Monday, November 30, 2009

Sew what???

Have a sewing project or even a craft that needs to be done while children sleep??? Well, we got the coolest thing going these days.
A sew till you drop event! The first one took place on a Saturday evening starting at 5pm and most people left at about midnight.... Heather and I made it till 1:30am! The best part of it all is that all of us were at church the next day on time (8:30am)!!!
The next one took place on Black Friday, not as many people showed up but it was still super fun! I feel like I got A TON done that evening!
I think we got a new tradition starting here!
Here are some fun shots I got at the first sew till you drop event! We were having WAY too much fun I with our yummy treats, fun music, dance breaks, and just entertaining company!
Us with all of our projects!

And being silly!

Katie B.

Katie G.

Katie and Heather being silly!






Vanessa and Heather

The Katie's

Emily's husband Todd was a total stud this particular evening. Her mother's very OLD sewing machine pretty much died in the middle of the evening. Emily had wanted her very own NEW sewing machine for Christmas and was intending on waiting until then.... BUT when this one died in the middle of the sewing event she called Todd up and told him about her problem. About an hour later there is a ring of the doorbell and behold Todd doorbell ditched her Christmas present.... the NEW sewing machine! Way to go Todd!


Amanda said...

What good girls you are. And so much fun! I am jealous of all your sewing. I really need to get myself to start doing that. You are just so domestic these days :)

Vanessa said...

Can't beat sewing, eating and laughing!! Thanks for hosting the night ones at your house!