
~do family home evening EVERY Monday night
~figure out what I want to be when I grow up (other than a mother and wife)
~BE ON TIME!!!!!
~get a pedicure at least once a month
~have a house cleaner once a month to do all the stuff I HATE to do ie. blinds, baseboards, showers....
~go visit the church history sites
~become an artist
~be a coupon user and big $ saver
~stop saying SOMEDAY I WILL and make the things I can control happen NOW and not SOMEDAY!!!!

I am sure I will add more as things come to mind but right now that's all I got! If you in any way can help these dreams come true for me, any helpful hints or tips would be much appreciated :)
In the meantime I am going to take control of my today and enjoy it to its fullest! Or at least try to :)


Danny, Laura, Alyssa, and Ashley said...

We can help you out with the church history sites. You guys should come visit us in St. Louis and we can go see Nauvoo, Independence, Far West, Adam-ondi-Ahman, etc.
We would have a lot of fun!


Jan said...

Awesome post! Amazing how turning 30 makes you reflect on your life, all that has happened, and all that you would like to complete! I'm sure your SOMEDAY will come for all on your list. In advance, TODAY I will wish you a very happy birthday, and a beautiful forever with your man.

Jessica said...

that was a great post...i need to write out a list like this too, i have one in my head but it's different when you see it written out :) i can help you out with a few...come move to beaumont(right ;) ) -be my best friend again and you can be "the bestest friend a friend can ask for" and get one in return and you could be included in our weekly FHE's that josh an i do with his bro and sis inlaw and their little boy and his cousin and his wife and and 3's fun!
and i can help out with one more right said you wanted to figure out what you want to be when you grow up other than a mom and a wife...i don't think you HAVE to keep searching those are two great job titles! ohhh and another one...i've read SOOOO many good books lately, let me know and i can send you a list :)

Sunny and Tom Richins said...

very cute post. Yes, enjoy the life you have because from an outsider's perspective I think you have a great life. I want to be YOU when I grow up!