Monday, November 30, 2009


Brooke is so much fun and is always talking, laughing, smiling, and just making our life wonderful! Here are some of our happy moments as a little family, recently caught on digital film.


Jessica said...

she is such a cutie! i love the picture of you and her together :) hope to see you guys sunday!!!

Jessica said...

woah, ijust caught up on all your posts and i LOVE your family pictures, you better frame some and hang them in your house! josh said brooke and said "wow, she's a cutie" :) she sure is, and p.s. i'm super impressed you even know how to sew, i have NO CLUE, wish i did, mayhe i need to attend a sew til you drop and learn a few things!

the peine's said...

Brooke is sooo cute!!! I am coming to CA for 12 @ Christmas...maybe me, you, Stef & Tracy can all get together one day for lunch?!?!?

Todd + Emily said...

so stinking cute!!! I LOVE HER!!! Those pictures are all so adorale I love the one of you and her!

Amanda said...

Yes, the one of the two of you is precious. What a happy baby. She has such a lively laugh. She really is such a sweet, happy little girl!

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The Gray Family said...

little baby laughs are my favorite! She is adorable. Oh and to answer your question Gold Canyon makes some YUMMY smelling Christmas candles!