Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Top 15

I saw this on my friends blog and thought I would do it too. Since it is quickly approaching Valentines Day I thought I would post my Top 15 things I LOVE!

#1 My AMAZING Husband and Bestest Friend in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!

#2 Our Little Brooke!!!

#3 Our AMAZING FAMILY!!! We are so grateful for their constant love and support that they have given us individually and as a couple, we are SO BLESSED!!!

#4 Being a Latter Day Saint and the peace it brings to be a part of this gospel!!!

#5 Our Little Mr. Echo that sometimes we want to Snuggle and others we want to Sell BUT we love him!!!

#6 Being Silly and Laughing!!!

#7 Adventures!!!

#8 Running!!!

#9 The Sunsets and Nature in general!!!

#10 Friends (I am not going to include a picture so I do not leave any of them out, you know who you are :))

(Now to get random)

#11 Netflix and the fact that you get a surprise in the mail even though you picked the movie, you never remember what is coming!!! SO FUN!!!

#12 Skinny Cow's (the ones you buy from Costco in the box are so soft) you get to eat Ice Cream and NOT feel guilty, HOW PERFECT!!! And it tastes good!

#13 Photography!!!

#14 $$$$$ (and the endless possibilities...when you have it!!);)

#15 HORSES!!!!


Dacia said...

What an awesome top #15. You have some really awesome photos. You and hubby are just darling together and your families are too cute!

Chris and Tammy said...
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Chris and Tammy said...

Awsome! I like your pics!!

Todd + Emily said...

This is such a cute post. I might copy you and do a post on my page. I love your random things! I totally agree with you on the Netflix! I love IT!

Heather said...

Fun! That first pic of you and Kip is GORGEOUS!! Your random things are good! I'll have to do this one eventually!

Collin and Hilary Hanson said...

i love skinny cow! do you think its still healthy if you eat like 3 in one day????haha!

Amanda said...

Cute post. I am surprised there was not more food on there...being a prego woman and all. And I kept waiting for Cafe Rio to be on the list, but I guess there are more improtant things than that.
I MISS YOU SISSY. I might come up and play soon:)

Sundbergs said...

That is such a cute post and congrats on having a little girl. They really are so much fun and I love how you told everyone. . .so cute.

The Perry Family said...

I like the top 15, I think I'd have most of the same things. You have great pictures too. Love the Temple one and the first one of you and your hubby!

Philip and Melissa said...

Dude, i love that little brooke is sucking her thumb!!! that is so precious!!!!!! We'll be finding out what we're having in the next couple o' weeks....and by the way, i want a skinny cow right now. Mmmmmm....craving coming on....

The Little family said...

You and Kipp have the BEST adventure pics!! I love them! Congrats on having a baby girl!!! I'm so excited for you guys! Brooke is a beautiful name:)

Trent, Kristi, and Kami...... said...

I have been meaning to comment on all your posts - but things have been CRAZY! I love that you are honest enough to put $$$ as part of your list because who doesn't love that???

Okay, I am SO excited you are having a GIRL! I love my boy too, and if you have a boy you will love him tons, but there is something about your first being a girl that is so sweet and special! It is seriously dangerous though - because I think Kami has more clothes than I do because I can't resist all the cute stuff out there! My suggestion - if you find something cute get it in a BIG size - like 18 months or bigger because they grow out of things so fast! Kami grew out of her clothes so fast, and I had so many cute things for her, but now that she's not growing as much I am running low on clothes!

Sorry - that was much longer than anticipated. Hope you are feeling good and enjoying your last few months of real freedom! Motherhood is so good, because you can't be selfish anymore, so be selfish these last few months! (In a good way - you know what I mean?)

Sorry we missed you guys in so-cal, maybe next time!

Nicole said...

Hi! I ran across your blog while leaving a comment on my SIL's page (Bonnie). I knew Kip many years ago from church although I'm sure he probably doesn't remember me as I wasn't there for long (I remember his name when I saw it, that's what drew me to your blog). Congratulations on your baby! You're a few weeks ahead of me but we don't find out what we're having until next week. Yikes, a whole week away! :) You seem like you're going to be such a great mommy!