Sunday, July 25, 2010

Everyday Randomness

Here are just some random shots from the last few weeks. We have had some seriously busy weeks as a family and life is JUST starting to slow down a little bit! It is going to be WONDERFUL to get life back in order, back on our routine, and get this house clean again! I am also going to be better at blogging once again and have a goal to catch up on Brooke's Scrap Book and get this Blog bound into a book. I have a lot to catch up on! Anyway here are some of our everyday moments!

Brooke meet your shadow, shadow meet your Brooke! This was SO FUNNY and her hair just makes it all the more perfect! This is what her hair often looks like after dinner. What a rugrat!
Doughnut War Paint

Getting some of the babyproofing done! Thanks Daddy!!!

Our little friend Madisyn had a birthday party the week before Brookes party! They had the same due date but of course Brooke was a week later :)
Here is me, Brooke, Laura, Madisyn, Mitch, and Heather!
So cute from behind, don't they look like they are both having a blast in there???
Brooke, not so much!!! She was freaked out by the whole bounce house, sad, maybe when she grows up a bit more right? Mitch is looking at her like "whats your problem girl?"

Look at this AMAZING cake that Heather made for Madisyn!!!

We have been having lots and lots of pool time lately! It is the perfect way to enjoy a hot day, get outside without spending $, get the little bug tired, and kill time before bed or naps! Brooke seems to enjoy it quite a bit which is perfect because if Brooke is happy Mommy is happy!

Look at that crazy hair!!!

Kick, kick, kick!


Brooke and I love our morning time! We eat breakfast and just play, play, play till our first nap. This morning she was being particularly cute! She put that necklace on herself and started walking on her knees. I wish this would let me upload the video. She was so chatty and silly this morning!

Last but not least something that makes her mama really proud! This is Brooke's new best friend her horsey!!! She says horsey now too and it melts my heart! She now says Dada, Doggy, Baby, Horsey, Ball, Bye bye, Hi, Ut O (when she drops something), tickle tickle tickle, numa num (food), bath, drink, she is starting to say push. BUT STILL NO MOMMY :( She will not even try! O' well!

O and by the way Brooke is now walking!!!! She started walking exactly a week after her Birthday AT CHURCH!!! She went from not walking to walking around the entire kitchen in a day! She has now slowed back down a bit and is taking her time deciding to walk full time but she can do it!!! I have video of it but no pictures. As soon as I get some shots they will be up! I PROMISE :)

I am catching up! Hip, hip, hooray!!!!


Kelly said...

yay for brooke! walking, turned one, and is as cute as can be!

Niki McDowell said...

Enjoy all that you and Brooke time that you get to play, play, play. I totally remember having that time with Brock. But after multiple kids came along that was few and far between. She seriously is a doll!

Auntie Steph said...

Great pics !
Don't stress on the Mommy, some day she'll just say it and you'll be blown away....

Jan said...

Nice update!

Amanda said...

Awwww... she does seem like she is being such a big girl these days. Wearing necklaces? So cute! I love the shadow pics! Those are just hilarious. This girl has the cutest smile ever!

Jan said...

I just had a thought....Brooke's silhouette on the wall is awesome. You should totally do a craft with it!

The Perry Family said...

she's so cute! she's growing some hair!

Sunny and Tom Richins said...

The pictures of Brooke when she is looking at her shadow remind me of your mom! Have you thought that?