Wednesday, February 4, 2009

From Baby to Man.....

...... all in one year!!!!
Our little Echo turned 1 last month and I have been meaning to do a puppy post on him but have not taken the time until now.
I can not believe this little man has been with us for a whole year, it seriously flew at times and other days it has seemed like it has been forever that we have had him!
We love our spoiled little, well BIG dog, we wish he were not so spoiled but just cant resist his sweet little face. I am sure when the baby comes he will be not so spoiled...but until then.... he will!

The thing we love most about Echo:
*He is a cuddle bug, he wants to be as close to you as he can all the time!
*He follows us from room to room because he loves to be near us!
*He is the best hiker EVER and is practically a mountain goat the way he hops all over huge rocks and boulders. Sometimes he is WAY too brave!
*When I am on walks with him people cross the street to get away!
*He is such a wimp and would cuddle someone to death!
*He leans his body against your leg when you are just standing around!
*He looks forward to when he hears daddy get home and come in the door because he knows it is time to play!
*He does not chew, dig, bite, scratch, or destroy things and never has!
I could keep going on but it would sound a little obsessive if I did..... I know he's a dog!
Things we DON'T love about Echo:
*He has the WORST smelling gas EVER and has it A LOT!!! (nothing we researched said these dogs have gas but THEY DO!!!)
*He marks his territory EVERYWHERE...... the trash can's outside, every bush he sees, Seth Andres, other dogs, peoples couches that have male dogs.... yup.... not good!!!! How do you get a dog not to mark it's territory????? Any help???
*He is such a wimp that I do not even feel protected when I am home alone, Hello I own a Doberman Pinscher I should feel safe, but I don't! He would hide behind me.....seriously!
*He is SO STRONG so going on walks can be rough at times if I am not in the mood!
*He likes to "get to know you" by smelling your parts.....eeeeewwwww!!!!
*He wines like a baby if he is not inside when he feels he should be! Nope, doesn't bark....he crys!!!

Well here are some pictures through the first year to look back on how much our boy has grown. I am doing this for my own journal as well.
Here is our baby! Until our "real" baby comes!


Heather said...

So hilarious! He must think Seth is something to own! LOL! Tell him he is mine!!! I can't believe he has gotten him twice, I told him to watch out! Love it!

Todd + Emily said...

Happy Birthday Echo - love Dodger. HAHAH.... You need to get a picture of Echo jumping the rocks it is AWESOME!!!!!!

The Hardy's said...

Happy Birthday Echo! Love you!

Emily said...

That is so funny and cute! I am glad you love your pet!

Amanda said...

You crack me up. But wow! That boy has grown! (I think Kellen is on the same growth pattern as Echo). It is crazy how sweet and innocent he looked as a puppy, and even though he is still a whimp, he totally looks intimidating now. Happy birthday Echo. Lots of love from Bella!