Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Trip to VEGAS!

This past weekend Kip and I had the awesome chance to go stay at a Resort in Las Vegas called Tahiti Village! The place is on the Las Vegas strip but it is pretty far South of the main drag. We loved the fact that we did not need to go down the main drag of the strip even once, so we never did! We spent 4 days pretty much relaxing and enjoying one another. It was much needed for the both of us, we have been so busy with the Holidays and with work stuff that we have had hardly any time together so this was seriously perfect timing!
We got there Friday night and checked into this amazing place, check it out! They are actually Time Shares it's not a hotel so there was no casino and NOT smoking all over the place which for being in Vegas was quite AMAZING!!!
This is the Living Room part of our room!
A view of the place from our bedroom window!
The Pool! Heated to 83%!
And The Lazy River! Also Heated to 83%!Then after settling in we headed to the beloved CAFE RIO for dinner, which we did for all 4 days we were there! Obsess much??? YES!!! Both my husband and I are true fans!
Saturday we pretty much relaxed all day long, we hit the gym at one point together, also hit the lazy river which was super duper fun, slept, watched TV, and had Cafe Rio for dinner, LOVELY DAY!!!
Sunday we ate breakfast, went on an AMAZING hike to Red Rock Canyon and I LOVED IT!!!! Kip had been there before with his family but it was my first time and I fell in love, I want to for sure hike it again. It was pretty much climbing all over these huge rocks and boulders all over the place up and down canyons, it was AMAZING and totally beautiful! Here are pictures! I do not quite know why I look dead in all these pictures, maybe I did not have makeup on that day or something??? Anyway it was SO MUCH FUN!!! The pictures do not do it justice at all!
Just getting started and already love it!
Going to go all the way to the top of that!!!
Hanging out in a little cave!
Part way there, look how far we have already went!
Kipper being his sexy self!
O' you know, just making my way up the mountain and LOVING IT!!!
Made it to the top and this is the way back down! Looking forward to more fun!
Doing a little climbing!
Me too!
Being his hot self again! I AM SO LUCKY!!!
Um ME!!
Our shadows conquering the mountain!
I love this man!
When you see this stack of rocks what do you think?
Sarah Meditation!
Kip... well you get it!
A fun and cool spot!

After the hike we went straight to Cafe Rio since we worked up a pretty good appetite, went home and showered, watched a movie, ate ice cream, and relaxed!
Monday we slept in and went to Cafe Rio before we got on the road to head home. It was a wonderful trip and we can't wait to do something like this again! It seems Vegas is becoming our place to just get away for a few days and the funny part is we do not even do the "Vegas" stuff and we love it!!!


Liz said...

I don't want to rain on your parade, but when you have your bundle of joy, vacations that relaxing are few and far between!! :) With kids, you usually need a vacation from your vacation.

I'm so glad you got a break and had a blast!!

Heather said...

Fun! The stack of rock pics crack me up! That place looks awesome, they are always advertising it on the radio for free stays.. might have to check it out!

The Hardy's said...

I totally forgot you have never been hiking there?!? Isn't it just the greatest!?! That's probably one of the coolest places to go hiking! We want to make a trip back there to do some rock climbing! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Todd Family said...

I thought that pile of rocks looked like you guys were playing Jenga. hmm..guess i was wrong. looks way sweet!

The Gray Family said...

looks like a fun trip! We are actually going up to Vegas this weekend...I haven't been there since high school!!! We will be in the strip area....if you think of any must-dos please let me know!

Trent, Kristi, and Kami...... said...

Wow that trip looks like so much fun! I love the hiking pictures - the ref rock is so beautiful! And the resort you stayed at - makes me really craving some R&R right about my dreams I guess. BTW your belly pics are so fun - makes me miss being prego! Enjoy it - it is so much fun!

Collin and Hilary Hanson said...

that looks like super fun!!! i cant wait till collin gets back and we can go do stuff like that together again! glad you had an awesome time!

Rick Robinson said...

Looks like an awesome trip!!!

Dacia said...

I was just there too! I had a lia sophia conference, so I didn't have as much fun as you did. Plus my daughter got me sick (for the second time) right before I left for Vegas. Enjoy these great trips before baby comes for sure!

Danny, Laura, Alyssa, and Ashley said...

When I saw the stack of rocks, I wanted to knock them over. I guess that comes from having a three year old. Sounds like a great trip. Enjoy every chance to get away. It becomes a lot more difficult with kids.

Emily said...

What a great trip together! I am glad you getting to go away and do things together! How fun :)

melissa gargalis said...

take as many getaways as you can. It'll be a little more complicated down the road...Such a cool place you guys stayed at in Vegas.

Amanda said...

Yes, I would have called you and yelled at you if I had seen those pics before talking to you today. They look like you were being a pregnant moron (I say that with love). But you weren't, so no worries. We all just love that little bean already.
You do look a bit 'worn out' in these pics. I think you look more 'energetic' in real life ;) But hey, growing a baby is tough stuff!

Lyndzee of EP said...

Vegas is the best simply for Cafe Rio,,,,, MMMMMMM!! We are gonna do a girls trip there this summer so you'll have to take us to this hiking place for sure. You like how I did that? No excuses this time!!!