Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not So Small!

Our little Brooke is now 7 months old! I seriously can not believe how fast time goes by when you have a child!!! In some ways it is so exciting to see your little baby grow and change and learn new things, and in other ways it is so sad to see those same things happen. I just wish time would move just a little bit slower so I could enjoy each and every stage more before it is over! I have absolutely loved every single stage of this little girl's life. I just feel like it gets better and better! Every single day I find myself more captivated by this little person, I feel my heart grow every single day, I feel myself fall even more deeply in love then the day before. I can not even imagine how much I will love this little lady the day she gets married. If my love keeps growing the way it is each and every day, I am honestly frightened by the love I will have for her! The power her life has is amazing to me!
Brooke has brought so much joy to our home, so much laughter, so many smiles, I could not even imagine our home without her. I try to think back on the days before she was here and they just seem boring! My days are filled with joy! Her daddy and I are so smitten!
This past month has been a month of growth and discovery. I feel like it has been a window to a whole new world that is to shortly come! Brooke has gotten SO good with her little hands and fingers! She LOVES to point at everything, it is SO CUTE!!! There are moments where it looks like she is trying to sign something to me but at the same time what she is doing does not look familiar to me quite yet. She does the same thing over and over so I assume it means something? She can now pick up small things with her fingers and can place little foods in her mouth without a problem. Brooke eats all kinds of stuff, it is SO NICE that she is eating real foods and not baby foods because I just feed her pieces of my meal most of the time. We LOVE Submarina because she gets to eat a bunch of my veggies, meat and bread. The ladies at Submarina are IN LOVE with Brooke and even give her her own little plate. She is a GOOD EATER and has just discovered that she LOVES Mac n Cheese (which she also LOVED while in my belly)! Brooke is also making all kinds of new faces, noises, and gestures! She days Dada, Gaga, Rara, Bbbrrraaa.., but not MAMA yet! I do not think she knows what she is saying quite yet so I feel it does not count that she is saying dada first until she KNOWS what she is saying :) Brooke talks baby talk ALL THE TIME and gets quite a bit of attention because she brings it on to herself with her big voice! She is working on the crawling thing but has not quite figured it out yet! We shall see when that happens??? AND she just cut her first tooth this past weekend!!! It is still super low so you can't really get a picture of it yet but it should be up in no time. I am going to cry when it looks like she has teeth :( Brooke can also understand the words dada, mama, doggy, baba, binka binka (pacifier), blankey, bath, all done, lay down, nappy, and nigh night! Well it seems she understands them! I think that is the big stuff from this month. O and she still LOVES her Baby Einstein movie, she cracks up to it and gets SO EXCITED, it is SO CUTE!!!

7 month stats:
18.3 lbs.
27 inches long
(these are done by mommy so who knows how accurate they are?)

Now for some pictures!

Now for the many faces of Brooke!
This face is SO Brooke!!!

Cute and Tired!

Simply Silly!

This is the best shot I have gotten so far of her new fishy lips face! She does it all the time and I can't get an in focus picture of it for some reason!



This is her new thing as well, she loves to turn her head sideways, what a silly goose!

This is the new toy, purchased with the money Papa Wyrick gave Brooke for Valentines day, thanks Papa!


Another form of soothing! Much better then a binkey says Mama!

Another new thing, grabbing her head and pulling her hair! Silly Kid!

Snoozing with Daddy!

Mommy thinks Brooke is starting to look more like her? What do you think?

And this is daddy, I think a little younger than Brooke is now but you get the idea right?

It has been a great month! Can't wait to see what this next month brings! Love you Brookie!


Katie said...

You guys got it right! She is BEAUTIFUL! such a good looking girl.

Mashaide said...

Ahhh! She has such beautiful blue eyes. What fun she must be. I love the comparison picture at the end. She really does look a lot like you.

Emily said...

I think in the future we will have to find a way to introduce my nephew Cameron (also seven months) to Brooke they would be so cute together already! LOL :) she is beautiful and I am excited to meet her. I hope your coming to my shower on Saturday! Love, Em

Liz said...

What wonderful pictures!! Go ahead and e-mail me your address (eferris@hotmail.com) and I'll ship the little horse your way!!

The Picketts said...

That is ONE CUTE KID! She DEFINITELY looks like her mama! I can't believe how fast thesse little ones are growing! It's too fast!!!!

Kyra said...

that first picture melts my heart. i want to hang it in my house but shes not my kid so that might be wierd

Heather said...

LOL! Kyra's comment just cracked me up!! Love it! She is adorable as usual!! I love how she is finally chubbin up!! So freakin cute! I totally understand about how you feel about her growing too fast, sad and exciting all at once. I feel like if I blink I will miss something!

Amber said...

okay, could she be any cuter? Brandon is looking at the pics with me and said he wants a baby just like that. he is so funny.

Todd + Emily said...

HER EYES Are GORGEOUS especially in that first picture!!! Totally agree that she is starting to look like you and she DEFINITELY has your fun personality!!! ps you were one cute baby yourself!

Traci Elizabeth said...

what a cutie!!!! I totally think she looks like your side!!

by the way...the owner at Submarina is my moms cousin! how funny.

Ryan and Brindi said...

she is the cutest most beautiful baby girl!! i love love love that first picture on this post. will you please please move here to georgia and be my photographer!!! :)

Anderson Family said...

She is simply one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen!! Those eyes kill me. Happy seven months Brooke!!!

The Hardy's said...

She is def. getting big and totally looks like YOU! I cant believe how much the baby pictures look alike!

Jessica said...

she is such a bright little girl and has such a cute personality! i lover her new head trick, leaning to the side...pretty fun we need to get together again asap, p.s. how are the runs coming along?

Amanda said...

She really is growing up so much. I look at your posts and remember these stages with my kiddos and it makes me sad that they are gone. I am happy to see you enjoying them so much! She gets more and more beautiful! And yes, I think she gets more and more of Mama's looks the older she gets.
And what a little nut! Silly girl! love it!

gunnells said...

She is Beautiful!! Such a fun personality...I love the pics of her head sideways haha!! And she does look a lot like your baby pictures!

Wards said...

Sarah she is DARLING!!!! So, so, cute!!! Isn't it so much fun having a girl! Hope all is going well for you guys!

Auntie Steph said...

Love the pics ! But, love the personality more ! And, I see both you and your mom in her more than Kip (sorry Kip!).

Mamabee said...

Hi Sarah! It was fun to meet you and Brooke today! Well, now isn't your blog cute?

Dana :)

Jan said...

Sarah! This post brought me to tears. You are an awesome mommy! Cherish each and every day because in a blink of the eye the years pass and they are all grown. That little Brooke has the most beautiful eyes and smile, her mommy and daddy did good!

amber said...

she looks so much like you it's unbelievable. the good thing is you know she will be beautiful, inside and out i'm sure! love auntie amber