Monday, March 1, 2010

Toes to the Pacific

WOW, I am WAY behind here on this lovely little blog!
SOOOOoooo..... back on Valentines Day Kip, Brooke, and I headed out to Laguna Beach to visit Kip's dad and brother who were staying out at this totally sweet beach house right on the water. It was so nice to go out there and spend time with Uncle Rick and Grandpa. The day was totally BEAUTIFUL and the weather was perfect! We ended up taking little Brooke down to put her toes in the ocean for the very first time. Here are some shots we got. Grandpa had left already to go pick up Grandma from the airport so Brooke got some shots with Uncle Rick, Mommy, and Daddy!
At first Brooke was not such a fan! The water WAS super cold so I do not blame her!

Then she learns to love it!

How about some family shots!

All in all a great day and so much fun to get those little toes in the Pacific Ocean for the first time :)

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The Gray Family said...

ha ha my kids never liked the ocean at first either (it IS generally pretty chilly). Their faces make me laugh though :>)